Astral Tree Hugging, Unexpected Guides and Superman flying OBE


This time I shall just let my Journal talk, since I am still pondering on the very many meanings and teachings of this OBE.

April 19, 20014   1~3 am? (Holy Friday night)

Before sleeping, I had given intent to meet my Guides, or the Guide who was most important for me at the moment.
It starts as a dream.  At one point I see me lying down supine on a huge belt conveyor that is moving backwards at tremendous speed (which means I am going backwards too, can’t actually see where I am going).
Here I become conscious and for some reason think “This is a wonderful chance to get out of body!” (although it beats me why I thought so )
So, as I`m moving backwards at incredible speed, in order to facilitate the process of getting out of body I raise my arms backwards like in Superman style but belly up (again have no idea why this would be facilitating the process).

Anyway, I can really feel the moment of detach.
It starts from my fingertips and hands, then arms and then my torso tilted at 45 degrees and smoothly getting out of the body as if it were a glove. I actually remember seeing my `fingers` (astral fingers) getting out of my physical fingers, exactly like a glove (but it was the dream body, right, I was getting out of , so that would be a third body (wow!)??).

I start flying up at great speed, higher and higher, yet still belly up !! I kind of like it, but realize this is not the most comfortable of positions, and also that I am actually flying like Superman, and just as fast as he would ( had never done it before). The thing is I need to change my belly up position to belly down position and at that speed I am not sure I can do it. I decide to try, and in fact I succeed in easily turning myself down and start flying like a proper Superman ! YAY ! The only difference would be that my fingers are stretched out and not curled in fists !!
I enjoy going at great speed up and down, here and there for fun, although must say that I don’t remember seeing any beautiful panoramas or views , just the blue sky and white clouds.

Now at some point here I very lucidly remember that before falling asleep, I had given intent to meet my Guides, and so I say out loud `I want to meet my Guides!`
Just as I say this, I am propelled straight up, vertically up, higher and higher at extreme speed. All of a sudden I stop and find myself squashed to a huge trunk of a huge tree, pretty much like a fly on a wall but face to the wall. I am confused at first.

I look at this tree and then look around. There is a whole forest of these trees. They look  like Redwoods, but they are maybe more than 200 or 300 meters tall. I can’t actually see the bottom. The trunk I am compressed to is maybe 2 meters in diameter (not that big in proportion to the height).
Then as I look back at the tree trunk, trying to get an `understandable` grip of all this, it hits me .

“OH! I SEE !!!! The Tree is my Guide !”
And for some reason, this seems to make sense to me, that a tree could be my guide (I have always loved trees since I was child, even calling them my brothers).

A sense of Love and gratitude and joy springs up from inside me and I hug the tree, truly embrace it.
And I hug it with both my arms spread wide and my face turned to the left (right cheek on the trunk).
Now, as I am in this position, just a few inches on the left, I see a wooden cross hung or stuck to the tree, not big, maybe some 30 cm., with the Christ on it (similar to one I have home).
Now, and I don’t know how to explain this, this really surprises me; I am completely, completely taken aback.
It is so unexpected. I just can’t seem to process/download/accept it in my mind.

Then I turn a bit on the right, and again very close to me, there is a small image of Mary.
I feel double-shocked, also again I am totally taken aback. I didn’t expect this either.
Of course it is not that I don’t appreciate this, rather quite the opposite. To me, they are quite a bit beyond …`guides`.
I am so surprised because I had asked to meet my Guides, and funny as it sounds, while meeting the big tree as a guide didn’t surprise me a bit, it seems I was not able to make sense of Jesus and Mary being there ….as my Guides?? … always imagined Guides more like ex-people or ex-BIG-people lol.
Or maybe I wonder whether They (Jesus and Mary) were there just as symbols, since there were only images of Them after all.

Well, anyway, don’t know if it was because of the shock of not being able to process this , but it`s either I don’t remember what happens next or I just fell into a dream. Actually I vaguely remember spending the rest of the night tumbling from one dream into another !

Not sure what to make of all this yet, but I woke up so happy of having succeeded in becoming conscious and in remembering my intent and in flying Superman -style (loved it !!). And most of all, of course, happy of meeting my … Guides !! but honestly, not one of Them was close to anything I would have expected.

PS. In the beginning of the dream when I became conscious/lucid, for some reason I thought that speeding backwards was a chance to get out of body … have no idea why I thought so.

So maybe, I guess, there are other parts of me or other me-s who know things I don’t know or, at least, don’t remember.


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14 comments on “Astral Tree Hugging, Unexpected Guides and Superman flying OBE

  1. As always, a fascinating experience. Lying on your back is an expression – and test – of trust. This is also the case with traveling “backwards” in a way in which you don’t see where you are going. I would say the Jesus and Mary figures were archetypes from your childhood, as is the tree in a more esoteric way.
    Question: when you OBE at night, are you in a night time setting or are you suddenly in daylight? Marco

  2. Wow, I had not thought about the going backwards = trust ! YES !! I can see it now !Thanks Marco !
    And I also agree with you on Jesus and Mary being archetypes from my childhood.
    Now as for your question, in this case I entered the OBE state from a dream. So there was light from the beginning.
    Very often though, when they start from `bed` right after falling `into` sleep, it is dark and I struggle to find the light switch. But then other times, I am in my room and i can see my whereabouts, so am not sure how to answer … How about you ?

  3. I’ve had it both ways, dark when it’s dark and light when it’s dark. When the disparity occurs I suspect I am either having a dream or perhaps am in a different dimesnion. One of my most lucid experiences was walking through the night time streets of Tokyo, even going into a theater. Have also had complex and unpleasant sessions.

    • what an ambiguous (:-) ) and intriguing comment…now you make me wonder what you were doing in Tokyo lol ! and complex and unpleasant sessions ??? it gets more interesting by the second ! 🙂

  4. there are many possible meanings to this and the best one is what resonates with you personally of course, but to me the tree is a key symbol ( associated with Christ as he was crucified on one) and some say the tree is the central symbol of collective knowledge/wisdom, and the crucifixion story derives from the oral tradition of the Druids whose symbol was always a tree. you are hugging ‘receiving’ your own wisdom? Just a thought

    • Well, that`s just a beautiful thought actually, thank you kjdkjd !
      I had not made the connection with the Druids or the Celtic culture, but it is indeed a culture that has always fascinated me.
      So if the tree is a symbol of my Higher Wisdom (and I was indeed hugging the tree), that is pretty fantastic indeed !! 🙂
      Wish i could remember more of the wisdom imparted 😉 !
      We lose so much in the re-entry process, in fact it is quite a feat to be able to bring back anything at all !
      Thank you so much for stopping by !

    • KJDKJD provides some interesting insights. The tree is an eternal symbol of how what we see (the tree) arises from that which we do not (the root system). It also is the bridge between the seen and the unseen.

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