“Life is….




When I first received these words, I was totally overwhelmed by the sheer power of the statement.

Just a few syllables, but enough to turn my world upside down.

You see, as it happens, I was raised in a catholic culture and for many years went to catholic school, where it was obligatory to take religion classes.

If memory serves me, in all those classes, I was always being taught I had to trust in God, to trust He knows better, to trust He knows all, to trust He will take care of me, and so on. Not once had I heard that God trusted me, not only that, but that He trusted me with LIFE !!!

This statement was to me as mind-blowing as eye-opening, mm, more than that, make it heart-opening. It opened my heart, completely and irrationally, it opened the way to the knowledge that comes through the heart.

As it is, rationally, I couldn’t quite follow, but deep inside me these profound sounds resonated like a booming truth, like nothing else had before.

All those many hours of religion classes wiped away in one clean stroke !

And then, when I was still struggling to follow and absorb, there came the final statement:


…………….. Second wave of blissful astonishment washing over me … I was born because I had been trusted …. ??? WOW!!

My mind felt like splitting open like the Red Sea in an effort to absorb this new kind of knowledge in all its profundity. I needed to spend some time alone with these words, some quiet time alone with these words.

I closed the door of my room and meditated. I needed some time to digest all this, I felt the need to make it mine, to pull its essence /teaching/truth into every fiber and cell of my body. And to see where it was taking me. 

And then, for the first time, I really kind of saw it.

Just as God had trusted me with life, He was also trusting me now with the writing of this little book, `His` little book.

All He was gently imparting to me in dreams and waking meditations could not be meant for me only; I could not be given all this and not share it.

He was telling me this was part of the LIFE He had trusted me with.

How could I let His trust down?

I think this is the very moment when FOAL and the Angels was conceived, as a book , I mean, and not as a bundle of uncoordinated pages of messages and dreams .




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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

6 comments on ““Life is….

    • Marco, not saying all voices in the head are true ….only mine !! hehe ! 😉
      but really, i can`t rationalize here, because there is maybe no winning way out, and i would find myself agreeing with you on everything ! 🙂
      Here, though, i simply tried to describe the moment when i finally decided to trust my inner voice and overcame all the many doubts that had been delaying the writing of the book .(quite several years!)
      At the same time, we could say though that the big difference between Stalin and Hitler and me is that i don`t try to impose it on the world ! 😉 and that fine line is all that it takes to destroy humanity !!
      Thank you so much for your comments Marco, always !

  1. The universe trusts us with life; trusts that we will follow our destiny, that we will do what is good and right; but then that nasty thing called free will gets in our way, making us choose whether to do good or not. Life is our gift; free will our burden to bear. Perhaps the not-so-good in this world is done by those too weak to do otherwise.

  2. Dear Rose, free will may be our burden for sure, but without free will what would we be ? i do feel it is a great gift as well, although, as you rightly point out, so misused by the majority (including me 😉 !)

  3. Then, please let me correct myself: Free will is indeed a great gift, but with it comes the responsibility to use it properly. No one gets through life unscathed by bad decisions, but we must do the best we can with the what we are given.

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