If you love Me, you cannot but see Me (excerpt from `FOAL and the Angels`)

FoalFoto2PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH http://www.rachelburchphotography.com/

“Foal, take note of this.

To love Me is to see Me everywhere.

In every ray, in every speck of dust, in every smile, in every tear, in every face.

If you love Me, you cannot but see Me.

Now Foal, you have to write this and spread it to the world, for there is hunger and there is thirst . . . the world is famished for My Word.

This kind of hunger is buried deep, and it goes unnoticed until it explodes within and makes hearts crave.

Hearts pulsate again filled with longing, alive and conscious once more.”

Feeling overwhelmed and a little sullen, Foal muttered under his breath, “And You really think I can do this?”

“You will try and you will see and you will know.

The Words of God have a long way to go.”

And so God Supreme, chuckling to Himself, was gone, once again, somewhere, and Foal didn’t know how to follow.

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

6 comments on “If you love Me, you cannot but see Me (excerpt from `FOAL and the Angels`)

  1. But that is the heart of the mystic issue. When there is nothing that is Not-God, there is nothing in particular that is God. The act of conceiving a god is the act of denying godness.

  2. If All is One, then All may just as well be Zero … 🙂 am not sure this is completely correct, but i think i read that Shiva is the Destroyer just for this reason.
    Thank you Marco, your inputs are always too valuable !!

  3. Indeed. Lord Shiva is the Destroyer and his counterpart (in Brahma) is Vishnu the Preserver. The corollary is found in the relationship of Yin/Yang – the principle of Hsiang sheng, or Mutually Arising. Thus, you cannot have “god” without at the same instant having “not god”. The mystic senses the error in the act of mental conception and avoids it.

  4. beautiful and profound, certainly it is not throught the mind that we can `get` (so to speak) such insights. Thanks for the clarification, Marco !

  5. for a correction here, sorry must do this for all clarification. there is Shiva, Brahma, but there is also Vishnu. of the positive, negative and neutral. always the 3 to exist, or as Buddha calls it “the middle way” the way of non-attachment. he says we should neither be “for” something, nor “against” anything. otherwise this is attachment to material things. all things come to light in ones journey home to our “Heavenly Father”, just not in the time you think it is, because the time is when you are ready for the next step, otherwise the information/lesson, will fall upon deaf ears and unwilling movement. we come to our own “personal truth” when we approach the inner alter and surrender ourselves to becoming the “true” children of God by following the wishes of our “Father”, listen, he calls upon us daily, the lessons await to all willing to put aside ego and learn what is put in front of us

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