SLEEP PARALYSIS…how I always fought it (had no clue it was the harbinger of an OBE)

 1000962_10151946160491623_112414926_nPHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH

“Again, it`s happened again. As I fall asleep, I feel as if I shut my extremely heavy eyelids and fall into a tunnel of deep sleep. Then a mini-second later I re-open them and `there` I am , in this strange `atmosphere` ! It feels like gravity has become a millionth time stronger, and it is very dark around me and the air feels heavy, as if somebody is trying to hold me down, to pin me down, and the whole of me resists it and fights back. And although it takes enormous effort on my part to move even only one inch, I always seem to win this strange inexplicable battle and start moving around on my bed and in my very bedroom as if I were totally awake and conscious. Strangely enough, although at first I need all my strength to be able to move my arms and body, once I start moving, I can move and glide at extreme speed”.   

These are words from my Dream Journal of some ten years ago….when I could not explain what was happening to me at night.

In my search for an explanation I started buying books on dreams and related topics in the hope of finding something similar to my own experiences.  And I  did indeed bump into the word OBE or Astral Projection several times, but I always dismissed it because of the associated symptoms of being paralyzed (as in Sleep Paralysis), of hearing loud noises or buzzing, of having strong vibrations all through your body, or else seeing strange visions at times demonic, ghostly etc.

I simply could not relate to any of it, since none of this had actually ever happened to me, except maybe for the demonic ghostly visions, but at that time, more than visions, they were more like energy fields kind of `fighting` me, or at least this is how I processed it at the time.

So, unfortunately, I discarded too quickly the possibility that I was having out of body experiences, and went on searching. What a waste of time, I must say.  This is actually the reason why it took me five long years to find a book that made me finally realize that I needed look no further, and that what I was experiencing were indeed out of body experiences.

Until a few months ago, before joining some Astral Groups and Forums, I would have sworn that I had never experienced Sleep Paralysis before an OBE, but reading many of my fellow travelers` posts made me realize that in truth, possibly, I had.   In fact, what I have just described in the very first paragraph of this article was, in all probability, exactly `it`. Or, at least, a version of it.  

The fact that I had never felt paralyzed, not once, neither completely nor partially, and that I had never heard loud noises or had any vibrations/buzzing of any sort had been keeping me off-target, but now, with all my new friends` experiences to learn from, I knew better.

I could see how the darkness and the feeling of being pinned down was exactly what most people were also describing in their experiences. My own personal experience may have been a bit uncharacteristic , but at the end of the day, we were describing the same phenomenon.

The only thing that seemed to make a difference was that for some reason I was fighting it so hard that, as a result, I was always moving, if only by inches, so that I never regarded myself as in a state of paralysis at all.

I don’t know how unusual /rare it is for a newcomer, like I was ten years ago, not to have Sleep Paralysis, vibrations or sounds of any kind, yet by now I know there are many more like me.

 Oh! how I would have loved to find in all those books I bought years ago at least some paragraphs dedicated to experiences like mine, that is, not totally orthodox.

It would have saved me for certain many a troubled nights.  🙂



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7 comments on “SLEEP PARALYSIS…how I always fought it (had no clue it was the harbinger of an OBE)

  1. We have discussed my “dream flying” as a child, but I never experienced the buzzing except when in a normal faint. It hadn’t occurred to me that both started at about the same age. Other OBE experiences included the ability to float, both upwards as in leaping, except slowly as through a fog, and down. I would throw myself off of ladders and drift slowly down like a feather.

    MY mother had/has OBE of a more frightening variety. Hers happen while asleep, and begin with sleep paralysis. She tells me that she finds herself weighted down to the bed, and then her spirit being tossed angrily around the room. A deep voice keeps telling her, “see, I can do whatever I want with you”. She tells me that she can’t tell whether it is her body that is being tossed, or just her spirit; so real is the experience. She is terrified, and so would I be in her place.

  2. Also for me, like your mother, everything happens only when asleep. MY! your mother`s experiences sound even more scary than some of the stuff i had to go through. I hope she has gotten over the experience by now. I know how mind-challenging they can be !
    For me Rose, it didnt start when i was a child, at least i dont remember.
    It all started in 2004 when i turned 50. dont know why. but it certainly widened my horizons ! THANKS for sharing !

    • That` s truly remarkable, Marco ! I have read that some people can do it, but it is not the norm for sure …and I guess this suits you perfectly 😉 you are anything but the norm !! 🙂
      In my case, everything only happens when i sleep ! lol
      But most books do describe the onset of OBES almost invariably with SP, vibrations, big sounds, scary visions etc.
      And since that didn`t match with what I was experiencing, I wrongly assumed my nightly adventures had to be something else. And it took me five long years to get there !!
      You know, you really HAVE TO WRITE about these experiences you had.
      Getting out of body while walking !!! WOW !! I`VE GOT TO KNOW !!! 😀

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