We are not all given the same things~ The Souls’ Race dream


Again allow me to share a page from my little book “FOAL and the Angels” to talk about something that is very close to my heart …the seemingly unfairness of life. Mmm, that`s a heavy topic, and I guess most of us can relate. Why is it that some people seem to sail through life as easily as a breeze, while others have to toil about and struggle to simply breathe some air ?
I don’t presume to have all the answers, because I have not, but I know that dreams have helped me deal with this in an unambiguous and uncanny way.
For instance, when I `received` this dream , which I called `The Souls` Race`, I had been in a place, a mind-place, where I could hardly think of anything else. `Why has it to be all so unfair?`

And as it goes, a few nights later I got this `clarification` dream, a huge, HUGE `Teaching Dream`. It always baffles me how dreams are able to impart teachings in such way that they seep down under our skin in such unassuming and yet uncannily profound way.
How do `they` do it ? how do we do it ? Is it our brain, our subconscious, our Higher Self, is it God or the Angels, or is it our mind … but yet, what exactly IS our mind ?? Well, again and most unfortunately, I don’t know. But I know that when I get a dream like this, I feel like I KNOW (true capital letters).

I feel like I don’t have the answers, and yet I KNOW.

I KNOW somewhere else than my mind, I KNOW in a place inside me that I haven`t found yet, a place still mysterious and inaccessible yet to me.

My mission in life is to find this place of KNOWLEDGE, the place or part of me that KNOWS.

So, why do we suffer in such way? I asked.
And there in my head I heard it so very clearly ( right !…forgot to tell you that I hear voices in my head, lol!) … a quick and laconic answer:


Wow, that gave me pause. I think my heart skipped a beat. This statement alone had the power to stop my thinking process for a few moments.

We know Truth when we hear it. And yet … can we live without comparing ? Can we ?

If we didn’t know the others` lot, would we be more accepting of our own lot ? If  we could stop comparing what `others` have or what we had `before`,  could we finally concentrate on the joys hidden in this very moment of Life?

Does a plant in the desert long for a better life, does it long to live by a riverside
warm in the daytime cool at night   with a rainfall every week or so,
and butterflies or bees visiting her petal brows …..

But can we long for something we have never seen,
can we complain for having not                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              something we have never known to exist
Does a plant have its own world of dreams …….

But I digress… :-), here is the dream ! (excerpt from FOAL and the Angels):


“From above, Foal could see the sea and a large sandy beach. A race was going on. People were all racing on the sand toward the same goal, but in an odd way.
They were not starting all together, and in addition to that, each of them had to do some different steps and chores on the way to the goal.
Some of them had to pick up something with their mouth; others held a huge heavy package with both hands on their belly, while still others had their hands free and no burden at all. A few were holding strangely shaped objects and doing strange things that Foal didn’t fully understand.

Some others seemed to be bound together at the leg so they had to run in pairs, and some had to pick up something from the ground on the way to the finish line. But then some guys were running unencumbered and didn’t have to play any strange games.
Foal was baffled. It looked so unfair. The most amazing thing to him was that they were not even all starting at the same time. On top of that, a few looked like they started several yards ahead, and others began a few yards behind the starting line. Foal couldn’t understand the rules of this race. What kind of game was this? Was nobody there setting any decent rules?
Foal woke up bewildered an utterly incredulous. He knew what he had seen and understood what he had been shown, but he just could not accept it.

It represented a concept staggering to his mind and he felt himself rebelling against it.
`God! It is so unfair !`he exclaimed.”

Reflections :
Well, after this, FOAL goes on, recalcitrant and resisting as he was, being vastly lectured on life`s “unfairness” by the story-character of God Supreme, who literally gives him a great piece of His/Her Universal Mind ! 
But for the moment I`ll leave it at this. Wouldn’t want to spoil the book for you !;-)  (Please, please understand that I’m not trying to boost sales here. It is so totally not in my character and I am just teasing ;-).  No need for you to buy the book…that is ….unless you are truly interested in it)

Now, back to our reflections …                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                So, if we can’t have all the cake, the trick may lie in endeavoring to make our own little cake along the way, step by step, or baby-step by baby-step.

Some people have more, some people have less, or that`s how we see it.  But we all have our own gifts for sure. We must accept we are not all given the same things.  However, they can be improved on.

And THAT is the true beauty of it, that is what makes so precious whatever it is that we are given and why we should not belittle what we have.
Let`s cherish what we have, let’s not look at what is lacking, but what is so full there.  Yes! my mind says “Let us stop comparing!”…

Thinking about it doesn’t seem so difficult after all, and yet …. why does it prove to be such a huge trial ?



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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

8 comments on “We are not all given the same things~ The Souls’ Race dream

  1. I, too, have wondered why some have to struggle so hard to make their way in this world, while others are seemingly just given all that they need with no effort on their part. I have been known to tell young people, “life is unfair, and the sooner you accept it, the easier life will become”.
    It is what it is; I don’t compare what others have so much as how great their struggle compared with my own. It frustrates me so to watch some work hard for little, while others with an unwarranted sense of entitlement just put out their hands and take. But, what if those guys have it right? What if the universe gives us what we need and want, assuming we let it know what that is? Concentrate on lack and you will be given lack; concentrate on talents and gifts, and they will be given in plenty. I have always been given all that I need; what I want is up to me to attain.
    I never thought I had anything of value to offer this world, but I took one chance, one step, and look how far I have come. Look how far we have both come.

  2. Well, you have come far for sure, Rose ! i know this even without `knowing` you ;-), it just comes out of all of your writings. I am so glad that Marco `pushed` you to start a BLOG !!
    And yes, for me too, it was not so much about what others had , but about the struggle… the unfairness of the struggle 😉 … it is always about the struggle , right ?

  3. FOAL, I’ve always been uncomfortable with the concept “improved upon”. It seems so egocentric. When I was a child my family criticized me for modifying just about every toy or possession I had; “You are never satisfied” was a mantra. But, I wasn’t trying to improve as much as I was trying to explore, to see things in a different way, to find out what they were capable of beyond just being. I carried this into adulthood, buying cars that I could “work on” and avoiding those that were either too complicated for me or just did everything possible right from the start. When my daughter was young I bought her a series of books which allowed her to choose, part way into the story, which way it would go and follow it through to the logical end based on her choice. She could go back numerous times in the same book and carry it through differently each time. She has never forgotten those and often wishes she could find similar ones today. So, I don’t see change as improving as much as I see it as exploring. Sometimes the outcomes are not so great; but, that’s life.

  4. Marco, exploring is a word I adore !! It`s a word that should be more `explored ` 😉 !
    I understand what you are saying !
    Well, `explore` brings about growth , and that`s basically what I meant and what to me this life is about. Thanks again for always being there to read all my nonsense !

  5. i can answer this. it took me awhile to accept this. Karma, and the fact that we all are taught about the devil or evil. why does God not just pluck the Devil up and put an end to its life. well maybe that he is there for a reason, by saying God lets evil reign or The dark angel of Evil is strong is to limit God and God’s existence. it is like saying (from George Carlin bit) can God create a rock so big that God can not lift. a ridiculous question at best. but we put limits when we complain that the Devil is upon us. as immortal beings (as soul) you can not just tell soul that it is in time out and send it to a dark corner of the universe to think about the wrong choices they made. and we as people do not all graduate from our educational endeavors at the same time or go to same college or university or such along with the others. we go and do what interests us mostly and pursue that. this/these physical universes are our School for Soul, but unlike human school, there is no time limit on how long it takes to graduate. but i digress, all will find out the meaning of life in their own way, in their own time, and own path

  6. Michael, ” all will find out the meaning of life in their own way, in their own time, and own path” …i do believe this !! thank you for this profound comment ! in the book actually there is a kind of explanation on this by one of the protagonists God Supreme ( 😉 !!), maybe I`ll post it someday , you may like it (i hope !) !! Thanks indeed again !!

  7. Foal, there seems to be no solution offered other than accept. My question is how does one go about accepting? The answer that comes closest to healing me is that the ones that we are racing against are merely expressions of ourselves. We are experiencing as they are. There really isn’t anything to race for when we are ONE.

    • Gwen, i dont know how you found my Blog, but am very happy you did !
      I really like what you are saying and it also makes sense to me in an intuitive way.
      I guess then, that even comparing between our own aspects/expressions can be the cause of suffering .
      Accepting has come very difficult to me too, but possibly understanding is the very first step to reaching `the` accepting itself.
      Thank you so very much for your thoughts (and hope to see/hear you again in my other posts too 🙂 )

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