`The white crane who doesn`t know it can fly`, a parable-dream

Lory Flies W CranePAINTING BY ANDY BOERGER    website: http://andysart-andyboerger.blogspot.com/

MAYBE WE ALL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL CRANE INSIDE THAT DOESN`T KNOW IT CAN FLY …… this dream showed me how more often than not we are unaware of our hidden powers, the power to see through the illusion, the power to soar high in our spiritual growth, the power to rise way beyond limitations and restrictions of any sort, or maybe the power to travel through other dimensions in a conscious dream or out-of-body.

There are so many hidden gifts inside us that we are not aware of . Maybe this dream is just about this, teaching us/me how to trust our intrinsic powers, our innate capabilities, how to believe we can actually do very easily what we think we can`t, simply because WE CAN in the first place….. WE JUST DON`T REMEMBER !
I really hope this dream means something to you too, because the message in there is certainly meant not for me only !!


December 18, 2012 (my Mother`s passing`s sixth anniversary)

I`m looking at a beach with weeds and small bushes here and there, and some small, but predatory, animals hidden in there.
There is a white crane standing.
A few meters away, a man holding by the hand a small child is looking at it….
He is worried of possible dangers hidden in the weeds. He wants it to fly to safety, but doesn’t want to scare it himself, so he just stands there worrying.
The crane doesn’t know it can fly.
I decide to take action and help.
I approach her, make eye-connection to catch her attention and then run ahead of her flapping my arms wildly.
I flap and flap and flap, and next thing I know, I am flying horizontally about one meter or so above the ground. I actually took off!! I am slightly surprised. I look back at the crane.
She seems to get the message and starts flying my way.
As she gets close, she says to me “ARIGATOU” (which in Japanese means `Thank you`) and flies away.
I woke up happy. But my arms were sore !!! for too much flapping !  incredible! Had I been thrashing in my bed ?? or was it my etheric body feeling so physical ??
(PS I looked much younger in the dream, like a teenager.  And the crane felt it was a She)

At first I thought I was helping a bird to fly, but maybe not.
Maybe the crane is me, one part of me. She is supposed to fly, she has the power to fly, but it looks as if she doesn’t get it, and it`s standing still on the ground.

The man with a child, just standing and looking. He could be another part of me. The `family person` part of me. I can easily identify, actually. Worry worry worry about everybody`s wellbeing, but that doesn`t take me anywhere (the man was just standing still and worrying).

The young me in the dream could be another aspect of me. A younger me, more spontaneous, free-thinking, and acting on intuition or more connected to a Higher Consciousness (Inner Child??). This young part of me doesn’t waste time  and does the only thing in her power to help, that is, show the bird how to do it. It doesn’t matter that she herself can`t fly. She does her best . Her best (imitating a crane`s flight) turns out to be enough.

So, to sum it up:

The Divine part of me, the White Crane, is stuck on the ground, because it doesn’t acknowledge its powers.
The adult part of me (the man with the child), engrossed in daily preoccupations, doesn’t seem to help at all.
The Inner Child in me (the teenager me, watching the scene) goes for it and inspires the Divine Crane to fly, just by imitating it.

I guess some of my friends or Family “ Up There” are sending me a message : “Time to fly!!”

And they are showing me how. Just by flapping my arms, little by little … flap your arms, flap your arms.
Do the small things, the things you can, with focus and in repetition, and you`ll get there. Keep running, go ahead, and you will lift off the ground effortlessly.

Start by imitating, start by believing you can, at least go through the motions, start by playing with the feeling of the wonderful possibility opening itself to you.



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8 comments on “`The white crane who doesn`t know it can fly`, a parable-dream

  1. Wonderful learning experience. I agree that you seem to externalize the inner aspects of you into “other” characters. I suspect that will change over time. I’m curious about “the predators” in the reeds, and am wondering if these, too, were internals which you externalized. Marco

  2. Right as always , Marco ! 🙂 They are my D O U B T S !!!
    The `predators` in the reeds are my doubts !! …..and they are for sure another part of me, the part of me that prevents the crane to fly ……
    Thank YOU for pointing that out. Great insight !
    I realize I should have expanded on that (maybe I will ! 🙂 )

  3. Doumo arigato gozaimasu for sharing! It’s so beautiful, so gorgeous! Very deep insight, very inspiring. Watashi no namae ha khalid desu. OBE gambatte kudasai!

  4. Hi Khalid ! thanks for stopping by and reading my article ! Glad you liked it ! and thanks for your beautiful words !
    and by the way, how is it you are so good at Japanese ?? I am Italian, but married to a Japanese and have been living in Japan for a long long time !
    Homete itadaite arigatou gozaimashita ! ❤

  5. What a beautiful dream, and what a spot on analysis of it. Life has a way of causing us to forget that impossible is just a measure of difficulty, and that we can accomplish anything so long as we just keep “flapping as if”.

    • Foodfaerie , thanks !! ❤ , my dream analysis may have been good, but your words are wiser: ` impossible is just a measure of difficulty `…Wow ! you are so right and you say it, as always, so beautifully ! Thanks !!

  6. like all birds, we too need to learn to fly (not as a bird but as soul), just like a kitten learns to be cat, or puppy to be dog, it is all part of learning who, what, where and how we are as “children of God” many times i have awoken and found that my legs were quite sore, as if from running a great deal, then i remember that in my dream i just awoke from, i was running there, it was most difficult and it got harder and harder to run, then i woke up. even though it would have been more freedom in flying, one first needs to get used to it, then remember they can do it, and then actually go about focusing on flying in the dream. we all have to start the learning from someplace, i would rather fall down in the dream than in the physical world, much safer too and does not hurt as much either, lol. learn, experiment, grow, it is all part of learning, how we receive that learning is entirely up to us. 😉

    • Michael, i must admit that your comment made me laugh ! I have so many experiences of that too! more often than not, i wake up with sore eyes, or stiff shoulders or sore arms and legs (and sometimes headaches, but i think this is due to the straining of the eye muscle).
      Sometimes i remember the dream, sometimes i don`t , but always wonder at the physicality of the dream world 🙂 ! thanks for sharing yoru experiences !!

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