How do we transform our FEAR ? The three big dinosaur-crocodile parable-dream


 AS THERE ARE DEFINING MOMENTS IN OUR LIVES, THERE ARE DEFINING MOMENTS IN OUR DREAMS. This was a very particular dream, very vivid in details, and with a story that I could not forget. And this dream marked a massive `defining` moment for me, the moment when something clicked inside that made me able to change perception so effortlessly, thus bringing about a huge change of heart.  My whole perspective changed in the span of a second, and by this experience only, I know that my soul made a step further in its evolutionary growth.

This `transforming our fear` concept/insight ..…well, had I read this in a book or had I heard it said and explained in a workshop, the `aha` moment would have been so much more unconvincing. Possibly just one of the many intellectual concepts that I could agree on. Just that.  It would not have made a big impact on my life, mainly because it would have probably stayed on the surface of my intellectual mind without going any deeper.

But in a dream, when the teaching is embodied in an actual experience which is lived from the inside out , well, that is a totally different story . And its message reaches such depths intellectual concepts have no hope to ever attain . Dreams are indeed the ultimate state-of-the-art Teachers, at least for me!


February 24, 2010     6-7 am.

The three crocodiles

I find myself in a desolate, bleak, deserted place.

For some reason, I am a man.

I see in the distance three colossal DINOSAUR-CROCODILES chasing people. They are really huge and people are terrified. Everybody is running around trying to escape. I get scared too, and as I see them come closer, I fear for my life and run.

I run away and hide in this little wooden hut with a few wooden steps outside. In front of the door there is a small sort of patio-veranda.

I get inside but feel terrified, so I rush to go lock the door.

But as I do so, I hear noises outside and realize that one of the crocodiles is already right in front of my door. I stiffen in panic. There is nowhere I can run. My mind is totally overwhelmed with fear.

Then, all of a sudden, a change of heart simply `happens` inside me …

I see the futility of it all, and open the door.

The crocodile has turned into a big mean-looking man.

 I invite him in and he sits on a wooden chair in front of this little wooden table inside my hut. In a corner of my mind, I still wonder whether it will end OK ( like in me not being `eaten up` 🙂 ), but the feeling is definitely not scary anymore; I feel strangely detached and somehow in control.

I ask him if I can offer him anything to eat or drink.

Most incredibly, he very humbly says that Yes, he is thirsty and hungry and that he truly appreciates my offering. He actually thanks me !!!

The me in the dream seems to take this very nonchalantly, but the observing me is dumbfounded.

I HAD TRANFORMED MY FEAR ! and it had been so easy…why didn’t I see it before? And how did that moment of clarity `happen` ? what brought it forth so suddenly?

 … How could the change of heart happen in one tiny second without any rational thoughts to set it off ?

WOW! Talk of transformation !

 I woke up in an exhilarant mood and started going over and over again all the details in the dream.


 I know what the dream is telling me, that I have to learn to face and confront my fears. If I keep running away, my fears will keep chasing me .

In a way, this dream shows me how by a simple change of perception, my whole world changes … well actually, how I experience the world changes.

Wow… in this sense I am indeed the creator of my experience, the creator of my world. So dumbfounding.

It is about action rather than reaction. The important thing is to be consciously acting in life rather than unconsciously re-acting to stimulations.

I guess that whenever I feel fear inside, I need to take a step back and observe the scene more objectively, I need to feel more detached and let Compassion take over.

This dream also shows me how useless it is to worry, given that it won’t change my predicament.  On the other hand, I must honestly admit that even if in this moment I seem to `get` it, come another scary experience and I will probably feel the Fear again.

Nevertheless, I also know that a little `shift` has occurred inside of me for sure.  I know that I am not who I was before this dream. So step by step, I will try to keep this in mind and exercise myself in the practice of `transforming my fear`.

 And even if I cannot suppose to be the perfect student, I UNDERSTAND THEIR TEACHINGS AND I VALUE THEIR WISDOM.

Yes, I get it, without fear I would have a totally different perception of the world.

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding


`The white crane who doesn`t know it can fly`, a parable-dream

Lory Flies W CranePAINTING BY ANDY BOERGER    website:

MAYBE WE ALL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL CRANE INSIDE THAT DOESN`T KNOW IT CAN FLY …… this dream showed me how more often than not we are unaware of our hidden powers, the power to see through the illusion, the power to soar high in our spiritual growth, the power to rise way beyond limitations and restrictions of any sort, or maybe the power to travel through other dimensions in a conscious dream or out-of-body.

There are so many hidden gifts inside us that we are not aware of . Maybe this dream is just about this, teaching us/me how to trust our intrinsic powers, our innate capabilities, how to believe we can actually do very easily what we think we can`t, simply because WE CAN in the first place….. WE JUST DON`T REMEMBER !
I really hope this dream means something to you too, because the message in there is certainly meant not for me only !!


December 18, 2012 (my Mother`s passing`s sixth anniversary)

I`m looking at a beach with weeds and small bushes here and there, and some small, but predatory, animals hidden in there.
There is a white crane standing.
A few meters away, a man holding by the hand a small child is looking at it….
He is worried of possible dangers hidden in the weeds. He wants it to fly to safety, but doesn’t want to scare it himself, so he just stands there worrying.
The crane doesn’t know it can fly.
I decide to take action and help.
I approach her, make eye-connection to catch her attention and then run ahead of her flapping my arms wildly.
I flap and flap and flap, and next thing I know, I am flying horizontally about one meter or so above the ground. I actually took off!! I am slightly surprised. I look back at the crane.
She seems to get the message and starts flying my way.
As she gets close, she says to me “ARIGATOU” (which in Japanese means `Thank you`) and flies away.
I woke up happy. But my arms were sore !!! for too much flapping !  incredible! Had I been thrashing in my bed ?? or was it my etheric body feeling so physical ??
(PS I looked much younger in the dream, like a teenager.  And the crane felt it was a She)

At first I thought I was helping a bird to fly, but maybe not.
Maybe the crane is me, one part of me. She is supposed to fly, she has the power to fly, but it looks as if she doesn’t get it, and it`s standing still on the ground.

The man with a child, just standing and looking. He could be another part of me. The `family person` part of me. I can easily identify, actually. Worry worry worry about everybody`s wellbeing, but that doesn`t take me anywhere (the man was just standing still and worrying).

The young me in the dream could be another aspect of me. A younger me, more spontaneous, free-thinking, and acting on intuition or more connected to a Higher Consciousness (Inner Child??). This young part of me doesn’t waste time  and does the only thing in her power to help, that is, show the bird how to do it. It doesn’t matter that she herself can`t fly. She does her best . Her best (imitating a crane`s flight) turns out to be enough.

So, to sum it up:

The Divine part of me, the White Crane, is stuck on the ground, because it doesn’t acknowledge its powers.
The adult part of me (the man with the child), engrossed in daily preoccupations, doesn’t seem to help at all.
The Inner Child in me (the teenager me, watching the scene) goes for it and inspires the Divine Crane to fly, just by imitating it.

I guess some of my friends or Family “ Up There” are sending me a message : “Time to fly!!”

And they are showing me how. Just by flapping my arms, little by little … flap your arms, flap your arms.
Do the small things, the things you can, with focus and in repetition, and you`ll get there. Keep running, go ahead, and you will lift off the ground effortlessly.

Start by imitating, start by believing you can, at least go through the motions, start by playing with the feeling of the wonderful possibility opening itself to you.



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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

NO-MAN`S LAND… dream or Astral Journey ? Whatever ! I met my Mom in Spirit land !!


Again I don`t know if this was a dream or if I actually astral-journeyed somewhere, but it was as real as it gets ! or, if possible, more real than it gets !! and to me it couldn`t get more profound or incredible than it already is ! Before I go on, I would like to say that any remarks about the color of the skin in this article are meant simply  to describe the dream as it was. I love people of every race and color, and am myself married to a man of the `yellow ( 🙂 ) race ! As for the big black guards, I guess they were `leftover images/symbols` from watching the movie Black Diamonds .

December 12, 2009 6.20 am.
I am walking in the Panama Strait (or what for some reason I believe is the Panama Strait). It feels like I am going from the Pacific Ocean side to the Atlantic Ocean side. The strait looks like the bed of a half-exsiccated river.
I am flying above it. I can see big ships, black metallic ships, going through either the few little patches of water left or through the patches of dry sand.
In the dry patches the black ships have to be pulled by many iron wires attached to some kind of machine.
As I look at this from above, I wonder why they would try to cross here through this big dried up country rather than going around South America.
And I hear the answer in my head, somebody telling me that even in spite of these difficulties, it is shorter than going around the continent.
I am walking now in the center of this dried-up canal, which looks more like a wide sandy dirt road, and really looks more and more like an African landscape to me.

Anyway I walk and walk and then I arrive at this check post, where there are militaries, big black African-looking guys in kaki Bermuda-pants with big guns. Very much like the big black military guys in the movie Black Diamonds that I had just seen (this may have influenced this image). They look pretty mean and dangerous.

A few meters beyond the check post there is a pretty wide intersection of dirt roads.
I see an old truck 30-40 meters in front of me, and as I look on, it starts to head off. As I go on walking in the same direction, I notice a ‘plump’ eggplant, really beautiful and so purple and all shiny, in front of my feet, and then another and another, in a straight line, some 2 feet apart.
I realize they are falling from the truck. All those beautiful purple eggplants were left one by one right in front of my path, like big ripe fruits to follow.

I start picking a few up and have my hands full, when I see some soldiers go after that truck. They stop the truck and forcefully take the driver away, like a prisoner or as if he has to be punished . For what ? just for having dropped some eggplants?? I am puzzled.
He is also an African-looking black guy, but not as big as the others, and not mean looking. Here for the first time I have this feeling that he had dropped the eggplants on purpose and for my sake.
They are rough with him and the man looks scared.

Seeing this, I reason that to avoid problems with the mean militaries I’d better leave the eggplants where they were. So I drop them.
I see these soldiers tie some thick rope 2-3 times around this man’s torso and hang him by it off a big single tree that was standing in a small yard-like clearing. They start swinging him. The man is pleading; don’t know exactly what they are doing to him.

Then I walk back towards the military check-post. I need some indications, so I go there.
One black soldier is  sitting on a wooden chair outside of the ‘police station’ and looks bored and sullen.
I wonder whether there is anybody who speaks English there, so I approach him tentatively saying “English…? English ??”
The man grunts something like Yes and another man comes out of the small wooden hut that was the post. They do look big and threatening, big black surly muscled guys and heavily armed .

I explain the best I can and in a very explicit manner that I need to go through this canal, because I have to get to the other side of the continent, and that I need directions and a guide.
They seem to listen to what I say but in a grudging way. Yet it feels like for some reason they have to oblige me. So I turn around, point at the man dangling from the tree who was being further tortured, and very deliberately say (and gosh, I am so lucid and conscious of what I want here):
” And I would like that man to be my Guide, to take me on the journey.”

Don’t know why I seem to be in this position to just so very casually ask for things and to have to be obliged.
Still the feeling is I somehow know they cannot refuse me, and it is uncanny indeed to see little me talk so brazenly to these big black mean giants with annoyed faces, and make extreme requests as if it was no big deal.

I go near the tree and look up at this man, who has now curled his legs up in fear, still dangling from the tree.
There is now another big black man under the tree but he is not a military. He is dressed in a rough-fabric long draping garment or robe like a long tunic, maybe a priest or a religious figure, but I perceive a rather slimy vicious energy there.
He is holding a pair of tiny, very tiny blue plastic scissors and has a sneer on his face. Actually, and can’t explain why, I know he is going to cut the dangling man`s testicles.
Funny thing again, I go there and confront him as if I were in all my rights and tell him very decisively that he has to stop, and I say very, very clearly:`This man  is now with me, he comes with me to show me on.` As if this was enough to let him go free …
The priest-like figure doesn’t look a bit happy about this, but again it seems he has to comply.
The ‘swinging’ man from the tree looks at me with unbelieving eyes, like he couldn’t believe what was happening,

Then can`t remember why but I am back at the check post and am speaking to the military again, explaining something about my situation again, that I am traveling from one ocean to the other and must cross the continent, but it is a bit blurry here. As I speak though, I turn slightly around and literally stop dead in my track.

Mamma is there, a few meters away from me. I can see her from the side. She is walking straight on at a fast pace, completely focused like looking for something.
For a few seconds I stand still and mute, completely speechless, I can’t believe it.
Then I shout “Mamma, Mamma!” and start running towards her.
She turns around and says “Lory, Lory” and we hug and hug.

This is a very emotional moment, so real, so warm.
We hug, we embrace, we stroke each other’s back, I hold her so close and caress her back, saying “Mamma, Mamma” over and over again.
I can feel everything, she is so real, so tangible, palpable, it’s amazing.
I touch her, and pat her, all the time very lucidly thinking `How is it possible ? She is dead.` ( I was so conscious while in there, so incredibly `thinking` ! )
And to make sure she is really her and alive, I even pinch her gently on the sides. And I can feel her flesh, real warm flesh … my mind screams inside my head `But she is dead!`… for a tiny instant I feel totally overwhelmed by the absurdity of this experience. But then Love floods all over me again, and all the rest feels so irrelevant .

So much Love, warmth, emotion, comfort, reassurance, happiness, joy, can’t describe. She hugs me back and I can feel everything. Just everything !
Then she says (in Italian of course) :
“Mio Dio, Lory, menomale ! Ti abbiamo cercato tanto !”
(My God, Lory, thank goodness ! We have looked for you so hard!”)

I ask her then if Papa’ is there too, and she says:
”Si’, c’e’ anche Papa’, e’ rimasto piu’ indietro, sta arrivando .”
(“Yes, Papa’ is here too, he is a bit behind, but he is coming.”) And this is so like her, she was always the quick one, the one going first.

And as I look  back at this dirt street, the one she had been coming from, I see that there are many other people also coming from that direction.
But they look stranded with this strange look in their eyes, not knowing where they are or where to go, and their clothes are worn off.
I think they were all Caucasian-looking (or `mixed`), not black as the guards.
But Papa’ is not among them. And I must say I feel relieved at this. It didn’t look like a nice group to be part of. And I wouldn’t have liked to see him among them.

Then we must have decided to start preparing for the next leg of the journey.
The feeling here  is that  now we go together.
I am standing in front of this narrow wooden table.
On the table there is a cardboard box and I am filling it with the eggplants of before, maitake mushrooms and then also oranges, mandarins and other fruits, all so beautifully ‘plump’, truly beautiful almost shiny fruits. I am packing all the provisions I think we may need in our journey.

I have almost filled it up to the top, when a big tall black soldier comes near me and looks in with suspicious eyes.
I turn to him very nonchalantly and explain everything, how it is all right, that I am allowed to be here, that all has been cleared etc. etc.
He looks sullen, but doesn’t say anything, and just stands there looking.

Mamma must be somewhere near, I think.
I know that I am waiting for Papa’ to arrive and start our journey together.
All of a sudden and so unexpectedly a very surprising thing happens.
I hear a man’s voice, as the voice of a narrator at the end of some TV drama episode, a voice talking from somewhere above me and saying :


Like the last scene promising me another episode …
And I woke up.
God, I certainly didn’t want to wake up.


What a dream … again I am immersed in `THAT` world so completely . Totally.
Now, after waking up, I keep going back there with my mind.
Mom and Dad were desperately looking for me.
Was I in such precarious condition??
Was I in more danger than I thought ? … Because I had been trying to reach to the `Other Side`?? But I didn’t feel in real danger. It may have felt somewhat risky at times, but it also felt like for some reason I had a right to be there, and that was why the guards could not refuse me or my requests. I have no idea why that would be so, though.

Was this the place in between the two big waters, the two big oceans, the interconnecting canal from this life to the other, to the Other Side ??
In this respect it would make sense that Mamma and Papa’ could walk those ‘streets’. They passed away years ago, Dad in 1994 and  Mom in 2006.

And all those “stranded-looking-people”, are they the Lost Souls who do not know how to get through ???
And then the Guide … actually I don’t know what happened of the ‘swinging-from-the-tree-man’ that was supposed to guide me.
Don’t remember seeing him again. But anyway the dream stopped half-way. Yet, why did I have to go and save my own Guide ?? I thought Guides were supposed to save us …
At first I  thought the driver of the truck had been caught because he had negligently dropped the eggplants, but, most probably, he was just showing me the way and got  punished because of this. Something, I assume, that must have been out of their rules, something not allowed there maybe.

And the `explosion`… mmm, this is intriguing. In other occasions too, either in dreams or other astral experiences, it has happened that when I hear an explosion, there is a change of dimensions. And since I woke up right at that moment, that would make sense. From `their` dimension I came back to my `awake` dimension.
And I can’t help being reminded of the words I heard years ago. I was sleeping very very deeply, but somehow I knew I was going to wake up. And here is when I heard somebody saying in a very strong, clear voice:

It was a man`s voice, such a strong self-assured voice, like a statement or a declaration.
I have little scientific background, so these messages (it was not the first) are just beyond the stretch of my knowledge or intelligence. Maybe a physicist would know the meaning of this…..
( and, by the way, who are ‘They’ ??)

Unhappy to wake up, but so very happy to have really touched and hugged Mamma, so PHYSICALLY, so emotionally, so ‘REALLY’.
Can only pray for the next episode to be shown to me ….

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding


pond dream painting by ANDREW BOERGER, my dear friend who paints my dreams

When I had this dream, I classified it as a dream and not an OBE, because even if I was making very lucid and rational decisions in there and had a precise agenda, it felt different from the usual OBEs in my room, where I really felt I moved as if I was completely awake. But now, after reading many posts of other fellow astral travelers, I wonder whether it was in fact an astral projection, one that I was not conscious enough to bring back as a memory.
Now I suppose that I`ll let my journal speak again .

January 22, 2008 4-4.30 am (Full Moon in Leo)

I am out in a strange land on a strange long arduous trip in the mountain woods.
We (there is group of us) have to go through many kinds of difficult tests and trials, like an initiation maybe.
There is this very big man with us, our Guide it seems, and he comes and tells me that we have passed the tests and we can go back.
And then he adds :
” But you have to meet someone before you go back.”

He explains how this was a very special Being, but that I had to be very careful, because he was easily scared and may run away.

He goes away for a few moments and comes back with a strange Being indeed, a small man, not human but alike.
He has a long face, jaw a little drooping, eyes kind of clouded, eyelids half closed. His body is a little different too. Long arms limp at his sides, trousers as long as a little below his knees and an open shirt on his bare chest, a little apish in the whole.
At first glance, he looks very shy and as if he is mentally retarded, certainly not an intelligent or smart face, quite the contrary, yet I can feel his intelligence and just seem to know in my heart he is a special Being.

I take much care in moving my arms slowly so not to scare him away, and make some light gestures to start a communication and make friends. I like this guy very much and want to communicate this feeling to him.
He is looking at me, just looking at me, me making all these gestures.
At first, no reaction at all, but then after a few moments, it seems he finally understands some of my gestures and face expressions.

All of a sudden I see his eyes brightening up in understanding .
He looks incredibly happy. He totally glows with joy.
We realize we are actually communicating in Love and friendship; I can see it from his face, and this realization makes me so happy too.
He opens his arms widely and lightly beats his chest in joy in an orangutan-ish sort of way. He gives me a huge smile and gets closer to hug me.
I hug him back in great happiness, with big pats on his back.

I very deeply know and feel I made a friend, a very special one and that I am receiving something very powerful from him.
He cannot speak, it seems, or at least it is a different language, made of some kind of grunts.
But I know it is such an honor I could make friends with him.

And now that all our trials and tests are finished and that I have met this guy, it seems we can finally go back home.

But somebody had mentioned somewhere before in the dream that a young girl had gone missing and it seems she is the daughter of the big man who is guiding us.
I don’t know why, but these words stayed in my mind.

As I am finally leaving to go back home and walking on a dirt path around this little eerie lake-pond, I see a small body floating head down in the water.

It is dark, like almost night, but I can see because of the moonlight.
I can easily see her body floating life-less or conscious-less in the far side of the pond among water plants and weeds beyond a tree which has its roots in the pond.

For a moment, bewildered, I stare at her and wonder why nobody has gone to help her, but then I realize that for some reason nobody else can see her. For one tiny fraction of a second I hesitate, I so want to go home, but I know I must do this, because I seem to be the only one who sees her. So after all it is not over yet, the biggest and hardest trial of all is still in front of me .
The last test before I can go back …

The pond with its dim light looks beautiful and eerie, but so spooky and scary at the same time, with this strange tree rooted in the waters and all the floating weeds and with the body of this girl motionless in the far side of it.

If I dive to save her, I may never be able to make it … just now that we are at the end of the journey…
I look at the pond again.
Then in one quick movement I dive and swim across the reeds and water plants, that look like weeds or kelp.

I start strongly, but after a few strokes I feel my limbs losing strength, going numb.
My arms and legs feel so heavy and it feels like I have to move tons to go forward.
Everything feels as if in slow motion and my limbs are getting heavier and heavier, as if something is strongly pulling me down underwater.
I feel the darkness there. It`s pulling at me.
My mind too starts feeling a great numbness.

I realize I’m losing consciousness and they are dragging me down in the water. It would be the end of all.
For a moment I feel like I’m letting go, it is just too much for me, I feel so tired, I want to let go and go down.
But then I see the girl right in front of me and she is so close to me, just a few strokes.

All of a sudden, I feel a spark in me, some great strength and sense of rebellion arises with a thought “No ! I won’t let them stop me !”, and I literally bounce back and start swimming with such fury, in simply an unconceivable and impossible manner from a human parameter.

I reach to the girl, haul her over my shoulders with superhuman strength, start swimming again with unbelievable power, and when I get to the fence in the middle of the pond (kind of a wooden barricade some 40-50 cm. tall), I literally throw her over it as if she weighed nothing and then haul myself over it in a display of incredible will and strength.

I know I am exhausted, but I move in a fury of Energy.
It is not human strength . It just can’t be.
I swim the last yards with the girl on my shoulder and then throw her on the shore, which becomes a house, her house.

The girl is moving, she is alive but still lying down.

Her father, our big guide, is there and is so surprised and happy.
And I feel so happy too that I had not given in and that I had made it .
I am happy I had finally believed in the power in me .

The thing is though that I know (and must have known in the dream too most probably) that the strength found in myself at the last minute (when I really thought I was going to die), was not really mine, but had come from the encounter with that special Being.

It felt like I had received this special Power from him, that it was given to me at the very end of the journey because it was the very thing I needed to overcome the final test.
But first I had to win his trust .

That was the reason why, but I’m assuming here, the Guide had told me that I had to meet somebody special before being able to go back. I truly HAD to meet him to be able to make it back .


Now that I am awake I still remember vividly the dread of being pulled down and feeling my limbs go numb, losing strength.

A moment of scare, but overcome.

I remember the pond, so dark and weird and scary looking, but beautiful in its own darkness.

And the sense of euphoria and elation at the end for having made it and saved the girl.

I remember the spurt of willed up Energy with which I made the last feet to the girl and when I hauled her over the fence in the middle of the pond. I was in a frenzy, but I felt the strength and Power in me surging up.

But who was him, the special Being ??

I truly believe it was an INITIATION.
The long arduous trip, the many trials, the trust won and this special Being who gives me the last strength necessary to my last big trial, the sense of Inner Strength, the searching and the goal.
Thank you Lord for this beautiful dream.

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

“Sharing your Light” Archangel Chamuel , from FOAL and the Angels

1017431_10203229649811503_698768169_n PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH

“Sharing your Light, Foal.
What Humans are supposed to do on Earth , share their Light.
And make it ONE.
With such great Resonance that all Universe will be witness to it.

Share your Light with the small and the big, the good and the bad, the base and the lofty.

Humans are mostly concerned with talking of sharing, but rarely do they truly share.
You still don’t see that Light is Information and brings Information.
In sharing Light, you will be sharing Information with All.
You all miss the point in trying to control.
You can never control the Light of another, yet you can share it.”

Foal listened, spellbound.
The Archangel pronounced these last words with such ineffable beauty, Foal felt instantly and totally entranced.
The Great Angel continued:

“God’s Breath is Light .
When Light was infused into your cells, you came to be.
The spark of Life into the cells is Light.
Light is part of your Soul.

Little brains think themselves big.
But the real Source is not in the brain.
The real Source is the Light you hold inside.
The Light you emanate in every action, in every word, in every thought you generate.

Talk to me in the great Silence of your Soul.
Where I come from, you come from.
It is the Source, the very Beginning , the very End.
It is the Soul of the Universe.
It gives Life to All.
It is the Wind of the Universe.
It gives power as energy to all.

Each little rock, meteor, comet.
All is pulsating with Life.
The Breath of the Universe pulsating into it.
The Prana of the Soul, the Prana of Spirit is in everything, EVERYWHERE.

The Life you have in you is part of the Life of All.
It is yours, but not only yours.
It is yours, but it is shared by All.

I am a field of Energy and I have always been around.
I have known you forever and you know who I AM. “

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

The Angel of Compassion (from FOAL and the Angels)


“Foal, heed what is being said.
Come to the Love spot in your Heart, where your Soul breathes.
Where God is there for you and you are there for God, and Divinity becomes One again.
I bring you a message of Compassion.
Compassion for the family around you, for the friends around you and for those not around you, for the people who must suffer and for the people who make suffer, for the whole world.

Open your Heart to needs untold. Open your Soul to demands of Love.
Open your Higher Self to yourself.
The Compassion you have, let it flow, and let it flow close, before it goes far.

Bleeding Compassion springing forth to another Being.
The Blood is the Seed. The bleeding heart sows beautiful seeds in the land.
Its vibration reaches down, density lifts up.
A bleeding heart is not all about suffering.
A bleeding heart bears the Child of Compassion.
From those blood-drops, flowers spring and quench their thirst.
Do not be afraid of pain. It is only a façade. IT IS NOT PAIN.
It is a facet of Love, the Love of God.

A good life is not free of pain and worries.
A good life is full of these and their solutions.
In the finding of the solutions, you find your Evolution.

Astonishing is the Power of Love and the Light it sheds on the people it touches.
Cherish others for the wonderful Beings of Light they are.
See them with your shining eyes for the Light they hold inside.
Respect the Being of Light hidden in that clothing of flesh.
So you can mirror your Light one into the other and know.
Do not let yourself see yourself as you are, because you are not.
You are not what you see.

Human perception will see the human you. Divine perception sees the Divine you.
This is how God sees you. This is how God trusts you.
This is how God put Faith in you and gave you Life.

Life is a deed of Trust.
God trusted you with LIFE, Foal.
You were born because you were trusted.

Thus answer that Trust and trust the Love of God that makes you move, that makes you think and feel.
And rejoice in that Trust, in that Love.
Feel the Love in the form of Joy, rejoice in the Joy.”

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

Ramana Maharshi “You Do Not Know God”






8th February, 1938
Talks with Ramana Maharshi

I think this is one of the most beautiful and profound things I have ever heard. When I read it, it spoke to my heart, it spoke of Truth, and it was telling me: Don`t speak in the name of God when you don`t know a thing. That is slander, using His name in vain.

We make wars in His/Her name, we enjoy being rightful/righteous by using his name, we press forward our causes by using his name.

But what do we actually know that we can be so sure and full of ourselves?

The best we can do is being humble and pray.

I AM that Consciousness….. I so wish I could know me.

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Foal and the Angels

Spiritual Twist of Out-of-Body Experiences (My third OBE, Our inner hidden powers)

In my first and second OBEs, as you may have already seen in my  previous blog posts, notwithstanding all the fancy-ness on one side and the fear on the other, a strong spiritual element was definitely present. And so it was also for my third OBE (don’t worry…I stopped counting at number 3 ! 🙂 )

In this case, it started as a normal dream, and then all of a sudden I find myself in my bed in the very position I fell asleep, and so I know I am already `there` again. As you will see, in this particular OBE I needed help, or so I thought at first. Being terrified and feeling I was not enough to cope with this new attack on my own, I invoked Higher assistance. Which didn’t exactly come (although It did support me) but somehow It must have allowed me to find inside myself powers I had no idea existed. (Maybe this was what the whole `drill` was about ?)

To many, these out-of-body experiences must seem quite the frightening deal, but actually they are empowering experiences that are brought to our doorstep in order to introduce us to our true and yet unknown nature. And this particular OBE, although much more subdued than the others (where my belligerent Big Me is always fighting around!), has a lot to say in regard to what I `d call our INNER HIDDEN POWERS. What it taught me is that we seem to have capacities we are not aware of that sometimes emerge only in times of crisis.

And since the best testimony is my Journal itself, I shall let it speak of its own.

2004, Oct. 16     0.30 am       (the third PHYSICAL DREAM)

It started as a normal dream. In this dream I have been changing the position of furniture in a big room, a living room maybe, or I had been asked to (can`t remember well here). Then as I am looking behind a sofa, I see a little black insect, not a cockroach maybe, but similar. Yet it gives me the same bad feeling I have whenever I see a cockroach for real or in dreams. To me, it seems to be a bad symbol somehow, or an omen of something bad coming.

So I just know, I know, I have this kind of gut-feeling that it is going to get bad, really bad. I sense something is going to attack me from behind and there`s nothing I can do about it.

Until this point it is like a normal dream, but from here it turns into those “physical dreams“ * I’ve been having recently as I find myself in the very position I actually am in my bed and the air around me changes (can’t explain this in words).

I feel quite scared this time and see myself cringing on my bed, and the funniest thing is that I can see myself but also feel myself sleeping in that position. I am with my belly down, a little turned to the right and I start feeling terrified. I can sense malevolence coming up and getting stronger behind me, and I am so scared I can`t find the courage to look back.

This is big. I know it is big… And then all of a sudden, and so totally unexpectedly, my back starts tingling, but like tingling tingling, and prickling very strongly. I feel like a turtle. It feels like the skin on my back is `growing`, getting thicker and thicker. I don`t know what it is or what is happening to my back, but am so scared that I invoke Archangel Michael to help me.

Just as I say it, the tingling sensation gets stronger, as if my skin is getting thicker on my back, and then I clearly, very clearly hear a Voice saying :“Yes, YES! You’re shining L.! You’re shining !!! Your Armor of Light !”

I can`t see myself at this point, (as I am very much in this other body), but it feels like I must be repelling this big `bad` thing with Light Energy coming out of my back. And I think I really did it !  It felt strange, more than shining , it felt like I had developed a much thicker skin on my back, especially under my shoulders (from top of shoulders to the middle of my back). A sort of an energy-emitting shield, an incredible sensation.

Now that I am awake, my back still tingles.  I mean it.  It is really still tingling so much, it feels weird. These dreams( experiences) can be so physical. 15 minutes have passed and my back is still tingling (strongly). What an incredible experience ….. WHERE DOES THAT POWER COME FROM ?

PS. I was actually so scared that I never looked back, so was this `monster` a `real` monster, or just my FEAR ??

*in 2004, I still didn`t know the word OBE, so I had coined the term `physical dreams` to stress the difference with a normal dream.

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