The day Water came and talked to me

1979690_1411677592420825_535111526_n PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH

Yes, I know, it is quite an outlandish title, but what else could I call it ? That morning, after waking up, I went directly to my family and told them `Water came and talked to me !`.

This was exactly my feeling right after this dream. Honestly, to this day, I still have no clear idea about what message it was supposed to convey to me, yet it was a mindboggling experience, so clear in vision, colors and details. But maybe you should read the dream first before I go on analyzing.

 So, as always, from my old buddy, My Dream Journal.

 June 29  2005   3-4 am.   


 It starts with the scene of two men standing in front of a whitish backdrop.  The one on the right is a” science man “ (for some reason I seem to know this). The man on the left is looking up with a strange expression and I see his face slowly changing into what at first I think is a wolf`s muzzle, but then realize it is more like an elongated beak. The feeling is that something is not right, as if there has been a mistake of some sort.

Then, the scene skips and I find myself in a big factory-like place with many man-made kind of slightly elevated canal-conveyors, lined up in rows and using up the whole room`s space. They reach just below my waist .

I approach one of these tubular conduits and look down.  Water is flowing fast in them, and every other few meters, there are big black metal boxes over the conduits, like bridges or maybe scanners ??? ( like at Airports).

The feeling I get is that when water passes under them, its structure is somehow changed.

I am standing right by their side looking down puzzled at the rapidly flowing water, trying to understand what I am being shown.

Suddenly, right from the flowing water itself, an image jumps out and gets bigger and bigger in front of my eyes. Almost like a hologram (some 20 inches in height).

 It is water but in a shape I have never seen before.  It looks like a bunch of grapes and each grape (the berry part) is a little spinning water ball. The water balls are crystal clear and spinning clockwise.

They are spinning at incredible speed and I can clearly see the water spinning inside; well, this is not the best description maybe, since the  little balls themselves are made of water, they ARE water.

And of all things I could be thinking of in this moment, the only thought that seems to cross my mind is that the incredible speed they are spinning at must be the reason why water is not spilling out.

I am so rationally thinking in this dream, quite incredible, as if I were awake.

 Now as I look better, on top of the water grapes there is a kind of… how can I describe it… little roof, or maybe lid, over it. It has a strange shape.  It is a thin and rectangular-shaped kind of lid (some 1-2 inches in length) with something smaller and of round shape on top of it. Both are of darkish / reddish brown color.  And for some strange reason, these lids don`t feel right.

 I am stunned at this kind of eerie hologram image floating and spinning right in front of my eyes, and get even more stunned when it starts speaking to me in what can only be called `great distress`.

It says these strange words in such heart-breaking anguished tone:

“Look at my face! Look at what they`ve done to me”.

 It is undeniably an SOS call. In the dream I don`t seem to have any doubt about this. Water is reaching out to me for help… but … to me …?? What on earth could I ever do to help?  Why does it come to me of all people?

 All these thoughts seem to rush simultaneously into my mind and yet I have the uncanny feeling that `Water` is telling me, as if `it` thought I were in a position to help, or had the power in me to help, which I have not.

Should I tell somebody then? but who ? and tell what ?

 Incredible as it may seem, I was this lucid and conscious in the dream, speculating rationally on what Water could ever expect of me and of course questioning my powers to help.

But the feeling in the dream was of something gone very, very awry.  Water was emanating this feeling of great worry and concern, as if it was telling me “ What shall we do now ? how do we deal with this?”  Something had indeed gone very bad and I could feel people’s awareness (although I didn`t see people around) getting very worried.

 At this point I woke up.  Maybe my too much `thinking` in the dream made me too conscious and I woke up.


Well, I have reflected a lot about this, but still cannot come up with a `makes-real-sense-to-me` answer.

What was it all about ? what can I make out of it ?

I even did some random Google search, hoping to find inspiration, but could not come up with anything that gave me any worthy idea, yet I did find out that the water molecule has indeed the structure of a cluster, very much like the cluster of vine grapes I had seen in the dream !!!  To me, this finding was dumbfounding and astounding and totally flabbergasting. I was pretty much rendered speechless .

I have also been thinking of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, and all the contaminated water they are still dumping in the sea to this day.  So, is it about contaminated water? But at the same time, in the dream there was a sense of experiments gone awry. It was quite a strong feeling, yet at the moment I still cannot make sense of this.

If anyone among my readers had any suggestions, they would be welcome !!

As a final word … Whenever I see water in any form now, even after so many years, I can`t help but remember what an uncanny and beautifully eerie shape it had in my dream. And I am so very thankful for this unexpected visit ! ♥



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10 comments on “The day Water came and talked to me

  1. I was thinking about water contamination, too. The water seems to feel betrayed, which seems to indicate that something was done to it almost intentionally…? I know Fukushima was an accident, but it was a man-made accident, not a naturally occurring accident. Since this dream was 6 years before Fukushima, general pollution explains it even better. Especially since man knows that the way we live is polluting the sea, and we’re doing it anyway.

    If I were water, I would feel betrayed too. 😦

    Makes me think of water in a whole new way…

  2. Cascadia, you summed it up beautifully ! me too, i still have no real answer to this dream, but two things are certain, exactly as you pointed out: the sense of betrayal and that i too, after this, saw water in a whole new way ! 🙂
    as for Fukushima, who knows ? it could be …, as it also could be that it`s something to happen in the future, or happened in an ancient past (the two strange scientists at the beginning, especially the beaked one, made me wonder about this…)
    yet, truly, i dont know. i wish i could find a water scientist (;-) ) to ask about those two lids…if there is any way through contamination that can cause those lids and how they impact the structure of the water molecule.
    anyway, thank you so much for your comment !! i always appreciate ! ❤

  3. What a beautiful experience, I know you feel like your not doing enough. But the truth is by you writing this and bringing this to everyone’s attention ( this is you doing something!) I’m not a professional dream analyst but I agree I believe water is feeling betrayed by our constant meddling in it. We add things take things away just so we can make it safer to drink. Maybe we should let it be, and we should definately stop polluting it : (

  4. Rachael !! so you finally found me !! i mean the BLOG !! THANKS FOR COMMENTING !!! i appreciate ! (could you see the Follow button this time ?)
    and yes, the feeling that we had done something `wrong` that Water didnt agree with was very explicit in the way the words were said … you know, it was like `LOOK AT MY FACE ! look at what they`ve done to me!` it was anguished and so much like …asking for help, there`s no other way i can put it.
    You are so very right; i felt bad for a longtime in not being able to do anything, and not even knowing what possibly i could do.
    At first i tried to communicate this to some more `scientific` people, but you know, they are not particularly into dreams usually.
    and then other dreams came and i kind of let it go.
    But whenever i see water now, i see a very different water than before this dream !! 🙂
    Thank you so much for your kind
    words !

  5. If this were my dream, this is what I would ask myself: What big, emotionally dynamic event am I having trouble facing right now? What emotional issue am I having difficulty putting a lid on? What have I “experimented” with in my life that has “gone awry?” A do also get a feeling this dream could relate to not just myself, but the bigger problems facing our planet today. I thin kin one comment you said something like “what on earth can I do?” Let me know what you think!

  6. FOAL, While I agree that your experience (I would call it a vision before I would call it a dream) pertains to environmental water, I would remind you that all organic life forms – including us, are almost entirely water. So, I would see your vision as an alarm sounded from the most basic depths of LIFE itself, and what we are doing to it. Marco

  7. Kristen, first of all thanks for stopping by !! i can see your take of this dream and the various layers you saw in it, and i think you are so right that we should look at this in a personal way and also in an universal Earth-related way.
    As for the personal part, i had this dream in 2005, so i think i should go back in time (in my diaries !) and see what may have been bothering me in those days.
    And as for the Earth part, well, YES ! Water is becoming a big issue in our world today and may have `poured out` its feelings in my dream ! 🙂 !
    thanks again so much for your insights !!

  8. Marco, that`s quite an insight ! I had never seen it that way. YES, it makes sense. It`s not only about Earth, but about all that is made of water, which is pretty much all, earth and our bodies included .
    Thank you so much as always for widening my perspectives !

  9. Hi, I am wordless,it is such an amazing journey into the very spiritual world. Water has always been a symbol for life, for there is no life without water. I can’t help thinking about that Fukushima nuclear desaster and those tones and tones of water contaminated. I don’t rule out the idea that water can speak, I am even starting to think, if we were that sensitive (spiritually speaking) we can hold a chat with the whole nature; the alive part and the so-called not alive. Thank you for sharing!

  10. That`s a very profound comment , Khalid, at least from my personal point of view.
    I have always talked to trees and stones (especially crystals, but not only !) and after this dream I started talking to water too. 🙂
    This dream made me realize that possibly, in other dimensions, All can speak since All is alive and it is not necessary to use words to speak, i mean, communicate.
    Thanks so much for such beautiful input !!
    PS Fukushima is a true disaster.

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