Who is the Thinker ?`me` or my brain? an OBE point of view “I AM, therefore I think”

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“I was flying near the ceiling, looking down at my body under my bed-covers asleep in bed. It looked pretty lifeless, one arm protruding out of the covers and my face half hidden in the pillow. Yet it was me all right, but that me didn’t look like it was thinking much. In fact, the `me ` thinking was the me hovering in air near the ceiling… “ (2010)

This is a passage from my OBE Journal and a defining moment in my life.
Until that moment I had always assumed I was able to think because I had a brain. I mean, it is thanks to my brain that I can do any thinking, right? … But what now ? Where was my brain? Not with me, as I could see my head – hopefully with a brain inside – right beneath me.
And as far as I could see, there was no piece missing that I might have taken along with me up to the ceiling … up to the ceiling where I was thinking so logically, so rationally, with such focus and clarity. And my brain nowhere near me.
Hey! I am saying I can see my brain and it`s nowhere near me !! And yet, I am thinking !

Well, call it a defining moment ! It was much more than that. It was confusing and eye-opening all at once. It baffled and mystified me. It made me re-think and re-value all I had thought I knew for true until that moment. And this really got me thinking  😉 !

So, if I can think without my brain, WHO IS THE THINKER ?? THE THINKER WHO DOESN`T NEED A BRAIN TO THINK ….. !!!

For the first time in my life I realized, like in a real deep knowing, that there was more to me than a physical body, that there was a Bigger Me who was doing all the thinking and who didn’t even need a brain to do it. Well, it didn`t seem to need it when I was out-of-body at any rate (as in an OBE or simply dreaming/sleeping, since this is also another form- albeit unconscious- of out of body).

So how does all this work ? When in our bodies, we cannot think without a brain. I daresay we can all agree on that. But when out of body, what/who is then doing the thinking ?
And what is the relationship between the two ?

I am certainly in no position to make big statements here, and besides, this is only my little personal blog full of all my absurd little stories, but I don’t believe anymore it’s my brain, on its own, that thinks.  It makes more sense to me to believe the brain is a kind of receiver, a tool that Awareness (Consciousness) uses to communicate with the physical body.
A Consciousness (or a part of Consciousness maybe, as we are supposed to be part of a whole) that uses the brain to download the thinking/reasoning process into the physical body, or that at least allows it.

In other words, just as radio and TV sets get waves of information from transmission stations around the Earth, the brain has the same ability to show information, received from a greater Awareness, as sounds and images to the rest of the body.
Of course, this is purely speculative. And I am not saying I am right, just sharing an experience which brought about an unexpected and to me revolutionary insight. However, the possibility that this could be true must at least be considered.
So the old quote  “I think, therefore I am”  feels a bit outdated to me.   I`d rather say  “I AM (Awareness), therefore I think”  😉 .

But of course, that could be only me !

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, one of the greatest mystic yogis of our times and the one I admire the most, makes his followers meditate on this mantra: `I am not my body. I am not even my mind`.
Well, he is so right ! such inconceivable truth !! It just so happened that for me this revelation came with the compliments of an OB experience ! 



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16 comments on “Who is the Thinker ?`me` or my brain? an OBE point of view “I AM, therefore I think”

  1. Quite correct, and no longer “speculative”. When we aggregate the evidence from OBE, NDE, SDE, and PDE reports we plainly see the common denominator: Not only is mind not brain, it functions (most clearly) at times when brain function is undeniably ascertained as stopped. In effect, we are as a cloud gathered around a physical instrument through which to speak and act on this plane. When the need for that ceases, the instrument is dropped and we move on. People who look for the mind in the brain are people who wonder how those people could all fit in the television. Marco

    • “People who look for the mind in the brain are people who wonder how those people could all fit in the television.”

      Marco, I want a bumper sticker that reads this. Unfortunately, the majority behind my vehicle likely would say, “Huh?”

      • MARCO !! by the way, as i said, i already quoted you with name and all !! i just posted on FB about Deepak Chopra talking about this same subject (and in much MUCH more beautiful words than i ever could lol!), and i saw fitting to insert your quote in there. you can go have a look 😉 !
        Now something else but I`ll say it here, because of my emails problem .
        I usually Tweet (Twitter) your blog posts and more often than not they get several hits a week !! i am not active on Twitter, so can`t tell you more or how to look at it, but when i get emails from Twitter , sometimes they show me the views received.
        Not big numbers because i dont get big numbers anyway (have no idea how to make me more `visible` !), but something like 7 views a week for your posts are kind of usual ! 🙂 and it`s from all over the world !!

      • Dearest FOAL, thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf. The Stats option on my blog does show reads from all over the world, and some regulars that are in surprising places. Of course, I would love to see their comments if they would place them (I would feel odd coming right out and asking for them). But, you will be the first to know if someone actually speaks up. Again, thanks so much. Marco

  2. we think with our brains, but like our bodies, it too is a machine, capable of sending and receiving messages. but from who or where is the question. the answer is you (you that is soul that is) for this is the starting point or true self. we as individual souls must at some point understand this, but in your own time and place

  3. Marco !! haha i actually love this ! (The haha is for the last part !) ” we are as a cloud gathered around a physical instrument through which to speak and act on this plane. When the need for that ceases, the instrument is dropped and we move on. People who look for the mind in the brain are people who wonder how those people could all fit in the television” Great metaphor ! both !! May have to quote you someday !! (will ask for permission 😉 !!) Thank you as always for sharing your wisdom !

  4. Michael, thanks again . You say ” but from who or where is the question”…indeed !!! that is what every being longs to know inside. i kind of feel i have an intuitive knowledge about it, but i also know i still could never put it into words or definitions. there are so many debates on the differences between soul, awareness, consciousness etc etc, that i feel like i dont want to take sides and dont want to be the one who `is right`… just want to go beyond labels and melt into it 🙂

  5. “I AM (Awareness), therefore I think…”

    I love this!!

    Foal, I thought about you early this morning (around 3 a.m.) after a really neat dream. It was so realistic that I couldn’t help but wonder if I had experienced an “OBE” (to my knowledge, I don’t think I ever have).

    I was in a great hurry in this dream, running down a carpeted hospital corridor. Why I was running and to where I was going, I don’t recall. However, I decided that flying would be faster. In most of the dreams in which I am able to fly, I am usually indoors. I inverted myself perpendicular to the floor, with my head was around a foot above the carpeted hallway. Not only was this incredibly fun, but for some reason I was also able to travel at super-speed!

  6. Hey Dana !! so good to have you back !! (I think Marco mentioned this too 😉 !). YES!! i daresay you had an out of body YAY !!
    Now the only difference among the various levels of OBEs or LDs (and the main aspect all OBers try to improve on) is the grade of lucidity in there(being rationally conscious).
    When you realize in the dream that you are dreaming or OBEing, and you realize you can think normally as if you were awake, that would be a full blown OBE and that is YOUR NEXT STEP !!! 🙂
    and i soooo know how cool it is to fly in an OBE, different from a `normal` dream ! just so much fun and such feeling of freedom !!
    Keep up and keep me posted !
    and i am so happy that whenever you have a cool dream, you think of me !!! ❤

    • Thank you, FOAL!

      I often know when I am dreaming, and can sometimes manipulate my dreams in the manner I would like them to unfold. This mostly happens when I am having a dream I find unpleasant; I’m able to say tell myself, “It’s just a dream; go ahead and wake up.” However, I really like the majority of my dreams, and I’m disappointed when I have a night where they’re not remembered!

  7. Dana, yes! the most frustrating thing is to wake up and KNOW i had three or four dreams (somehow i seem to know the numbers lol) and not remember a thing !!

  8. It has taken what seems forever, but life has finally afforded me the time to read this post; and what a brilliant one it is! Like you, I believe that the physical brain is just the bio-mechanical device through which our mind communicates with us. I believe that we are more than brain, or even mind, but part of a universal consciousness. That we are aware (well, most of us, anyway), not just of our bodies, but of those parts which come from this source of universal knowledge.

    “I AM, therefore I think” Brilliant! Astounding! It makes me think, though, do all those people who go through life without really thinking…exist? on anything but a physical level, I mean. I, for one, cannot imagine life without those deeper thought processes which make life such a wonder. Thanks for giving me something to think about. Rose

    • Rose, sorry to be so late in answering !! I am going through ….`something` or rather `somethingS` at the moment, and just did not find the will to be much online.
      More than that actually, my mind is not really focusing well as i am so distracted by other `challenges` 🙂 … not even time to write my own blog posts !!
      But Rose, it is so good to have you read this. I am very fond of this piece , because it was really a true aha moment !!
      As for your big question, `do all `these` people truly exist on more than a physical level, well, i guess you and Marco already know my answer (FOAL`s answer 😉 )… Of course they do !! although it doesn`t seem very likely just by looking at them LOL ! but, to be honest, let me admit that I have also been often wondering on your (and Marco`s ) same lines 😉 !!!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!! (I hope to be able to go back to normal and catch up on all your new posts and Marco`s ! ❤ )

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