Foal Revealed! An Inspiring Interview With Foal          by nickwale

A Conversation With FOAL

Author of FOAL AND THE ANGELS—Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding


I would like to begin by asking where the ideas behind FOAL and the Angels came from? What was your main inspiration?

Well, you start with the most controversial question for me! Truth be told, the story of this book was given to me practically during my sleep and during meditation. And sometimes it was even whispered in my ears J by invisible friends… not joking here! If you asked me about some particular sentences that I remember well, I could even tell you which ear it was, left or right!  So I am afraid I don’t really have a main inspiration. All these incredible `teaching` dreams were the inspiration in themselves, and a gift at the same time. Yes, a gift! From whom, you ask? Well, THAT is the question, right?  But does it really matter if they were Angels or God or a Collective Consciousness or simply my subconscious? They are beautiful and so wise and they hold a huge and profound lesson of growth and potential for everyone. At least so I hope.

Do you have a specific writing style?

Honestly, I don’t know if I have a `specific` style, I have never even thought about it. I just write the only way I know!

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes. And I am very passionate about this. At night, but not only at night, we do have a chance at communicating with other layers of dimensions and of course with the inhabitants of those dimensions.  If we are willing to give it a real try and keep an open heart, this is an avenue open to practically anybody because everybody dreams, right? Of course, this is not something I can prove to you rationally, but if you asked any real dreamer or OBE (out of body experience) traveller, they will all tell you the same thing.

Now, since I am really no scientist, I can speak only from some very personal experiences, but I know that with the quantum theory we are closing up the gap between science and spirituality, and am pretty sure that in a very near future, many of the so-called spiritual theories will be well vindicated by science itself.

What books have most influenced your life?

Well, I love the Bronte sisters and Daphne Du Maurier in particular, especially if we talk of writing styles.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

In this very moment of my life, I would choose Robert Moss, as I feel very close to his way of looking at dreams, astral travels, other dimensions and besides, I really love the way he writes. Pure poetry in prose.

What book are you reading now?

I am skimming a few of Swedenborg`s books right now, and just started perusing the Upanishads.  But don’t worry! I also read lighter stuff like Harry Potter, Twilight, etc!

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

Entity? Do you mean a person or invisible entity? J Before the publishing of FOAL and the Angels, a few friends were very supportive indeed with all the reading/editing stuff, but more recently, Anthropology Professor Marco Pardi and inspirational author Denise Barry showed me the greatest support in helping spread the word.

However, if you`re asking about invisible entities… well, as far as I am concerned, there were very many!

Do you see writing as a career?

I didn’t start writing to make a career. Writing is something I enjoy doing, and in FOAL and the Angels’ particular case it really felt as if it was requested I shared my experience with others.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about your book?

No, I couldn’t change anything. In fact, I put a lot of effort in trying not to change anything at all, and focused on reporting exactly the dreams and voices as the experiences they were for me.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I have been writing poems since I was ten, so I guess that is when it originally started.

Who designed the cover?

I really like my book cover. It was designed by professional designers at Turning Stone Press. They sent me a few to choose from, but this one was just too perfect to be true!

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

To find the right ‘personal/impersonal’ thread to stitch all the dreams and messages together into the format of a fairytale, without making it too private.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

‘Learn anything’ is definitely an understatement. I learned so much I could hardly put everything in any book. But to sum it up, I daresay that it taught me how to live in a more conscious way; it taught me that every little action counts, every thought we have is of the utmost importance, every insignificant word makes a difference, and we must not let these moments pass us by unconsciously. We are here to live every moment.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Don’t ever let yourself believe you are alone in this world. Actually, there is quite a crowd indeed of, so to speak, ‘imaginary’ friends around us all the time!

You can connect with FOAL on Facebook ( or his blog (

Ever wonder what your dreams are trying to tell you? Pick up FOAL and the Angels and explore… Available on Amazon today!


Nick Wale Interviews Foal…

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by nickwale

Foal, having strong feelings about keeping the focus on the messages rather than the messenger, would rather keep his privacy. Nevertheless, he will be happy to interact via email with any person interested. You can reach Foal here. Foal and the Angels is about a journey to understand the great wisdom hidden behind life. Through a series of dreams and insightful messages that provide Foal with some pretty intensive lessons, the mystery of life unravels and he shares these spiritual discoveries with other seekers.

Thank you for joining us. Please tell us about your book.

Well, throughout a number of years I had all these incredible dreams, and in these dreams I knew I was being given insights and intensive lessons on the meaning of life. So, “FOAL and the Angels” is a story told by a boy (Foal) through the unfolding of his dreams and the impact they have on his life. Through his dreams, and with a little help from the Angels, he starts to understand the mysteries of Life and receives answers to his ten thousand questions.

It is really a very tiny book I wrote out of a desire to share such an incredible experience and all the teachings that came along with it. It is a short story anybody can read, from old to young, from well-educated to not so well-educated, and what`s more, coming from any religion or belief.

How long have you been writing? How long did it take to write FOAL and the Angels? And what motivated you to write it?

I started in 2010, and it took me a year and a half to put it all together. What motivated it ? You see, when you have those kinds of powerful dreams, they become more real to you than `real` life itself. I knew I had to write it down, it was impossible not to.

Is it a stand-alone novel or part of a series? If it’s part of a series, how did you decide to make it a series? How long will the series run?

The plan is to make a four-book series, because the dreams just kept coming and there were so many more stunningly beautiful dreams than I could ever put into Foal`s story. At times I would have five or six dreams per night; it was exhausting, but always exhilarating. I remember a few times I wished I could sleep twenty-four hours a day just to be able to dream! And they were too many to put them all in one tiny book.

Who are your main characters in the story and how would you describe them?

Well, the main character is FOAL, God Supreme, and many Angels. As for their descriptions…Sorry ! You`ve got to read the book !

Is there any symbolism in your book that you’d care to share with potential readers?

That each and everyone of us owns a FOAL inside. It is actually all about paying attention, listening, and honing that listening. That is, mainly, reconnecting with ourselves.

There really is such possibility of contact with other dimensions, and I guess that, if the term doesn’t agree with you or with your religious beliefs, you don’t need to call it Angels’ school as I did. I daresay that throughout the centuries it’s been called so many different names…God, Collective Consciousness, Higher Self, or maybe just our conscience, the little voice inside, that as far as I know, everybody has, even atheists.

At the end of the day, if it happened to a person like me, not in the least special ( e.g., FOAL), it can happen to anybody. That is the message I wanted to convey.

Do any of the characters resemble you? How about friends or relatives.

Resemble??? FOAL is basically me!! But you see, it is not important `who` it was to have this experience, since, as I said, the message intrinsic in FOAL is that anybody can be Foal.

This is not the story of one small person. This can be the story of all, if we just try to listen to what we hear inside. And believe me, we ALL hear something inside…but we rarely write it down!!

What is the worst thing reviewers or critics have said about your book

So far so good …I guess I was lucky !

What is the best thing reviewers or critics have said about your book?

That it is timeless….

What has been the most difficult part of your writing experience?

I must admit it is the marketing part. Just doesn’t come easy to me, so actually I never did it at all. That means, you, Nick, are my first !

How did you choose the story you wrote?

The story chose me. I self-published, but I remember that after I submitted it, on a telephone call, the publisher said to me: ‘It’s quite unique. How did you come up with it?`

Well, I didn’t! I didn’t come up with anything. It just happened, and I reported the story as it was, that`s all.

How did you choose the title?

The title came up after I had a dream…. Well, what else? *laughs* It`s a book about dreams, right? And it just sounded so good!

However you created the cover, will you being do it that way in the future? Why or why not?

Oh, I love my book`s cover ! The stretching of a hand between dimensions and the receiving of the EYE only when we get to the other side was so perfect! And the little flower as a beautiful gift …It was love at first sight! It was made by one of the professional designers of my publishing company, Turning Stone Press. They actually let me choose among six covers, but I had eyes only for this particular one.

Who were the authors that influenced you? What about them and their style appeals to you?

Many years ago, when I had no idea I would start writing, I read The Alchemist, and was fascinated by the amount of great wisdom imparted in such inconspicuous and easy to understand way, so that just anybody could `get` it. I guess that stayed with me. FOAL is also a very quick and easy read, but there also is so much Wisdom inside (Angels` wisdom, not mine!)

Where do you see your writing career going? Why do you think that?

Oh, I really have no idea! I just HAD to write about this experience, or at least that`s how I felt. At first, I thought the Angels would do the PR for me….. hmmmm, great let down, you know! I guess I hoped against hope! Because in truth, I hate marketing, although I understand how it is necessary. So now it seems I finally got the message…”Angels help those who help themselves!” and just as the thought crossed my mind, I happened to find you, Nick !! Lovely, right ?

On the practical side, I have already started writing FOAL II, but it may take some more time before it gets published.

Do you use a pen name, why?

The pen name FOAL is actually an acronym, a way to say thank you to an invisible helper and friend. Besides, just about the time I was searching for a suitable pen name, I had this beautiful dream of a young horse, a …FOAL. So that made it !

Why a pen name ? Well, for me this book was all about and had to be about the message and not the messenger. It was simply the sharing of a gift. I needed to find a good thread to stitch up the whole experience into a story without turning it into some kind of personal memoir.

The idea of writing it in the format of a story, of a fairy-tale, and of using the pseudo of FOAL finally resolved the issue.

Foal and the angels

 Denise Barry interviews FOAL

Denise Barry is an inspirational writer and the author of the children’s book, “What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth?”.  To learn more about Denise go to or join her on Facebook.

DB: You wrote a book, “FOAL and the Angels”, based on your own experiences.  Kind of a spiritual journey, so to speak?

Author:  Yes!  Throughout a number of years I had dreams, and in these dreams I was given insights and intensive lessons on the meaning of life.

What I describe in the book is almost exactly how it happened, or at least how it was felt and registered in my mind.  Nothing could be truer to me than this experience; nothing could be more real to me. It was an intensive course of wisdom, imparted through dreams, messages, and voices. I call it “Angels School” because I was being guided by what can only be called Angels.

I chose to speak through “FOAL”, a little boy who wants answers to the mysteries of Life!  All of his ten thousand questions get answered through the unfolding of his dreams.  This is a fairytale.  But a true one.

DB:  Why do you think you had these dreams?  Why were you “the one”?  Do you feel special?

Author:  No, no, no!  I was never the ONE!!  That is exactly what I wanted to avoid!  That is why I chose the fairytale format and a pseudonym.  I didn’t want it to be about the messenger, but the MESSAGE.

 I am FOAL.  So are you.  FOAL can be anyone!

This can sound a bit trite and cliché, but really, and I mean, REALLY, there is such possibility of contact with other dimensions in all and each one of us.  It is all about listening, and honing that listening.

At the end of the day, (you don’t even need to give the Angels a name if it doesn’t agree with you), you can call it the voice of your conscience, the little voice inside, that everybody has. Even atheists!

And if it happened to a person like me, not in the least special (a.k.a. FOAL), it can happen to anybody. That is the message I wanted to convey.

As for why I started receiving those dreams when I did, that is something I am still far from understanding. I assume, and only assume, it is for karmic reasons. Some bigger picture that I cant see, I guess.

DB:  When you began having the dreams what made you realize they were important?

Author:  Well, that was not difficult. When you have these kinds of powerful dreams, they become to you more real than ‘real’ life itself. You don’t just see the dream, you experience it. There is no way you can doubt it.

And there were so many more stunningly beautiful dreams than I could ever put into Foal`s story. At times I would have 5 or 6 dreams per night; it was exhausting, but always exhilarating. I remember a few times I wished I could sleep 24 hours a day just to be able to dream!

On the other hand, the doubt/problems arose with the messages and voices in my head while I was awake.  There I had a hard time casting my doubts away.  The thought that it could be all just in my head, pure imagination, was always there.  Although at the end it didn’t matter anymore.  They were real enough to me, and what I was hearing was just too profoundly wise and beautiful to come from me.

But even after making peace with myself, to make the decision of sharing this with others…well, THAT was a big, big obstacle to overcome, and it took me many years to get there.

DB:  How has this experience changed you and your life?

Author:  Well, although the sense of Bliss and perfection does fade away, the realization of the ‘knowing’ inside stays and this I can’t explain. I don’t think I have any doubt anymore about our true selves or life after death. I see the world in another way now, definitely, and I do feel I have a deeper understanding of Life, but no, I am not saved from my ego. The lessons continue, I will fall again into its daily traps, but there is some more `noticing` on my part, or how can I say…a becoming more conscious about how I want to live.

DB:  Are you afraid to die?  Were you afraid before these dreams occurred?

Author:  Not really to die, but I am definitely afraid of pain. So yes, I do fear a painful dying process, but not death itself. Not anymore.

DB:  Who/What do you feel orchestrated these experiences?

Author:  How could I know!!  Maybe ‘we’ do, before incarnating!

I understand how it would be intriguing to know who orchestrated this, but I don’t feel it is so important to know now. They just happened and that is what I must focus on.

DB:  Do you believe in God?  If not, what?

Author:  Oh, yes! That, I do!

DB:  Did you believe in something different before the dreams?

Author:  I was raised Catholic, so I shared many of the Church`s beliefs, although I questioned many of those very beliefs for many years.  But after the dreams and voices, I felt liberated by many unnecessary rules. All seemed to be so much more simple.

DB:  Do you think our existence as a human being is an illusion?  Is this life an illusion?

Author:  I am in no position to give you a correct answer to that. Maybe a sort of dream??  Or a reverse out-of-body experience??  An ‘into-body’ experience?!  Or experiencing existence in  another dimension??

But really these are just thoughts, and am not sure I believe them myself.

You know, I am not really that much interested anymore in what I believe, but rather in taking what comes as it comes, and experiencing it and appreciating it. But most of all, in trying not to ‘label’ experiences into beliefs!

Beliefs can change, the experience remains. What I mean is: whatever I (or you or anybody else) may believe about this experience, the experience would not change anyway, would remain a part of my life.

DB:  Do you live any differently than before the dreams?  Are you calmer, happier, less confused about things?  ARE YOU ENLIGHTENED, like the Buddha?

Author:  You must be kidding me! Enlightened! NO!  But I know now that that is what I am seeking. Or at least to get as close to it as I can.  And, yes, less confused, certainly.

DB:  The illustrations on your Facebook page are beautiful…did you do them?

Author:  No, my friend and artist, Andy Boerger, made them for me.  I really wanted my readers to have an idea of how I saw ‘things’ in my dreams, so I thought the only way I could communicate visually with FOAL`s readers was to post on Facebook these beautiful pictures.

I set up a FOAL and the Angels fan page for this reason.

Nevertheless, however good the pictures may be, this reality cannot compare with ‘that’ one. The colors are so much more ‘alive’ in there, with a life of its own. And the sense of Love exuding from everything is ‘unspeakable’ and ‘un-paintable’.

DB:  Before we close, is there anything more you want to say to our friends?

Author:  OK…I can’t say of course if it will live up to your expectations, but I can say it is an easy read, it will flow smoothly, yet at the same time will make you stop to ponder on the simple “down-to-earth-and-up-to-the-sky” wisdom so gently imparted (of course this is the part which is not mine, the Angels` part!).  I do not have such wisdom in myself…). It helped me a lot in living my life, and my greatest hope is that it may help you too in some unfathomable ways.

It is a story of how dreams and ‘messages’ led me on a spiritual journey. I felt this need to put it out in the world, not because it is unique, which it’s not (all these things must have been said over and over again in the centuries), but because it is so un-academic in style, that just anybody can easily read it and possibly gain some drops of wisdom out of it … just as I did. And my final words would be : “Looking forward to your feedback!!”.

DB:  “FOAL”, I thank you for touching my life so deeply, with your words and your presence. Much Love, Denise 

To find FOAL’s book, click here.

Foal Dreams: An Interview with Foal

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by nickwale

After the success of our first interview, I wanted to interview Foal and the Angels author Foal again. This interview is all about the importance of dreams, listening to what we are being told, and how we can learn from our subconscious. Listen, learn and become open-minded with Foal.

dreams Q) Why are dreams important to us?

Dreams are more than simply important, they are actually essential to our well being, to life itself ! And now, we know for certain from scientific experiments that, if deprived of dreaming, human beings will become neurotic or will start showing very disturbing behaviors. So, you see, even if we don`t remember our dreams, we still do need to dream in order to keep our mental and emotional balance. We cannot live without sleep, or without dreams.

Q) What is the most important thing a dream has explained to you?

Emotionally and spiritually speaking, it’s difficult to choose one since there are more than I could tell. It’s a bit like having a wise man (or a jester sometimes!) by your side who is not explaining things to you in a didactic and pedantic way, but rather showing you what would happen `IF`, and so you can spontaneously make your decision on your own.

Q) Is there one dream that really stands out above all others?

YES! There is ONE BIG DREAM that stands out above the others. Three years ago I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, or rather, the dreams diagnosed me first, and they strongly ( i.e., nightmarishly!! LOL!) recommended me to have a check up. Even when doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me and were telling me to come back in a year or so, the dreams kept pushing me till I went for a second and third opinion, and then we finally found it. So thanks to my dreams, the cancer was found at the very beginning, stage A, level 1. If I had waited a year or more as I had been told, I don’t know how things may have ended. In my heart of hearts, I know they saved my life. And one day I know I`ll have to write at length about this experience, too!

Q) Do you believe “Foal and the Angels” appeals to all kinds of people, and did you write it with that in mind?

Absolutely! FOAL and the Angels is definitely not only for the spiritually-oriented, but also for the man in the street, for just everybody with an open heart. Besides, it`s such an easy and quick read that it can be enjoyed by the young and the old , the educated and the not-that-well educated, the spiritual and the not spiritual at all. That’s one more reason why I chose the story/fairytale format. FOAL and the Angels’ contents is spiritual indeed, but in a very common sense/everyday-life way. Apart from the bits of wisdom that are there for sure, FOAL`s reactions to that very wisdom can get kind of quite hilarious, too.

Q) What do you think makes a good book?

To me, a book has to be enjoyable, in whatever form it may come—essay, dissertation, novel, short story. It has to be read with JOY. Joy that may come from a desire for more knowledge, a desire for raising awareness, for inspiration, or just for the sake of having a great time indulging in fantasies or laughter. Well, simply put, for me a book is good if you enjoy reading it.

Q) How did you know that your book was ready for release?

Well, the dreams and the story had been brewing up for quite a few years, although the moment never felt ripe yet. It was almost a fermentation process, till the moment when I could find the right thread to stitch the whole experience into a story that could make an easy, yet profound read. And, please believe me, I say this in the most humble way, since I am certainly not ever going to take credit for that. (I mean, the profound part!)

Q) Do you enjoy running your Facebook page?

Yes, I like to be in contact with people in such way. And it has made me `meet` so many wonderful people that otherwise I would have never met indeed.

Q) Do you enjoy blogging?

Actually, I started blogging only very recently, and at first I thought I would not make much of a blogger. But as it goes, now I enjoy it greatly. When I start writing a post, I rarely know what words will be flowing out of me next. So it is such a pleasure to see how much I had in myself that I didn’t consciously know. In a way, you could say that it does help me dig out treasures I didn’t know were there …

(Please visit Foal’s blog at ~NW)

Q) When you write do you like to do it in silence? With music? What works for you?

Mostly in silence…so to speak LOL ! my head is always buzzing and soooo talking to itself that actually there is hardly any silence at all !

Q) Can you tell me what “Foal and the Angels” is about and why readers would enjoy it?

Well, it is a story told by a boy (FOAL) who has all these dreams, and through the unfolding of his dreams and the impact they have on his life, he finally starts to understand the great secrets of wisdom hidden behind the mysteries of life. It is also a story of how dreams and `messages` led me, a.k.a. FOAL, on a spiritual journey that of course is still on its way. You see, dreaming is an ongoing story, and if you dream every night—and pay attention to the intrinsic message in there–you will end up with a manual for almost all that is happening in your life! And I mean this! FOAL`s ten thousand questions get actually answered through the recounting of his dreams and his adventures with the Angels. I called it “Angels School,” but you can call it whatever you like!

Q) Do you believe that a book can change the life of an individual?

ABSOLUTELY ! I have not the least doubt ! It’s happened to me a few times before, for instance, with The Little Prince, The Alchemist and a few others. But most of all the writing/reading of FOAL itself did change my life in so many ways…in so many BETTER ways. It helped me a lot in living my life in a more `conscious` way and my greatest hope is that it may do the same for others, too.

Q) How long does it take you to write a book?

Well, this is my first book, and it took me a year and a half. But I daresay that every book has its own time of incubation, fermentation, and writing and publication. I am writing FOAL II at the moment, but I don’t know if it will take the same amount of time, and honestly it doesn’t matter to me at all. Whatever time is needed, is needed. Period. It doesn’t really matter, does it ?

Get your copy of “Foal and the Angels” today!

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