pond dream painting by ANDREW BOERGER, my dear friend who paints my dreams

When I had this dream, I classified it as a dream and not an OBE, because even if I was making very lucid and rational decisions in there and had a precise agenda, it felt different from the usual OBEs in my room, where I really felt I moved as if I was completely awake. But now, after reading many posts of other fellow astral travelers, I wonder whether it was in fact an astral projection, one that I was not conscious enough to bring back as a memory.
Now I suppose that I`ll let my journal speak again .

January 22, 2008 4-4.30 am (Full Moon in Leo)

I am out in a strange land on a strange long arduous trip in the mountain woods.
We (there is group of us) have to go through many kinds of difficult tests and trials, like an initiation maybe.
There is this very big man with us, our Guide it seems, and he comes and tells me that we have passed the tests and we can go back.
And then he adds :
” But you have to meet someone before you go back.”

He explains how this was a very special Being, but that I had to be very careful, because he was easily scared and may run away.

He goes away for a few moments and comes back with a strange Being indeed, a small man, not human but alike.
He has a long face, jaw a little drooping, eyes kind of clouded, eyelids half closed. His body is a little different too. Long arms limp at his sides, trousers as long as a little below his knees and an open shirt on his bare chest, a little apish in the whole.
At first glance, he looks very shy and as if he is mentally retarded, certainly not an intelligent or smart face, quite the contrary, yet I can feel his intelligence and just seem to know in my heart he is a special Being.

I take much care in moving my arms slowly so not to scare him away, and make some light gestures to start a communication and make friends. I like this guy very much and want to communicate this feeling to him.
He is looking at me, just looking at me, me making all these gestures.
At first, no reaction at all, but then after a few moments, it seems he finally understands some of my gestures and face expressions.

All of a sudden I see his eyes brightening up in understanding .
He looks incredibly happy. He totally glows with joy.
We realize we are actually communicating in Love and friendship; I can see it from his face, and this realization makes me so happy too.
He opens his arms widely and lightly beats his chest in joy in an orangutan-ish sort of way. He gives me a huge smile and gets closer to hug me.
I hug him back in great happiness, with big pats on his back.

I very deeply know and feel I made a friend, a very special one and that I am receiving something very powerful from him.
He cannot speak, it seems, or at least it is a different language, made of some kind of grunts.
But I know it is such an honor I could make friends with him.

And now that all our trials and tests are finished and that I have met this guy, it seems we can finally go back home.

But somebody had mentioned somewhere before in the dream that a young girl had gone missing and it seems she is the daughter of the big man who is guiding us.
I don’t know why, but these words stayed in my mind.

As I am finally leaving to go back home and walking on a dirt path around this little eerie lake-pond, I see a small body floating head down in the water.

It is dark, like almost night, but I can see because of the moonlight.
I can easily see her body floating life-less or conscious-less in the far side of the pond among water plants and weeds beyond a tree which has its roots in the pond.

For a moment, bewildered, I stare at her and wonder why nobody has gone to help her, but then I realize that for some reason nobody else can see her. For one tiny fraction of a second I hesitate, I so want to go home, but I know I must do this, because I seem to be the only one who sees her. So after all it is not over yet, the biggest and hardest trial of all is still in front of me .
The last test before I can go back …

The pond with its dim light looks beautiful and eerie, but so spooky and scary at the same time, with this strange tree rooted in the waters and all the floating weeds and with the body of this girl motionless in the far side of it.

If I dive to save her, I may never be able to make it … just now that we are at the end of the journey…
I look at the pond again.
Then in one quick movement I dive and swim across the reeds and water plants, that look like weeds or kelp.

I start strongly, but after a few strokes I feel my limbs losing strength, going numb.
My arms and legs feel so heavy and it feels like I have to move tons to go forward.
Everything feels as if in slow motion and my limbs are getting heavier and heavier, as if something is strongly pulling me down underwater.
I feel the darkness there. It`s pulling at me.
My mind too starts feeling a great numbness.

I realize I’m losing consciousness and they are dragging me down in the water. It would be the end of all.
For a moment I feel like I’m letting go, it is just too much for me, I feel so tired, I want to let go and go down.
But then I see the girl right in front of me and she is so close to me, just a few strokes.

All of a sudden, I feel a spark in me, some great strength and sense of rebellion arises with a thought “No ! I won’t let them stop me !”, and I literally bounce back and start swimming with such fury, in simply an unconceivable and impossible manner from a human parameter.

I reach to the girl, haul her over my shoulders with superhuman strength, start swimming again with unbelievable power, and when I get to the fence in the middle of the pond (kind of a wooden barricade some 40-50 cm. tall), I literally throw her over it as if she weighed nothing and then haul myself over it in a display of incredible will and strength.

I know I am exhausted, but I move in a fury of Energy.
It is not human strength . It just can’t be.
I swim the last yards with the girl on my shoulder and then throw her on the shore, which becomes a house, her house.

The girl is moving, she is alive but still lying down.

Her father, our big guide, is there and is so surprised and happy.
And I feel so happy too that I had not given in and that I had made it .
I am happy I had finally believed in the power in me .

The thing is though that I know (and must have known in the dream too most probably) that the strength found in myself at the last minute (when I really thought I was going to die), was not really mine, but had come from the encounter with that special Being.

It felt like I had received this special Power from him, that it was given to me at the very end of the journey because it was the very thing I needed to overcome the final test.
But first I had to win his trust .

That was the reason why, but I’m assuming here, the Guide had told me that I had to meet somebody special before being able to go back. I truly HAD to meet him to be able to make it back .


Now that I am awake I still remember vividly the dread of being pulled down and feeling my limbs go numb, losing strength.

A moment of scare, but overcome.

I remember the pond, so dark and weird and scary looking, but beautiful in its own darkness.

And the sense of euphoria and elation at the end for having made it and saved the girl.

I remember the spurt of willed up Energy with which I made the last feet to the girl and when I hauled her over the fence in the middle of the pond. I was in a frenzy, but I felt the strength and Power in me surging up.

But who was him, the special Being ??

I truly believe it was an INITIATION.
The long arduous trip, the many trials, the trust won and this special Being who gives me the last strength necessary to my last big trial, the sense of Inner Strength, the searching and the goal.
Thank you Lord for this beautiful dream.

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8 comments on “INITIATION DREAM or OBE ?

  1. I loved reading about this dream. There’s something vaguely familiar about it, although I have never had an encounter with the being you described. It could be just that so many of my OBEs include trials and tests given to me by higher intelligences. What an epic trial this was! I could feel how tempting it was to just surrender to the exhaustion and unconsciousness, at the price of the girl’s life. Did you have a feeling of missing the ape-like being when you woke up?

    • Cascadia, i would love to hear your stories of trials and tests. Sounds like fun !! (i bet once they are over though ……. 🙂 )
      Yes, the feeling of great tiredness and numbness and that it would be so much easier to give in and be pulled down underwater was a turning point in the dream.

      As for the ape-like being, I miss him a lot. I woke up feeling great joy and remembering how good it felt to see his face lit up in joy , and the sense of joy he manifested in the beating of his chest and in the hugging me.
      That is a moment I`ll never forget.

  2. Only Picasso or Dali could paint some of my dreams. I think the big guide was adulthood, his daughter was actually his lost innocence, and the gnarled little fellow was the secret person we all have within us from whom we draw our strength. You met with that inner fellow to gain the strength, despite external appearances, to fight your way back through the dark and scary years of our growth into adulthood to recapture the innocence we are in danger of losing. Marco

    • Marco, what an intriguing take ! It is true that most dream authorities do say that most of our dreams are all about us in many different versions . The gnarled little fellow was a strong being indeed. I loved meeting him 🙂
      Now, wouldn`t your dreams make wonderful pictures then ….!!! can`t wait ! 😉

  3. I believe that the simple man with the great heart and love was an inner aspect (animus) of the dreamer. It was a part of herself she had not come to fully know and appreciate. Perhaps he represented a very simple yet powerful focus of love within her that communicates only by genuine appreciation, gratitude and caring. -Love IS our powerful and wise SOUL, doing and being the love we were created as and are intended to BE. -Saving the young girl was possible only by the power of love coming through a vast amount of negative emotions (the water) that tired her out and almost drown the rescuer/woman. The girl represents the innocence of the rescuer, and being overcome by too much harsh emotion. -The woman saves herself from drowning in negative emotions by embracing her power of love.

    • Profound, Dale, as always. I`ll keep each word in mind as i also believe any power we may have is found in Love and Love only. and this meant as in the Encompassing Love of All.
      Besides, I`ll never forget your insight regarding the big killer fish. I am very rarely really surprised at other people`s insights on my dreams, but this one was huge for me, and so enlightening, because the more i think about it (and am still thinking !!), the more i think you are right 🙂 .
      And imagine that i was always rooting for the poor polar bear !!! 😉
      Thanks again !

      • LOL -The giant Guppy was intended to surprise you, to even shock you, and to let you know that you are a “warrior” when it is necessary. The poor Polar bear must be regarded here as the top predator that (being white) may appear as innocent or spiritual but is actually always after his next meal. (you) That is not a judgment on Polar bears as bad, just the way they are. Negative spirits are just lower vibration entities that feed on the energy and emotions of others. They are neither good nor bad but they can intrude into our conscious or unconscious space, which we have a right to keep pure. Some do intend harm, and those can be banished by taking or sending them where they belong. Shakespeare said, “There is neither good nor ill but thinking makes it so.” Discernment and judgment are very different things.

  4. Wow, so you are saying that i was defending myself from psychic attacks of lower vibration entities ? Well, just a year before this Bear/fish fight dream, i had this long spell of three months of daily (well, nightly!) attacks that really challenged my sanity.
    These attacks went on for a few years, less scary than those three months of illness, but not something you would hope for in your dreamscape anyway!!
    So the big fish was not all that bad huh? good to know, because it looked as vicious as it gets ! 😉
    Dale, thanks ! food for thought !!

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