“As zero is the Now-moment of math, Now is the moment of Creation”

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 In the past few months I have received some very intriguing comments and questions about this chapter of my book FOAL and the Angels, so I thought it could be interesting to see the reaction of a different audience .  In this chapter it is Metatron who does almost all the talk , and in all honesty, I can’t say that either FOAL  or I have ever completely understood all the profound concepts He was sharing with us. His messages have always proved to be too complex, cryptic and provocative for FOAL`s taste and especially brains 🙂 , but anyway, let you be the judge.


 This is Metatron, Foal. Just to make things clear, let me add to the being in the Now subject.

 Linearity of thought can be unbalancing, because it obeys two polar opposites: a cause and an effect, a beginning and an end, a plus and a minus.

But the moment of unlinearity is only one, plus-minus zero; that is the Moment of Now.

Forever in balance, forever existing, forever the minimum and the maximum of everything.

Enjoy this blissful moment then; it is all you have and all you can ever do.

 The power is in the potential it holds.

The potential is in the power it is.

Live your moment of choice and do not take it for granted.

The moment of Now is the source of energy that changes the worlds.

As zero is the Now-moment of math, Now is the moment of creation.

The moment of choice, the moment of God’s Choice.

Transmit these words.

Foal’s mind was in a whirlpool. “Zero is the Now-moment of math?” His mind screamed, “What could it possibly mean? Why is he telling me this? And what did he say . . . ‘to make things clear?’ Was he joking?”   The angel seemed to hear him and spoke in a softer voice.

 “Foal, writing on paper things you don’t understand is not easy. And now, since you’ve been asking, let us answer. Yes, as we told you.

Zero is the Now-moment of math.

Think about the importance of being in the Now-moment of your energy, of your choice. That is where the energy and potential is. That is the energy the zero holds for all your calculations.  The energy of potential, the dimension of potential.

 Zero has the property of shifting from past to future, from future to past; but think this in mathematics.

Zero in itself holds the great energy of adjustment. Zero is in the Now.”

 Foal didn’t dare to think because he knew he would be heard, yet he could not help wondering how “They” could think his little disconnected brain was ever going to make sense of all that. How much more gentle and easier had been the Angel of Now’s words. More than ever he felt inadequate for this job!   “God Supreme! Why is this coming to me? I am no big scientist or philosopher. Why did you choose me for your listener?”

 God Supreme spoke out of nowhere.  Simply put, Foal, you were asking for it. And whether you know it or not, your Soul was pelting me with requests for permission. Furthermore, you have a big heart and that transcends any sort of rational knowledge. You shall be my Messenger.

“Great,” mused Foal, “I must be very careful now about what I ask next time.”

 Foal! God Supreme boomed on, It is not for anybody to see all the way through. But see the One illuminated place in front of you, and you’ll go a long way. The Light will be shown one step at a time.  A lantern shedding Light on the Way, step by step, cobblestone by cobblestone, illuminated one at a time. But that’s all you need to have.  Keep the faith in you and don’t look at the abyss.   See only the one illuminated stone; your Now stepping stone.

 “For goodness sake!” Foal thought, a bit exasperated. “Even God was talking of Now now.” He almost wished he had never asked. He decided to call it a night and get mentally ready for what the next day might bring.  

The next angel was not an angel, or was he? He introduced himself as the Inner Child and had a twinkle and a trill in his voice.


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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding


10 comments on ““As zero is the Now-moment of math, Now is the moment of Creation”

  1. It came at the right time, when I needed it . NOW, of course. It was really important for me. Thank you for posting it my dear friend. Big hug.

  2. This not only makes perfect sense, it transcends sense as sense is only the particulate manifestion of perspective. The irritating contradiction inherent here is that FOAL continues to perceive “God” as an externalized entity instead of as an admittedly arbitrary space/time point still necessary to those who are as yet unable to experience the Oneness of NOW. A close approximation of this experience is the Japanese concept of ZAZEN. Marco

  3. Marco, thanks for your comment as always !
    I am not sure how to answer though, because I thought you knew that I (and FOAL 🙂 ) am perfectly OK with a God with a face or without a face, viewed as a point or as an old man (:-) ) and called in whatever possible way.
    God is within me and without me , as a point or as Source, it is not that fundamental to me to have a particular definition as far as I can `experience` Him/Her/It.
    And the only way I am able to do so is through a mystical experience.
    I don`t know any other way.
    And of course ZAZEN or any other meditation can bring about incredibly vivid mystical moments or even the ultimate self -realization (… am definitely not there yet 🙂 )
    Thanks so much again for always stopping by !

  4. It does make sense when one visualizes the now as Zero, the perfect balance of all that has been and all that will be, with each new moment the new zero. As for the god-energy, whatever you see or call it, it is within all of us. I have trouble visualizing God-the-Father, but the energy that is within and without us is a concept I am working on perfecting in my own small mind.

    Excellent post, by the way. Rose

  5. Rose, thanks for leaving your bit of great wisdom ! yes, I do agree with you, we tend to give `IT` many faces and shapes, but it is all within all of us . Let`s go find it 😉 !!

    • FOAL, if you ever have time, I recommend a series of books: The Masks of God, by Joseph Campbell. He has been considered the master of Mythology, and rightly so. I used his books in teaching Mythology years ago, and they provide endless opportunities for self discovery and discussion. Marco

  6. Marco, thanks ! I always appreciate your recommendations ! I will put them on my to-read-list ! (currently reading, and so enjoying, Seth Speaks, and already checked and favorited Seth`s website , thanks for the tip again )

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