Just a few words to say THANK YOU ! to all the wonderful people who took the time here to write these beautiful reviews for me. Reviews are hard to come by, but they are so essential to the writer`s success and … general happiness !! 🙂

From K.H. :
“Hi FOAL, what I love about your journeys is this inside beauty they all share, even the scary ones. Your dreams manifest themselves in such a poetic way. They are like a beautiful mathematical equation whose solutions are infinite, but one can always find the elegant ones among them. Your interpretation is one of these elegant solutions. Thank you one more time for making our shadows less darker. Being able to see with the eye of the spirit is more than a gift.”  


5.0 out of 5 stars   A journey to awakening through a land of dreams

 on January 15, 2015
Foal and the Angels is a deceptively simple book. At 110 pages it could easily be read in a day or two and that was my intention when I first launched into it. However, I soon found that although it was simply and clearly written that it was a little book full of big ideas. I decided that it deserved more than a sleepy surface read at the end of my long busy days and so reluctantly, I set it aside until I could give it my full attention. It was worth the wait. The story of Foal unfolds as a series of visionary dreams that propel him toward self awareness and divine encounters with angelic beings. Foal seems like an every man. His spiritual journey could be your own. The whole narrative has a dreamlike quality whether Foal is awake or dreaming. As Foal awakens from each dream he is left with a new puzzle to unlock which he is able to accomplish through a series of conversations with a host of divine beings. As readers we are carried through this dreamscape along with Foal to ultimately arrive at a new level of understanding. The writing is eloquent and quotable. The author shows a deep understanding of dreams. I highly recommend this book, especially for anyone interested in working with dreams.

5.0 out of 5 stars.  Life-changing book…. clearly one that you will cherish forever!,December 28, 2014

 This review is from: Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding (Paperback)
I bought this a while back months ago and put it in my list of books to read. I was drawn to it again and started reading it last night. I finished it this morning as I could hardly put it down! The only reason I did put it down was because it was already 2AM and I needed to sleep!The book is in a format of a series of lessons learned. Each chapter is a stepping stone towards understanding. It really is about a journey as I believe the author have personally learned the ideas and thoughts that were received over a span of several years. And what is so wonderful about this amazing book is that for some reason the sequence of the lessons learned is uncannily similar to what I personally have been through! I read it fast because I wanted to take all of it in one gulp so to speak but also intending to read the chapter in detail and more slowly… say a chapter a week or something because I think the lessons learned or being learned cannot be imbibed overnight. It is a journey and most voyages take time including this one. I just love this book, just love it! For it is a validation of my journey and insights while at the same time presents a whole lot more of ideas and lessons for me personally! It is written in a language that speaks to the soul so easily. It is wisdom presented so simply yet so profoundly that it just hits the right spot! Clearly, this is a book that I will cherish and put up there on my special list of books that have influenced me most in this life. I took time to write this review because I hope the one who is reading it would drawn to the book as well and share in its wisdom. The fact that YOU are reading this now, means you are ready… ready to receive more information, ready to imbibe and learn more wisdom, ready to remember what has been forgotten, and ultimately to be the YOU you’ve always been throughout eternity


5.0 out of 5 stars.  Real-Life Remedies, November 21, 2014

This review is from: Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding (Paperback)
Clear, precise and simply beautiful messages to use like remedies for our real-life experiences, which are also working for me, thanks, “Foal” for sharing them with me and the world.


5.0 out of 5 stars  A Book With the Power to Heal, June 3, 2014
By motherofeden –
This review is from: Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding (Paperback)

During my second pregnancy, I had a health condition known as esophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus due to reflux) and I suffered a great deal of pain and fear as pregnancy induced heartburn made my condition worse. I feared for my life and my baby’s life because I was not able to eat a variety of nutrients from many different foods. When the illness was at its worst, I was living off of rice, applesauce and pudding.

A dear friend gifted this book to me with the mere suggestion that it could be healing. Somehow, it was exactly the medicine I needed. Foal and the Angels gave me the perspective to see what is important in life, and to let go of worry. Everything is going to be okay. All is perfect as it is. These are not the words written in the book, but this is part of the message I received in its unique parables.

As a big dreamer myself I feel a deep kinship with Foal. I enjoyed being witness to his journey and hungered to know more. This is the kind of book big dreamers ache to read.

Thankfully I had my baby boy 2 months ago and we are both thriving and happy. I am grateful for all the medicinal pieces of my healing journey, one of which was Foal and the Angels. Sometimes you just need to feel held in the loving embrace of the angels… I plan to reach for this book during hard times for some sacred reminders. Thank you Foal, thank you Big Dreams, and thank you Angels!!


5.0 out of 5 stars Don’t miss this powerful book!, April 3, 2014

Leanne Modell
This review is from: Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding (Paperback)
I read FOAL and the Angels…and it was LIFE-CHANGING!! I’ve been wanting to write about it, but feeling like the words I have to express how meaningful the book was to me are somehow inadequate. Such deep and profound lessons, told in such a clear and brilliant way. The angels certainly have a way of getting their point across, don’t they? 🙂 I promise the first reading will not be my last as I sense the wisdom becomes increasingly profound with each reading – I’m already looking forward to diving in again when I’m ready for the next evolution!! Thank you SO much for sharing this incredible work with the world.


5.0 out of 5 stars Foal and the Angels
By William Buhlman
“A progression of inspirational messages that build through a series of dreams and angel reflections. Starting with the Purity of the Soul and moving into the power of experience and pain, Foal shows through anecdotal script how Emotion equals Energy. I was particularly touched by the Soul’s Race and Walking without a Stick. Both were clear messages that anyone can apply to their own life. The last few chapters bring it all together with Foal’s spiritual coming of age. You’ll find yourself cheering him on as he reunites with his family. This is a fresh take on spiritual wisdom, one that is related through a good story and interesting characters. ”


5.0 out of 5 stars Packed with Wisdom, March 27, 2014

 This review is from: Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding (Paperback)
This is a precious little book is filled to the brim with wisdom. When I was reading it, I could feel the authenticity and truth resonating from Foal’s journey. I recommend this book to any seeker with an open mind.


5.0 out of 5 stars An ethereal journey

By Dana R. Seiler

I intended to write a review of this wonderful book soon after it was published; notwithstanding, I have no excuses but instead now offer only plentiful praise. This review is an encouragement for the open-minded reader to embark upon a mystical journey. I deem all human beings mystics; we essentially have no need for religious labels, jargon, or boundaries.

We simply “are.”

FOAL is significant in that it requires none of those lines which serve only to separate us. Despite what some casual readers might interpret as the author’s intent, I immediately decided there is nothing of the sort within the pages of FOAL.

It just “is.”

FOAL is not a religious story. Religion comes from “without” and is human-made. Therefore, I wholly understand that FOAL is a vital, spiritual quest for both the author and reader. We must realize that spirituality indeed comes from within. As a non-theist, I am easily able to relate to the ideas and dream sequences of this journal.

Finally, I sincerely appreciate the author’s mind and uniquely personal account, and find such a writer to be extremely courageous. Would I be able to display so publicly my innermost thoughts, dreams, and mystical secrets ? Admittedly, I can state that is highly unlikely. Thus said, I am sincerely grateful to the author for sharing such an inspirational and marvelous mind with the rest of the world.


5.0 out of 5 stars  Life DOES make sense after all!

 By  BookMom

As soon as I began reading this book, I could see, feel, such truth in it. I literally did not want to put it down and read it in 3 nights! It was so beautifully written, every single word mattered and made a huge impact on how I see life. I feel like I was allowed, for the first time, to really believe there is more than we know, and we are not alone. Life doesn’t end here. And we are here for a reason, one we don’t need to know. All we really need to do is love ourselves and each other. This book answered questions for me that the many books on spirituality I’ve read haven’t been able to answer. Maybe the questions were never even thought of before! The author’s experience is a gift to us all and I am very grateful!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars The Wisdom of Foal  

By  Marco M. Pardi  

This book, in its entirety and in the precise choice of each word is a singular phenomenon. Within its covers it captures all the wisdom of every organized tradition while engaging the reader totally and seamlessly in a fully dimensional experience which will have the reader repeatedly saying, “Oh, but of course”.

Unlike many books which soon betray the particular agenda of the author, Foal immerses the reader fully and totally in ways which appeal to those knowledgable of particular traditions while gently opening the way to others. It is a book for all minds. Deists, theists, non-theists, and adherents of particular systems will find themselves floating through portals they may never have realized.

The format might at first suggest its relevance to young readers. But any reader is quickly enabled to shed the oppressive sense of one’s own measured temporality and to experience what is always there: one’s own fully contextual reality.

The author’s masterful and precise command of language displays for us what language truly is, an attempt to circumscribe the ineffable and to invite the listener/reader into full and seamless participation. I recommend this to everyone. Marco M. Pardi


5.0 out of 5 stars  A forgotten art

By  Andy Boerger  

I think one of the great misfortunes of our modern way of civilization is that we have become so centered on the logical mind as our sole form of guidance that we find it difficult to live fully human lives. We spend between a third and and a quarter of our lives sleeping, and yet most of us think of this as mere recharging. We get out of bed, brush our teeth, spit into a sink, and plunge headlong into another day, with the thoughts of our ‘logical’ mind giving us instructions, scolding us, judging people and situations, distracting itself with entertainment, etc. We leave that world, that intimate world of sleep – and dreams – behind. But it never abandons us. Each night it welcomes us back within its mysterious spell.

The author of this book knows this. Foal has received a precious gift; has cultivated it, and – with this book – has shared it. In ancient times, the ability to interpret dreams was considered a very valuable skill. Look to the story of Pharoah asking Joseph to decipher the meaning of his dreams as one example. Jung and Freud were fascinated by dreams, as were the surrealist painters and filmmakers of the early 20th century. Dreams invite us to be bigger than we think we are. By relating to them, deeply and profoundly (as Foal does) we gain insights that are not to be found in our day to day trudge through our waking hours.

This book works in two distinct ways. It imparts great, practical wisdom to readers wrapped up in fable-like dream recollections. And it reminds us to pay more attention to our own dream lives, our own private ‘university’ where the meaning of our own lives, and of Life itself, is explored.

5.0 out of 5 stars  Foal takes us on a journey to the heart of life! 

 By  Marcelle Charrois 

It was a true pleasure to read this little gem of a book! It is a journey infused with the glow of childhood wonder and the simple truth of our existence on this earth. We are here to shine our unique individual gifts in this world as they are the manifestation of the divine love of God that is within each and everyone of us. I was deeply touched and inspired as I read “Foal and the Angels” from cover to cover… truly blessed with the gift of a journey to the heart and truth of all life: “the door of spirit is always open” and the spirit of love is everywhere and in everyone as we awaken to our infinite beauty and boundless expression! Marcelle Charrois, author of The Alien in Your Closet – Open the Door to Your Inner Child and Unleash Your True Destiny


5.0 out of 5 stars … if I can find human words to express the amazing honor I feel having read these messages that moved …, September 28, 2014

 This review is from: Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding (Paperback)
I don’t know if I can find human words to express the amazing honor I feel having read these messages that moved thru your mind and hands my dear sacred friend. I mean it! The feelings I feel thinking about it are giddiness, excitement, extreme love and so much more. I feel that these messages have been a catalyst of sorts for me and they have provided me many epiphanies. Amazing,,,and you, the humble message bringer,,,the Earth Angel that you are,,,I pray that there will be a sequel or two as I would be so honored to have more glimpses into more of this wonderful divine guidance. Bless you and thank you for sharing ❤ ❤ ❤


5.0 out of 5 stars A must read, September 13, 2014

By craig sThis review is from: Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding (Paperback)

I love how this book brings new levels of understanding to the spiritual world. It’s an easy book to pick up and read and I found myself wanting to hear about more of Foal’s dreams and the important messages that he received. Having dealt with personal lose, I can honestly say that this book ended with such a wonderful message for anyone who reads it. Kim S.


5.0 out of 5 stars
” You are a true author of love, healing and you let people know the Love of God. That is so important. You bring God down into our hearts and all around us. We know God is right here but sometimes we forget and think He/She is so far away. Not true, God is always right here in our hearts and surrounds us with this great love. Just like you wrote about.
I’m looking forward to your next books. All the chapters were very special but the last one really spoke to me as in recents months a dear friend of 53 passed and I can share this with her husband and family. Thank you Foal and thanks for sharing all these blessings With love ”


5.0 out of 5 stars “Bravo Foal!”
By Maria Cristina De Mariassevich
” I read the book all in one breath. It’s a fascinating fairy tale told with the warm intense feeling of a mother narrating it to her children. It reaches the heart and conveys truth, authenticity. It infuses the receptive heart with trust but I believe it can move also a heart that’s hardened or dry. Excellent reading for teen-agers also because of the swift lively writing style. And it is short! Yet by all means complete. Thank you, thank you, thank you especially for the final section, an unexpected balm that seeps deeply inside… ”


5.0 out of 5 stars   A simple yet powerful book.  

By  Mark Dohle 

“Foal and the angels” is a very well written book, in simple language, yet has much to say about life and how to live it. I keep it by my night-stand and dip into it often…. have some quotes underlined so I can find them easily. If you buy this you won’t be disappointed.



“I finished Foal & the Angels last night. In a way, it’s nearly impossible to describe what I think about it or how I felt while reading. I rarely read a book more than once, but this is one I’ll read many times. I don’t recall ever reading anything that defies “time” (whatever that is). Foal would have carried the same meaning and depth of feeling 500 years ago as it will in 500 years. Timeless sounds so cliche, but it sincerely is. ” Dana S.

“Oh Foal, I finished the book. I’m sad I did. I loved it beyond words. You are a beautiful writer. But i see the truth in what you told. What I’d like to do is read it all over from the beginning and meditate on the things that really resonate with me. I just couldn’t stop reading long enough to do this the first time. My one question now…well two…why did you not use your name in the book? As the author? and what do you feel today? Do you KNOW “what” you are? Do you feel your Being?
Thank you so much for sharing your experience.” Denise Barry

“I have begun reading it, and should say that it is damn impressive!
I think I may actually finish it sooner than I had expected.
The book has so far been fascinating, to say the least. Isn’t it wonderful, how all the spiritual knowledge is ultimately so simple?”  Rhishikesh Niranjan

” A lyrical wonder that belongs in everyone’s home, and library!” Michael Grossman

“If you have not already gotten this book I suggest consideration of it. Words fail when attempting even to describe how someone can so perfectly transliterate an experience, much less a whole series of them. Foal writes in a way which equally transports the mystic, the philosopher, and the most erudite scholar of language. Not a pedantic tract for some particular and narrow view, it is experience made readable.  If you put this on your “To read before I die” list, and do read it, you may well find that death is irrelevant anyway.” Marco Pardi

“You are a very good writer.  You write in a childlike manner that deals with deep material.  Your way of putting about being in the “now” was exceptional and has been my experience when you speak of home.  Compassion, your dealing with emotions are all well done and I am sure that many will find it helpful.  Have you ever thought of ever doing children’s books?  They are difficult but you certainly have the ability to say really deep things in a way that children will understand and with the right drawings, I am sure you will have a children’s book classic.  Thank you for bringing your book to my attention and it will be by my bedside so I can dip into my favorites parts, which is a lot of them actually.  your book is really good my friend, it is an honor to meet you. I mean I will re-read it LOL. Your dreams or visions are truly beautiful.Again thanks.  I hope it sells well, it deserves to be read.”  Mark Dohle

“I have read Foal and found it an exciting, loving, healing and joy filled book. I, too, had a difficult time putting it down.
I have shared her book with many people and pray that they either have read it or will read it and feel the joy and love that Foal shares with us.
We are blessed to have Foal share her experiences with us. I’m not sure I have ever met a more humble and loving person and I am honored to be her friend, even though it is just by e mail.
It is my prayer that someday we will meet in person so I can give her a big hug and thanks in person. I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone who is looking for more love and peace in their life.” Jean Pruitt

“I did read your book FOAL and the Angels …and it was LIFE-CHANGING!! I’ve been wanting to write you, but feeling like the words I have to express how meaningful the book was to me are somehow inadequate. Such deep and profound lessons, told in such a clear and brilliant way. The angels certainly have a way of getting their point across, don’t they?  I promise that first reading will not be my last as I sense the wisdom becomes increasingly profound with each reading – so I’m looking forward to diving in again when I’m ready for the next evolution!! Thank you SO much for sharing this incredible work with the world…” Leanne Modell

“Today I finished reading Foal and the Angels.I was in a meditative mood and just absorbed by the content many times.The souls racing dream explain a very important spiritual fact. Wonderful book,which can be use as a spiritual guide book.” Jojo Augustine

“I wanted to tell you that I finished your book and absolutely love it! What a gift to the world! I recommended it to a friend as well and she got herself a copy on Amazon! ♥ It will be my pleasure to post a review on the Facebook page and on Amazon!” Marcelle Charrois

“It was this book which convinced me of what I have wanted to believe but couldn’t. I was so afraid that if I believed, I’d be wrong in the end. I finally feel safe and because of it, my perceptions have shifted. I have a more heightened sense of reality (it’s so much more beautiful than I could have imagined).
I hope your angels speak to you tonight, and I hope the same for me!!! ” Denise Barry

“Thank you for sending me an inscribed copy of your beautiful book!  It arrived when I was “up to my ears” in construction in my house. It was also a busy time at work and there was no place to sit and relax when I came home. Then, your book arrived, like a miracle!  It reminded me of what’s important in life. The book is so meditative that I read a paragraph or two and begin to think deeply about Foal’s insights and the insights that I have received during those periods when I am able to truly listen.  That’s what your book has said to me:  “Listen! And you will hear.”  I have many journals that I’ve kept throughout the years and Foal is prompting me to go back to them and reconnect with myself.  I so appreciate your insights; for instance, Foal is  told that God has trusted him with life.  We are always told to “trust God” but Foal understands that it is God who has entrusted him (and us) with life and He trusts us to really live life.  I think we all know people who just worry through life or complain through life rather than living it!  Your book is also helping me to be mindful of the centrality of love and compassion and forgiveness in a truly happy life. It’s a beautiful work!  You will influence many and I thank you for bringing Foal to me especially at a time when I was so weighed down by the stuff of my life.” Susan D. T.

“I totally recommend to give this great book a chance it will clear up many doubts and help you understand life-God-beauty-Abundance-Compassion….one love.” Gus Tha Chef

“If you’re looking for a book on the meaning of life, you will not find a better one. It is as powerful in it’s simplicity as it is beautiful. You will come away with more than you can imagine, and the lessons come well after you finish reading the book. It felt like the main character, FOAL, asked the questions I’ve always wanted to…but who do you ask them to? Since this is the author’s real life experience (though told through a fictional character), the questions really were asked through a series of dreams, and then answered! I would say it is incredibly beautiful and insightful and poignant and enlightening! :-)” D. B.

“I’m re-reading your book and just now starting again.  What a wonderful experience you had. I have not had experiences like you had.  You truly opened the door to your Higher Self. You wrote about it so beautifully in your book.  Please don’t doubt yourself.  You are a very highly evolved beautiful soul. Just think of the people that will benefit from your books!  World wide!  Your heart is so open and so beautiful.  It really is a book to be read more than once and even more than twice.  Have you started your second book yet?  I believe your book will be a big seller, not only because it is so good and worthy, but you have a great team behind you…or in front of you.  First being GOD!  Can’t get any better than that and also AA Michael and the other Angels.  I believe Jesus Christ is a wonderful support also.  How could your books not be record sellers? ” Jean P.

” OMG, FOAL ! Your book is spectacular. I’m on page 41. I can’t stop reading it. I am hysterical…half laughing/half crying over Foal and the dream where he figures out why he screamed “I learned my lesson well!” It resonates so strongly. I don’t even know why. This is beautiful.” D.B.

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