Spiritual Twist of Out-of-Body Experiences (My third OBE, Our inner hidden powers)

In my first and second OBEs, as you may have already seen in my  previous blog posts, notwithstanding all the fancy-ness on one side and the fear on the other, a strong spiritual element was definitely present. And so it was also for my third OBE (don’t worry…I stopped counting at number 3 ! 🙂 )

In this case, it started as a normal dream, and then all of a sudden I find myself in my bed in the very position I fell asleep, and so I know I am already `there` again. As you will see, in this particular OBE I needed help, or so I thought at first. Being terrified and feeling I was not enough to cope with this new attack on my own, I invoked Higher assistance. Which didn’t exactly come (although It did support me) but somehow It must have allowed me to find inside myself powers I had no idea existed. (Maybe this was what the whole `drill` was about ?)

To many, these out-of-body experiences must seem quite the frightening deal, but actually they are empowering experiences that are brought to our doorstep in order to introduce us to our true and yet unknown nature. And this particular OBE, although much more subdued than the others (where my belligerent Big Me is always fighting around!), has a lot to say in regard to what I `d call our INNER HIDDEN POWERS. What it taught me is that we seem to have capacities we are not aware of that sometimes emerge only in times of crisis.

And since the best testimony is my Journal itself, I shall let it speak of its own.

2004, Oct. 16     0.30 am       (the third PHYSICAL DREAM)

It started as a normal dream. In this dream I have been changing the position of furniture in a big room, a living room maybe, or I had been asked to (can`t remember well here). Then as I am looking behind a sofa, I see a little black insect, not a cockroach maybe, but similar. Yet it gives me the same bad feeling I have whenever I see a cockroach for real or in dreams. To me, it seems to be a bad symbol somehow, or an omen of something bad coming.

So I just know, I know, I have this kind of gut-feeling that it is going to get bad, really bad. I sense something is going to attack me from behind and there`s nothing I can do about it.

Until this point it is like a normal dream, but from here it turns into those “physical dreams“ * I’ve been having recently as I find myself in the very position I actually am in my bed and the air around me changes (can’t explain this in words).

I feel quite scared this time and see myself cringing on my bed, and the funniest thing is that I can see myself but also feel myself sleeping in that position. I am with my belly down, a little turned to the right and I start feeling terrified. I can sense malevolence coming up and getting stronger behind me, and I am so scared I can`t find the courage to look back.

This is big. I know it is big… And then all of a sudden, and so totally unexpectedly, my back starts tingling, but like tingling tingling, and prickling very strongly. I feel like a turtle. It feels like the skin on my back is `growing`, getting thicker and thicker. I don`t know what it is or what is happening to my back, but am so scared that I invoke Archangel Michael to help me.

Just as I say it, the tingling sensation gets stronger, as if my skin is getting thicker on my back, and then I clearly, very clearly hear a Voice saying :“Yes, YES! You’re shining L.! You’re shining !!! Your Armor of Light !”

I can`t see myself at this point, (as I am very much in this other body), but it feels like I must be repelling this big `bad` thing with Light Energy coming out of my back. And I think I really did it !  It felt strange, more than shining , it felt like I had developed a much thicker skin on my back, especially under my shoulders (from top of shoulders to the middle of my back). A sort of an energy-emitting shield, an incredible sensation.

Now that I am awake, my back still tingles.  I mean it.  It is really still tingling so much, it feels weird. These dreams( experiences) can be so physical. 15 minutes have passed and my back is still tingling (strongly). What an incredible experience ….. WHERE DOES THAT POWER COME FROM ?

PS. I was actually so scared that I never looked back, so was this `monster` a `real` monster, or just my FEAR ??

*in 2004, I still didn`t know the word OBE, so I had coined the term `physical dreams` to stress the difference with a normal dream.

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4 comments on “Spiritual Twist of Out-of-Body Experiences (My third OBE, Our inner hidden powers)

  1. So cool to read this experience because to me it sounds a lot like you feel some of the energy sensations associated with sleep paralysis/OBEs! The “tingling, prickling” sensations are definitely what I would describe as part of what I experience.

    Also, when sleep paralysis happens for me mid-dream, it also usually happens with some kind of strange omen, like your cockroach! I’ll see something and just *know* and get this overwhelming feeling of dread and vulnerability. And I just know what’s coming. And I find myself aware in my sleeping body.

    I have called on benevolent beings before for help and did not feel like they ever came. It’s awesome that your calls are answered.

    Interesting to read, as usual! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Laura, i had never seen this as a sleep paralysis before ! must really give it a thought! 🙂 you see, i never feel paralyzed or like my limbs can`t move, but from what you say, i realize it could be a version, maybe slightly different, but a version of it.
    One of my future blog posts will be on Sleep Paralysis, and how i had thought i never experienced it, but now am actually considering that all the heaviness i felt (and fought 🙂 ) was probably the sleep paralysis itself.
    How many different perspectives for one single experience !
    Thank you so much for stopping by with this insight ! always so grateful for your comments !

  3. FOAL, interesting that you develop defenses. When I, in my sleep, feel threatened I simply smash and strangle the headboard. Many brusied knuckles, sore fingers, and terrified wife later, I sleep in my own room. Marco

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