” I know this place. I am in a huge cave which is all made of crystals, the walls, the roof, and even part of the ground beneath my feet.

In the middle there is a pond. The water is terse and reflects its greenish-emerald hue onto the whole cave. The light itself is of a beautiful greenish hue. Raising my eyes, I can`t see any tiny patch of sky, there is no place where the dim light could come from, but it pervades all.  So eerie, so beautiful, it mesmerizes me.

The pond is full of crystals of different sizes and shapes. Some of them are so big that they jut out of the pond`s surface.  Down from the water`s depths up to its surface.  Big, huge crystals of different shapes.  And in the middle of the pond there is a low stone bridge. I turn to look around me. Everything seems made of Crystals, except for the natural rock pathway I am standing on and this rock bridge.  It is utterly beautiful and sacred here. I can see a small waterfall on the far side. I love its sound, so joyous and relaxing.  My cheeks are caressed by the vibrations sent out by the myriads of crystals.  It feels like I’m among family. I know them all. I am back, I am in my center.

Then the scene blurs and shifts.  I see an elderly man standing on the bridge in a long robe. I hear a humming sound coming out of his chest. He holds a sword.  He looks somehow like the images I have seen of Merlin, but as I look at him he changes into a woman. She is the Lady of the Crystal Lake. Now she is the one holding the sword.

They are two, but they look like one to me, or maybe they move like one. They move in an indescribable way, almost like a wave. They come as one towards me.

The man’s face tells me of Wisdom, the Lady ‘s tells me of Integrity.

But as they get close to me their faces melt in Love and understanding. They know me. I know them. There is not even need for trust or to trust. I know them. The feeling is so absolute it goes beyond trust. I know who they are.  They pull me into a fierce embrace, and the feeling is of melting in this sense of Peace they emanate. A Peace That IS.  I look up in their eyes and see me reflected there and I feel I know who I AM.

I then pull back a little and put my question to them .  “How can I meet the departed souls in a loving way ?”  I am not sure who answers first or if they speak together, but I hear:

“ It is an extremely intense job. Go slowly. Prepare yourself.

Do not rush but keep the Heart open to any possibility that presents itself.

It will present itself.

Do not shy away, be the pure core of your being.

Talk to them in the only language recognized by all, Love.

They need to trust you before they can follow the lead.

And when the Light is seen, remember you must keep clear of it.

It is a Light that gets lost at times, but can be found again as they get ready to accept it.

Show them the steel that is covered in Love. That is called Integrity.

Show them that fear can be conquered by Love, and that is called Wisdom.

Then let the Beauty of the Soul shine, and that is called Pure Radiance, the Light of God.”

Now they have this little blue crystal box with a sword carved on the lid. There are serpents around the sword. They hold it towards me and as I open it, the crystals around us start singing. It feels like a symphony but it is actually one very high tone.

From the box, of its own will, a many-arm-3D Star floats out.  It is so bright and there are shining sparks around it.  It is ALIVE. It holds Life.  I don’t dare touch it yet. It floats in mid air in front of me irradiating so much Divinity and Love.

I can’t take my eyes off it, yet I know I still cannot touch it, but I also somehow seem to know that I can touch the box that holds it.  It is not for me yet, but it will lead me on.  It floats back into the box and as the lid closes, I can finally hold it to my Heart.

This is the key to my inner dimension, the Star will lead me here again.  I feel deep Peace at this thought and bask in this moment.  I feel unity, but cannot define this feeling .  Godhead is with me and I know I cannot lose it.”

 As I awake and come back to Earth and to my room, I am so grateful for this wonderful dream and I know that whatever I choose to do with the gift, they will not judge me.  They will be looking after me from that place inside that is connected with All.  They trust me.  Just like that.  A part of me is astounded at such Trust, but I have the feeling that I shall be back and meet them again and again.




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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding


8 comments on “THE CRYSTAL CAVE , a dream

    • Marco, it was a dream so un-imaginable that left me with a sense of awe and inner peace indeed, but also with many questions .
      I wondered if the first part of the dream ( me being in a crystal cave) brought up images of Merlyn-like figures in the second part, or if rather, `They` (whoever/whatever that is/or maybe managers of my Consciousness ? 🙂 ) chose symbols with which I was familiar to make me feel comfortable but at the same time in awe. or should i take it a face value ?? 🙂
      But at the end of the day, my questions faded and lost sense.
      The gift of inner Peace was something not to be too analyzed but simply accepted. or at least this is the conclusion to which I came.
      what you said “The caution in approaching others is the caution with which we approach ourselves” is so true, you know, really hit a chord ! thank you !
      and if those were manifestations of myself in full realization….well, in Italian we say `Ci metterei la firma!`, which means `I`d sign it up right away !`(or something like that ! lol) Thanks again, dear friend !!

  1. Your prose is inspiring! I walked with you through that beautiful space; I felt the warmth of that embrace. How much more it must have been for you! Strength, harmony, peace, and love most of all are the gifts to be found in “that place inside that is connected with All”. How fortunate I am to count you among my friends. “A peace that IS”, this is what we need most of all. Peace

  2. Rose , thanks ! It`s lovely to have you here!
    Honestly, I was not sure if anybody was going to comment on this particular post, since even I had not inserted any comments or reflections (as i usually do) , but just reported the dream.
    It was difficult even for me to comment on it. What kind of analysis could i make, what could I possibly comment on …?
    More than a comment, the yet-unheard- of -smuggling of a video camera inside the dream 😉 (I am trying to develop a technique for that!) would have been more to the point ! and that would have come in handy for the description !! 😉
    You see, to describe that kind of Beauty in words is just impossible !!
    Just as the feeling of awe, Love, peace and so much more are beyond the reach of any vocabulary !
    But I`m happy to hear I was able to take you along for a stroll ! I always enjoy good company ! ❤ ! Rose, dear new/old friend , thanks again !

    • Like you, I found it much easier to just accept than to try to analyze. I don’t mean to make light of it when I say I walked with you; I only meant to say that your words, along with Andy’s painting, paired to make a perfect description of what must have been an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing. Rose

      • Rose, never thought you were making light of it ! but it made me happy to know you could imagine yourself there and , in that case, you would be such wonderful company for me ! ❤

  3. i was thating to this woman i knew in my dream she had a robe and she guard the enterce of the cave there was white crystals all around but she wouldnt let me in then people danceing and when they stopped danceing they grew into the ground till one said this will be over and all the grass will die off

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