About Foal and the Angels


This blog is mainly about my experiences with dreams and astral projections (OBE), which led me to the writing of my first book FOAL and the Angels. But it`s a blog also filled with spiritual insights and inspirational quotes, although i like to `sprinkle` it from time to time with some poetry, videos and anything that comes to my fancy … we must find time to play too, right ? 😉Hope you can find things you can identify with and relate to, just as things new to you, that had never been in your share of experience before. 🙂


Foal and the Angels is the story of a Spiritual Awakening, a sort of intensive course of lessons received through dreams and insightful messages.Foal and the Angels is about a journey to understand the great wisdom hidden behind life.
Foal and the Angels
You may look at it as a fairy tale or an allegoric spiritual journey, or even just a metaphysical fancy, but to me it felt quite real.
Now what `real` means, …that is the question !
Nonetheless in my mind it was registered as a real experience, something actually happening in my life.
It is a story of how dreams and words heard in my head led me on a spiritual journey. and how important it is being in contact with our Inner Self (or however you want to call it) who is definitely trying to connect with us through dreams and intuitions.So now, a few resuming points about Foal :
1. Foal and the Angels has the build of a story, almost fictional, but it is actually personal experience.
The only difference is that this happened in the span of 5/6 years, but I had to try and `condense` it as if it had happened in a few weeks. Using fiction style to tell my own experience.
2. It is a kind of intensive course of wisdom, at least so it felt to me, which came through dreams, messages and voices.
I call it Angels` School.3. It is a journey of understanding and deep Wisdom, yet at the same time it is such an easy read !My greatest hope is that this can be easily read and loved not only by spiritually connected people, but also by the `layman`, and that this may be the beginning of an awakening for them too, as it was for me.I feel this need to put it out in the world, not because it is unique, which is not (all these things must have been said over and over again in the centuries), but because again, it is so un-academic in style, that just anybody, even teenagers, hopefully, could easily read it.Short, profound, easy, entertaining, this is what I tried to do with Foal.
Can’t be sure I succeeded, but I know you will be telling me that !!!

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10 comments on “About Foal and the Angels

  1. Thank you Lauren! glad it speaks to you ! Thank you for the follow! went to your site and realized we may have much in common indeed ! just started following you too and wanted to LIKE more of your posts but couldnt find the Like button. anyway i liked many of them !

  2. It is such a beautiful book. I don’t have it yet, but I could browse some pages on the net. I love the style, I think, it is a must to read book. I’ll definitly buy it. Thank you for writing such a deep and straightforward book on spiritual journeys

    • Khalid, thanks again ! glad you feel inspired by FOAL ! i was inspired too when i was writing it 🙂 !
      but wanted to tell you (so not to mislead you! ) that FOAL 1 is not about OBEs . It is basically the story of a young boy who has a thousand questions and asks God and the Angels, and gets his answers through dreams and messages.
      It may look like fiction, but it is all based on my personal experience. Actually i took great care in NOT changing anything, but just reporting everything as it happened (or how i felt it happened ;-))
      Now in FOAL 2, which i am writing now, i shall insert my OBEs experiences too and what they meant to me .
      If you ever get to read FOAL, i shall be very happy to know your thoughts!
      or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me ! ❤

    • Peter, it is me who should thank you for the great kindness of sharing it with your friends !
      It is truly truly appreciated ! 🙂
      My most heart-felt thanks !

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