God gives us talents to use them

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It must have been just a few seconds. More than a dream, this was a hypnogogic vision, short and blunt, but so instructive ( at that time didn’t even know the word `hypnogogic ` yet!).  It was the sort of rebuke that if somebody had told me, I wouldn’t even have cared to notice.  Yet, when shown to me in such way, I could not but stand corrected!

This is how dreams always talk to us and make us aware of what we need to work on.  Through beautiful and inspiring symbology, they gently or nightmarishly (according to the urgency of the matter in question) point out  what we  need to know most in that very moment of our life.

In my little personal experience, this happens all the time, from tiny insignificant matters to really big ones. It is actually one of the things I am most grateful for  in my life. I truly love this sort of beautiful `inter-dimensional` communication , although yes, I know, it is probably more like the Higher part of me talking to the smaller part of me 🙂

And to me this is absolutely fascinating.

From my Dream Journal:

March 4, 2010

In groggy-before-sleeping state I see a table with a vinyl sheet on it. The scene and colors are so clear. There are many beautiful cut-flowers on it. I approach the table, but instead of putting them in beautiful vases to decorate and brighten the room, I fold them up in this big vinyl sheet, wrap them up, and drag the sheet from above the table down onto the floor . I start walking around the room dragging it behind me, as if it was heavy baggage.

I walk around dragging on the floor behind me this sheet full of beautiful flowers . It looks so strange, unnatural.

And before I know, I am back to totally `awake` state.


Really got me pondering… Yet it was all very clear to me: I am being told that I am not using my talents.  I am not honoring them. At least, not nearly enough.

Rather than seeing all the beautiful things I could do with them, it looks like I feel they are just heavy baggage … Why am I dragging  beautiful talents and gifts from God  all wrapped up and on the floor… ?without using them… what a shame… such waste. Wonder if it is telling me about sharing the messages of the dreams …



Must not forget about this.

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Foal and the Angels

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6 comments on “God gives us talents to use them

  1. Of course, Foal, dream interpretation is subjective – despite the silly books on the market. If I had this dream I would probably have viewed the cut flowers on the table as past accomplishments (they are mature and cut, no longer growing) and my wrapping them up and dragging them around as me living on past glories. So, the message – for me – would be that, yes I did nice things but it’s time to move on and the way to do that is to drop the past and leave it behind me.

  2. I can relate to your version too, Marco !
    Actually it could make even more sense, but that was the moment when I was stuck in the quagmire of not being able to decide whether to publish a book about my dreams and experiences and share it with the world (;-) !)… OR …drag it around in my room all wrapped up as my experience only ! 🙂
    So yes, as you say, dreams are so closely knit into our lives that they can mean very different things to each dreamer. Thank you so much as always for the wonderful input !!

  3. Hi FOAL, what I love about your journeys is this inside beauty they all share, even the scary ones. Your dreams manifest themselves in such a poetic way. They are like a beautiful mathematical equation whose solutions are infinite, but one can always find the elegant ones among them. Your interpretation is one of these elegant solutions, Marco’s interpretation is also another elegant solution. Thank you one more time for making our shadows less darker. Being able to see with the eye of the spirit is more than a gift.

    • Wow, Khalid ! your comment feels more like a poem to me ! I think I`m going to read this over and over again ❤ !
      I am so deeply glad in my heart that what i write resonates inside your being.
      That is what writing is all about, connecting and sharing inner and outer experiences for the great benefit of the growth of all. And this does not go one-way only !
      I mean, it`s not only the writer who plays this part, but most of all it is the readers who bring this evolution about in the world.
      There cannot be one without the other and having a reader such as you is the greatest Joy to a writer . THANKS !
      And yes, what Marco suggests is another very deep insight into the many layers of dream communication ! He is a great writer and I always learn from him too !
      Thank you again Khalid for always stopping by ! 🙂 so appreciated !

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