Ghost Busting In The Astral! (Shape-shifting-cat OBE)


After my first three unforgettable OBEs, where I was attacked by ghost-like entities, my projections seemed to fall into this pattern of me `waking up ` in this `other world` in the blink of an eye, getting out of my body without even noticing it, and then going about my house looking out for any possible threat by `above-mentioned ill-inclined` astral entities, and in case `dealing` with them.
For reasons still hard to define, I seemed to turn into a true ghost-buster looking around for these vaporous astral forms and kicking their astral butt if I found any!

I, as the observer me (a much more innocuous me !), was totally mystified by this outrageous behavior and display of such different personality, so I dubbed her `Big-She-crazy-me`.

There were so many of these experiences in my first OBE years that I practically lost count, but to sum it up, it was all about this `she/me` sensing or seeing these negative energies in the house, either on the bed or in my room or in the corridors, and challenging them out.
Sometimes `she/me` would start softly, saying something like  “ I can take you to the Light”, but after feeling strong malevolence coming out of them, she would become incensed and wave her arms in strange movements, cutting the air as if trying to disperse or possibly dissolve them (although I have no idea whether this is possible or not).

Some other times yet this `she/me` would chide them as if they were unruly children and would respond to their bad pranks by telling them that by now they should know they had no power whatsoever over her (aka me!).
A true Vigilante of unruly and extremely annoying and naughty entities.  🙂

At the same time, I couldn`t help but notice how this `she/me` was always very careful in trying not to hurt them, and, as you will see, this uncanny element is very strongly present in this next OBE that I would like to share with you now.
It is a short one, but so vivid and so real that I don`t think I have ever been that real in my whole life !

And by the way, I need to remind you that in 2008 I still had no idea of what was happening to me and … WHY.
So once again, from my Dream Journal:

March 25, 2008   1 am.

God, it was so real. It happened again, right after falling asleep. For the first time I think I knew it was coming… It was more real than ever. So consciously moving and acting that maybe I didn’t even realize my body was asleep. I was so completely `there` inside that other body.

In spite of the weight and the pull of this strange gravity around me that always impedes my movements, I exercised all my strength, and was able to get to the light switch in a relatively short time (very often the `thick` air impedes my movements and it feels like ages before my hand can finally get to the switch).
Yet the light , as usual, didn`t turn on.
But then I realized that I had actually turned the light on, but `they` were there again, on the bed probably, and `they ` were absorbing the light.
This was confirmed by the fact that there was a halo at the edges of my room.

Their obstinacy in trying to infuriate me indeed irritated me and so I pulled the bed light out in order to make a focused beam on the bed (like a flash light) to see if I could see them, but it was too dim. I decided then to do something to bring in more light, like maybe go out of the room or open the door (I don’t remember exactly here) .
By this time I was quite geared up to what I can only define as `teach them a lesson`.
In trying to get to the door I took off my bed covers in the dark and, inexplicably, stood on the bed and took a few steps on the bed itself in order to climb down. ( have no idea why I had to stand on the bed to do this …)

As I took my second or third step, my right foot trod on something soft, soft as … flesh.
Now I seemed to be extremely concerned that I might have stepped on one of them and maybe hurt it , so I hastily lifted my leg up (funny that I care about not hurting them).
At the same time, all the while saying `I`ve got you now`,  my right hand went lightning-quick down to catch it (I really didn’t want to let it get away with this) and, to my greatest surprise, it found …fur…!
Anyway, I grabbed it, and this `thing` literally inserted its fangs deep inside the flesh of my hand, the hand that had caught it .
It was a cat, a very big cat, or it had shape-shifted into a cat, I don`t know.
The weird part was that the fierce bite should have hurt, but it didn’t, not a bit, in spite of the fact that I could feel the very shape of the sharp teeth inside my hand.

Getting angrier by the moment, I got off the bed with this cat held firmly in my right hand -its teeth deeply embedded in my flesh-, and finally got to the door.
And then I went on saying something so barely credible and astonishing and almost embarrassing, that the `little me` observing was totally dumbfounded.
Angry as I was, I yelled out these words exactly :
“You don`t understand that I am Love, Love, LOVE, and I SHALL LOVE YOU !” (this is so incredible , I still can’t believe I said it)
Well, anyway, so much for Love! It must have been Love in its most incensed form ! or a very passionate aspect of Love, to use an euphemism …!

Then I opened the door and one of my dogs Cookie (who died a few years ago) was sniffing around (did it smell `cat` ???).
I was trying to find a way to get rid of this cat, and as I looked down the stairs, I came to the decision of dropping it to the ground floor, but since I didn’t want to hurt it, I looked around for a good spot where it could land safely on its feet. I saw an open space and I dropped it there. Still a bit worried, I looked over the handrail and was relieved to see how nimbly it landed on its four paws.
Then I heard some water splashing sounds coming out of the bathroom, and wondered whether my husband was still taking a bath, and then woke up.

Considerations :
I am getting stronger.
I didn’t even feel the pain of the bite.
In waking up I was not even afraid, and now at almost 2 am., I know I am going to fall asleep again, but am not scared (yay!).
It`s not that I like these experiences, but now I know I can deal with them. In my own way. As I guess I am supposed to do.

YET … why do I go there, why do I HAVE TO go there?
Why is this happening to me??
To show me what ?? to tell me what ??
At the moment, I can’t see any reason for this or any positive outcome out of these experiences…I fight `them`, call them names, or when sick as I was last year, I am bullied by them…
This gift (is it a gift ???), how am I intended to use it?



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6 comments on “Ghost Busting In The Astral! (Shape-shifting-cat OBE)

  1. FOAL. The Why is often hard to figure out, both in origin and in (presumed) lesson. I have themes which seem to go in cycles, one theme being a possible risk to anyone sleeping with me. Lately I’ve noticed that, prehaps because I have retired from just about everything, I may come across something that brings a memory from long ago and that night I will dream of it – usually unpleasantly.

    Our souls have never needed to sleep. Putting the body to sleep is a primary way of enabling them to get through all the static and distractions of our waking lives. I was always displeased when I asked a young person what they were doing and they answered, “Oh, nothing. I’m a student.” The same applies to people who think sleeping is just a waste of time. Marco

  2. Marco, from my experience, I came to believe that as the body needs sleep, the soul needs dreaming. But of course I don`t mean the soul as The Soul who is perfect in Itself, but rather as the soul incarnated and thus in a way caged in a body (albeit willing !).
    Of course I may be wrong, but when I dream , it seems to me I can feel the Joy of my soul getting free of the body for a few hours !! 🙂
    Thank you so much, dear friend, for always stopping by !!!

  3. Hi FOAL, of course it is a gift. As for what you are supposed to do with it, I think you ‘re already sharing this amazing gift with those who accept your generosity. Spreading knowledge and wisdom and letting people know that there is more to this life than they are conditioned to believe in, is only the seen part of the iceberg. The submerged part is an infinite spectrum of possibilities, here it depends on our effort and discipline to capture the big picture; it is really up to us as individuals.
    (ps I couldn’t help feeling sad for that cat. Anyway I must be relieved, knowing it was in good hands; given the fact that even evil entities get some dosis of compassion from you)

  4. Khalid, those are pretty` big` words for me and an almost too generous praise . Thanks !
    I appreciate all your comments so much and am glad to see that I have found a fellow soul in you.
    This particular experience was not very spiritual in itself, but was unique in its kind.
    As for the cat, that was not exactly the pretty kind of cat you may be imagining 😉 , more like one of those big bad cats of Walt Disney`s characters (!!)
    Yet, he was lucky , YES indeed ! despite my feeling so incensed at their pranks, I seemed to find a place for Love.
    Must say, that if the observer me was stupefied at `her` fury, it was just as stupefied, if not more , at the Love `she` showed 🙂

  5. Yes. This does happen to other people. i began spiritual warfare in the astral state and have been doing it jn my waking life for a few years now. It was all training believe it or not. As for the astral state itself there are many dangers as you are on that different dimension. You will learn to distinguish the different energies as well which will help you in life. Start practicing picking up the different energies and emotions of humans and you may surprise yourself. 🙂

  6. Hi Wendy ! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment !! It is very appreciated ! (and it makes me wonder how you found me 🙂 )
    I do agree with you. We must be very careful when we enter the Astral since not all energies are so to speak `good`. I had indeed experience of this and it got as unpleasant as it gets … maybe i will write about it in another Blog post.
    When this Cat-shape-shifting experience that is posted here happened in 2008 , i had still no idea that the term (and phenomenon) OBE existed. At the end of 2009 i was lucky enough to find (finally !!!) William Buhlman`s book on OBEs and all started to make sense (again, FINALLY ! 🙂 )
    Now after learning more about OBEs and how to navigate there, i must say that i also had many fantastic and mystical experiences that i dearly cherish.
    So ,despite some scary ones, i consider myself lucky and extremely grateful that i was allowed to have such astral experiences in this life-span.
    I sense that you are much more experienced than i, and i value advices of people who know more! `Picking up different energies and emotions of humans` looks indeed like a nice place to start 🙂 THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !

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