`How a Crystal sings in other dimensions`, an enchanted Out-Of –Body Experience


Since most of my early OBEs were mainly about having `energy bouts` with some unkind astral entities, this beautiful experience was a welcome change and made me see how inspiring and mind blowing OBEs could be. There is indeed so much more to the astral than meets the eye, and I am finding out more with each new experience.

I value these experiences so much. The most transcendent moments of my life happened in dreams. The sense of connection with some part of me which is Higher and wiser, and with all the rest of Creation, the incredibly vivid landscapes, the living colors and sounds, and all the Love poured out in there are to me pure sublime experiences.

In 2006, when this particular experience took place, I still had no `OBE` term in my vocabulary, so I used to call them `physical dreams` to make a distinction from my `normal` dreams.

Now, once again, from my Dream Journal….how I met an old tiny but powerful friend…:


June 9, 2006    11.30 pm.     Almost Full Moon

Just after falling deeply, so deeply asleep.

Again one of those `asleep experiences` I call “physical” dreams . They usually start from the same position I am in bed and everything is so REAL and it feels exactly as if everything is happening in my room and in that very moment. 

 So I am sleeping in my bed, when M.S. (my good and huge friend from Germany) comes and sits by the side of my bed on a small chair that is not actually there in `waking reality`.  He is wearing a white drape-toga-like-garment, with short sleeves with a slit, and long to his ankles, with a loose rope at the waist.  I sit up on my bed in one smooth movement , leaving effortlessly and so nonchalantly  my physical body behind (and asleep !).

I am a bit surprised to see him. What is he doing here ? `How` is he here ?

I see that on his arm he is wearing a thin and simple one-string bracelet with just one small crystal in the middle. The crystal looks so tiny on his big arm. He starts telling me a bit about his trip with his wife I.Z. in Europe , and then quite suddenly he says :

“ But you must listen to this “

And he slowly lifts his arm and puts his wrist, where the bracelet’s crystal is, to my ear and, to my great astonishment, I hear the most incredible and beautiful sound …!

  The Crystal is singing …! It is literally singing into my ear …

Such a trill, so pure, so high, so full of joy. Pure joy.

A very high and strong sound, like the trill of water turned into music, into a stunning melody.


It was strange. It was definitely one sound, but it felt and sounded like a symphony .

I have never heard anything like it, and I can`t explain in understandable words how unearthly it was.

The feeling that it was singing for me was intimate and wonderful, full of Love and Joy at the same time.

Like meeting an old friend again after a longtime …


The trill sound goes on, possibly for a few minutes, and it gets stronger and stronger , higher and higher until it starts hurting the inside of my ears; still it is so beautiful, that I do not want to acknowledge the starting discomfort. Until I do… but I don’t remember well here.

Next thing I know, M.S. is not there anymore, and I am walking in my room in this `other` body, and my room is the same but also slightly different. As I look around, I see a plant in a vase on a high shelf near a little window (which is actually not there in my real room).

It is a luscious , beautifully green plant with, at the end of its 3 long thick leaves, 3 big buds of flowers, or fruits (??). They look like parts or extremities of the leaves themselves. (Maybe a tropical plant ??)

The curtain of the little window is half drawn and from there suffused golden light is shining on the plant. It is actually an amazing sight, so surreal. Like it is snowing golden powder of Light on it. It looks as if particles of gold are floating over its leaves. It feels so beautiful and peaceful . Yes, especially peaceful .

 Then, close to it, I see another vase, more rectangular in shape, with a plant which instead has been cut to the very stem. Yet from the soil I can see so many new buds or stems coming out again, stronger and stronger. I look at it in a stupor. I know I am being told/shown something important. As if life that had been cut, comes back again and again, stronger and stronger. Indestructible.

 I wake up with these images burnt on my retina, so vivid in my eyes .



The whole dream was full of good Energy and a wonderful feeling. (and by the way, so glad that this time I didn`t need to be my usual ghost-buster self 🙂 …)

First, the Crystal Song, then the 3 big buds with golden light shining on them, and then Life always re-generating itself, even if cut down.  Yet, I’m still amazed at the sound of the Crystal . I could hear it so clearly, so distinctly, so real.

 I have never heard anything more beautiful or powerful.

The first trill reminded me of the Water trill-sound Arjuna (a sound artist I know) makes. Arjuna’s Voice of Water. Then it became much stronger than that, and more like a one-sound symphony (which in human terms doesn`t make sense) ; and at one point my ear could not take it anymore…

I realize our ears are not ready for such pure sound yet.

And the suffused light powder, like miniscule golden flakes outpouring Love essence, this Divine feeling …  a strong sense of sacred again. This has shown up so often of lately, both in my dreams and in this kind of strange experiences.

The sense of SACRED. Of pure sacred beauty, of Love, of peace.

Of course ,  I woke up in a bliss.



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12 comments on “`How a Crystal sings in other dimensions`, an enchanted Out-Of –Body Experience

  1. Dear FOAL. I cannot even begin to express the unique mixture of excitement and peace your writing brings me. I have often looked back on my childhood fascination with the crystals I would find in my many solitary hours wandering the countryside. I would never buy a crystal from a store; my roaming search of the joyful Earth will bring me together with the crystal that is for me – and I for it.

    I have also been long involved with Bonsai, and again would never buy a store made version. I search hard for the plants I bring home and I spend hours trying to understand how the plants want to express themselves.

    Thank you for this wonderful inspiration. Marco

  2. Wow… what an exquisite experience! This is something I have always wanted to experience for myself during an OBE… listening to divine music.

    Your experience with the singing crystal makes me want to think some more about crystals and taking them more seriously as beings. I waver between thinking there could be something special about them and thinking that it’s all just New Age mumbo jumbo. 😉 But now I want to re-think it.. and it makes sense, really, because crystals are just as much made from the stars as we are. Anything organic really is. They are made of light and energy too.

    I would be so honored to hear a crystal sing someday.. thank you for sharing this and giving me a new perspective as always.

  3. Marco, i really didn`t expect this comment from you. I am so glad ! i was not sure you were `into` crystals too 😉 , was actually wondering at what reaction you may have .
    I envy you the fact that you were able to find crystals in your walks. That never happened to me, but i do have a house full of crystals nonetheless.
    I can actualy `feel` how they welcome me back home after a trip, not as `expansively` as a dog can do, but i can feel the happy energy there. or maybe it is just my imagination LOL … but if I feel it that strong, that`s good enough for me !!
    After a few of these experiences in the astral i came to the (very) personal conclusion that after my `death` i shall be met not only by friends and family AND BELOVED PETS, but also by BELOVED STONES 😉 !
    Thank you as always for always stopping by !

  4. Cascadia, thanks ! i am happy that this may make you re-consider !!! 🙂 to me, crystals are and have always been living Beings, as anything else in nature , i daresay. (and I`ve never been part of the New Age movement for that LOL)
    But crystals do have something very special about them, which i cannot define though.
    I just know i love them and feel i am loved back 😉
    With your ability to OBE so often, if i were you, I`d try to ask for some astral music or crystal music, and it will be very interesting to see what you get ! possibly a true Divine Orchestra playing for you the most wonderful tunes!! ❤

  5. A “one-sound symphony”; what a perfect descriptive phrase! I, too, have an affinity for the natural energy and beauty of crystals, as well as other natural stones. Mine have come from various sources, including gifts from friends and those found in my wanderings. The oddest source, I believe, is one I purchased from a merchant at a comic convention. I was glancing at his wares when the booth owner stopped what he was doing with another customer to hand me a concoction of quartz and amethyst, telling me that his guardian angel had told him that it was to be mine. Now, either that’s an odd sales strategy, or an even stranger truth. Either way, this healing rod has been one of my treasures for more than a dozen years. I sure wish it would sing for me.

  6. A `one-sound symphony` is actually such a contradiction, right ? but there was no other way i could describe it ! so you too love crystals ! i do too and actually by now my house is quite full of different kind of quartz gotten in many different ways. Most of the times, i sleep with a crystal under my pillow !!! why don`t you try with yours ….may be in for a musical treat !! 😉

  7. the crystal singing is part of the Law of Harmonics. It is also been called the light and sound emanating from God. All things are within this vibrational harmonics. all things have a vibrational rate. it is just one of the wonders of God. enjoy the sounds, they are for our benefit

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