OBEs and I… an absurd story

As I said in my other blog post, when I had my first OBE in 2004, I had no idea what was happening to me. In fact, I didn’t even know such a term as astral projection or OBE existed.
For five years, in the attempt of even having just a sniff of what this phenomenon could possibly be, I started buying books and books and books… but, unfortunately, the wrong kind of books. Assuming that something that happened at night when I was asleep must be some kind of dream, I went on buying books on dreams, but again, the first years I was not very lucky, or maybe not very smart in my choices.
Some dictionaries on the meaning of dreams felt like absolute nonsense to me and I could not identify my own experiences with what I was reading.

Then finally I came across Edgar Cayce` Association A.R.E., and followed an awesome course with Henry Reed on Dreams. It was finally something that made sense to me and it taught me a lot, but again, still, I could not find anything close to what I was experiencing at night.
The first decent book on dreams that made real sense to me, actually much more than decent, it was outrageously magnificent to me, was Robert Moss`s `The Three “Only” Things`, and there, I was finally getting the feeling that maybe this author was talking mainly of dreams, yes, but not only of dreams. Yet, his experiences and mine were still too different, and despite the fact that I loved every word, I was still on the search for anything or anybody in this wide world that could report anything similar to my own nightly vicissitudes.

It was only in December 2009, after five years of inexplicable things happening at night, that I had the great fortune of getting my hands on a copy of William Buhlman`s `Adventures Beyond The Body`, and came across the word OBE for the first time ever ! God Bless ! Now, this opened a complete different picture in my mind and I found myself realizing that, although I could still not relate to all, this author was indeed talking of something very close to what was happening to me or , at any rate, of a slightly different version of it.
In this book, the name Robert Monroe was mentioned more than once, and it stuck in my mind. I ordered Monroe`s books right away and started reading from the first.
OH- MY- GOD !!!
I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I had finally found what I had been looking for. This guy too had had no idea of what was happening to him, this guy too rushed to the doctors to have himself checked up, this guy too had his brain monitored! I WAS NOT ALONE !!!
No need to say that after this, I literally devoured his books, and then went on reading all of William Buhlman`s books and any other book on Astral Projection I could find.

Everything was at last falling into place… it was high time ! I felt such relief, actually something closer to joy than relief ! And, little by little, I found myself capable, for the first time, of talking about it with a few close friends. It’s not like I really needed to talk about this, but it was certainly a liberation not to have to keep it inside as if it were a contagious disease, or rather, a mental malady.

I came to realize that there were people who actually wanted these experiences, and that there were even methods to make them happen.
I must admit, that in my case, to this day, I have no method, no technique whatsoever in my arsenal . These astral projections just seemed to `happen` to me when I least expected them. And to say they happened in the most natural way is almost an understatement. No vibrations, no big thundering noises, no sense of falling, no nothing. And most of the times, it was almost always around midnight, right before falling asleep.

As far as I can recall, just before they `happen`, I usually feel sooo tired, so sleepy, my eyelids sort of cave in, getting heavier and heavier as I sink down into deep sleep. There is a sense of being sucked into the darkness of sleep, but this is so quick that it lasts only a few nanoseconds. Sometimes I don’t even recall going through this passage/process at all.
How can I put it … it happens almost too simply… one moment I close my eyes and fall `into` sleep, next moment I open them up again and puff! Here I am in this `different` space. And wide awake. So totally wide awake, more awake than I could possibly be. It never ceases to amaze me, the quickness, the totality … the closing of my physical eyes and just a second later the opening of my `astral` eyes (but at that time, remember, I didn’t have this knowledge with me, and this word was not yet in my vocabulary). And these astral eyes feel so physical, so incredibly physical, but they are not …THEY ARE NOT, THEY ARE NOT PHYSICAL! My physical eyes, in fact, are completely shut and oblivious… Isn`t this incredible?! I am in my room, in my own bed, in exactly the same position I fell asleep in, yet, nevertheless, there is a totally different feel to the air around me. And so I know I’m `there` again. But where is `there`??? I had no idea.

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Our minds must sacrifice greatly, so they crystallize. And here comes the dream…to de-crystallize


Can I talk some more about dreams? Then, sure, I`ll go back to my OBEs, but dreams is something I have given a LOT of thought to.

They intrigue me, and make me wonder about their nature, their language, their message, their divinity. It’s such an incredible form of communication and such a valuable guidance system. Every morning gratitude for this great gift springs out of my heart.

Dreaming is universal. It occurs in all persons of any age, sex, religion, country or nationality, and in a language that is specifically and uniquely pertinent to that very person and that person only. So yes, I firmly believe the best interpreter of a dream is the very dreamer himself/herself.

Dreams have this peculiarity of seeming to be aware of our inner thoughts, our most intimate details, and our oldest memories. They know all about us and despite the fact that they are on `our ` side (meaning trying to help us), they will give us a very objective perspective of our situation.

 Trust the dreams to tell you what you don`t want to know !!  (But what you actually need to know!!!)

We know from scientific experiments that dreams are a necessity to our wellbeing and balance of mind, but – and this never ceases to amaze me- it seems to be a necessity not attached to the prerequisite of being understood or even remembered by us. I mean, we may not be aware of our dreams, we may not even remember them, nor have a clue at what they mean. But in spite of all this, we need to dream . If deprived of dreaming humans seem to be bound to become very neurotic, disturbed persons.

Humans cannot live without sleep as Soul cannot live without dreaming. Dreaming is when our Soul wishes to roam about free again, and it leaves our body. Soul, being Spirit and thence freedom, longs for that very freedom and chooses to take relief in the multi-dimensions of dreams. Sleep and dreams are the needed valves of release from pent-up energies that have been accumulated in years and years, and maybe , lives and lives.

It is the fastest, easiest way known to any human being, even to the least enlightened one, to connect into Source, to connect with his True Inner Self. It is a gift bestowed upon all. What a gift !

Our Soul needs rest from our body and bodily restrictions. It needs an `escape out` for just a little while. In dreams it`s as if the Portals open up inside us. There are so many and so different types of Portals, as there are so many different dimensions. This shifting from one dimension to the other is so simple and boundary-less during dreams, that we all should be really, really astonished at its awesomeness and simplicity at the same time. It happens without the least effort, without us asking for it, and it happens to everybody !

DREAMS ARE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCES. It does feel like there are dimensions and sub-dimensions in the dreaming journey we take every night. At least, so it seems to me ,and it fascinates me.

And besides, as I mentioned above, it is also an extremely efficient way for Communication.  The one that connects us to the World of the Soul. A direct unconscious line to the Source.  Thanks to this connection, the dream dimension is indeed  the great inspirational source of the Human Soul,  oftentimes wrongly attributed to great insights of the Mind.

Great music, breakthroughs, innovative thinking , miracles and so on, are mostly born out of these sleep-dream dimensions and the abundance of inspirations that we can harvest there. So next time that we are about to say `Oh, no big deal, it was just a dream…`, let`s remember this : the dreaming time is absolutely necessary for our Soul. 🙂


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