Wisdom from the Angels










Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels



Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels


“To love Me is to see Me everywhere. In every ray, in every speck of dust, in every smile, in every tear, in every face.

 If you love Me, you cannot but see me.”

“Life and gratitude must not be wasted on grief, only exalted by it.

If you dont infuse grief with Light, if you dont bestow upon it the power for change,

grief will end up being overbearing, cluttering and destructive of growth – not the catalyst it is supposed to be.

Use grief as a springboard to fly higher, not to fall down into a precipice.”

“Fear of God is not fear of the anger of God.

It is fear of the Love of God.”

 ” Go inside, gather yourself and feel the moment of bliss that I give you Now,

that I`m giving you Now, that I`m always giving you Now.”

2 comments on “Wisdom from the Angels

  1. What a beautiful collection, both of photographs and of quotes. I have seen most of them before, but they never lose their impact. Suddenly, I get the true message of the last one, “that I’m always giving you Now”. Now is a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to start over and maybe do a little better. Now I get the meaning of now as zero; no past, only the opportunity to make the present what we would like it to be. Thank you, karma, for this gift on this day; and thank you FOAL for being its instrument. This was not where I was going this morning when I sought out your site, but this is where I was taken. I feel so blessed. Rose

  2. Thank you for such truly lovely and inspiring words ! These are all quotes from FOAL and the Angels, and I just can`t take credit for them. They were given to me almost as if in a dream, so I do feel more like a typist than a writer :-).
    But I loved being the messenger anyway ! ❤
    I am so glad they resonate with you too !

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