God gives us talents to use them

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It must have been just a few seconds. More than a dream, this was a hypnogogic vision, short and blunt, but so instructive ( at that time didn’t even know the word `hypnogogic ` yet!).  It was the sort of rebuke that if somebody had told me, I wouldn’t even have cared to notice.  Yet, when shown to me in such way, I could not but stand corrected!

This is how dreams always talk to us and make us aware of what we need to work on.  Through beautiful and inspiring symbology, they gently or nightmarishly (according to the urgency of the matter in question) point out  what we  need to know most in that very moment of our life.

In my little personal experience, this happens all the time, from tiny insignificant matters to really big ones. It is actually one of the things I am most grateful for  in my life. I truly love this sort of beautiful `inter-dimensional` communication , although yes, I know, it is probably more like the Higher part of me talking to the smaller part of me 🙂

And to me this is absolutely fascinating.

From my Dream Journal:

March 4, 2010

In groggy-before-sleeping state I see a table with a vinyl sheet on it. The scene and colors are so clear. There are many beautiful cut-flowers on it. I approach the table, but instead of putting them in beautiful vases to decorate and brighten the room, I fold them up in this big vinyl sheet, wrap them up, and drag the sheet from above the table down onto the floor . I start walking around the room dragging it behind me, as if it was heavy baggage.

I walk around dragging on the floor behind me this sheet full of beautiful flowers . It looks so strange, unnatural.

And before I know, I am back to totally `awake` state.


Really got me pondering… Yet it was all very clear to me: I am being told that I am not using my talents.  I am not honoring them. At least, not nearly enough.

Rather than seeing all the beautiful things I could do with them, it looks like I feel they are just heavy baggage … Why am I dragging  beautiful talents and gifts from God  all wrapped up and on the floor… ?without using them… what a shame… such waste. Wonder if it is telling me about sharing the messages of the dreams …



Must not forget about this.

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding


DSC_2136 PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH http://www.rachelburchphotography.com/


“A Very Special Interview With Foal” by Nick Wale

You may or may not know this, but “Foal and the Angels” is now on sale. I wanted to get an interview with Foal and show you why this book is a must-buy for your Kindle. Now, I’m not going to give you a sales speech here, I just think you should read the interview and make up your own mind. “Foal and the Angels” is about a journey to understand the great wisdom hidden behind life. Through a series of dreams and insightful messages that provide Foal with some pretty intensive lessons, the mystery of life unravels, and he shares these spiritual discoveries with other seekers.

Q) How would you describe “FOAL and the Angels” in two sentences?

A) It is the story of a boy who has a hundred thousand questions and wants to contact God and the Angels. He receives his answers through incredibly vivid dreams and Angels’ voices. It’s a short fairytale but full of grace and wisdom from beginning to end.

Q) How long did it take you to write to write “FOAL and the Angels?”

A) Well, the dreams and messages were received and typed down in the span of 6 years, but after deciding to write the book, it took me one and a half years.

Q) So, what purpose did you have in mind when you wrote “FOAL and the Angels?”

A) It felt as if I was on a mission. I knew I had to write everything down as it happened, and most of all I knew I had to share with the world these beautiful teachings. They could not be meant for me only. It would make no sense, you see. I could feel the potential of great healing and the potential for inner growth contained in these messages, and I wanted just everyone to have a chance to be exposed to such beauty/wisdom.

Q) If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a lot of people—what would that message be?

A) Nowadays, people tend to feel lonely or they believe they are alone in their inner struggles. I want to tell them that this is far from the truth. We are never alone. Angels/entities/energies/guides, people who passed on or whatever more exotic or fancy names you opt to choose ….other layers of dimensions are literally filled with them, and they constantly look over us and help us strive to finish what we promised ourselves to do here, before incarnating. Well, at least this is my personal view, based on my own experiences in the astral.

Q) Do you ask yourself questions or do you settle for what you know?

A) Well, since the `hero` FOAL is basically me, when you read it, you will see how I do ask many questions, and when I cannot answer them myself, I try to ask… `the Guys above`!! That is basically the story of FOAL and the Angels.

Q) When it’s all said and done—will you have said more or done more?

A) Actually neither. Not in FOAL 1, at least. I think FOAL 1 starts and ends beautifully, meaning this not in a self-praising way, but rather that in the story, there is a thread that starts and ends in a meaningful, `conclusive` way. There were many more experiences I would have liked to share, but they would have been redundant in the story of the first book. Since it is a series, I felt there was no need to rush or to jam too much in one tiny book. The rest will come as it will…!

Q) Which activities make you lose track of time?

A) After a beautiful or insightful dream, I can’t refrain myself from going back to it with my mind, trying to re-live those beautiful moments or trying to understand more fully all the profound teachings I know are in there, although I can’t grasp them all. So I do spend hours thinking about my dreams and their meanings, the messages that are hidden in there, a real treasure chest of truly beautiful and eye-opening insights, and I get so absorbed that I totally lose track of time. Completely lost in astral space, you might say.

Q) What’s your single greatest moment of personal failure? Looking back on it now, did it make you weaker or stronger? What did you learn?

A) My greatest moment of personal failure is something so private, because it concerns one of my kids, that I cannot talk about it here. Nevertheless, I can tell you that yes, I did learn a lot . I don’t know if it made me stronger , but it was a huge incentive for spiritual growth.

Q) Joy is found with simple awareness. What does your joy look like today?

A) My joy is in the tiniest moments of life, in the great happiness I derive from simple moments of love in the family, simple acts or words of appreciation and esteem with friends, or being in communication with nature, with pets and animals in general, and of course with the Angels of my dreams. Really, I don`t believe in a `big` happiness. For me, joy resides in the very, very small, but permeates all.

Q) If your life was a novel, what would be the title and how would your story end?

A) The title? FOAL and the Angels!! The end?? With my being re-born in next dimension of life, unfortunately and unwisely called, for the most part, death.



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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

How do we transform our FEAR ? The three big dinosaur-crocodile parable-dream

IMG_3144-001PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH http://www.rachelburchphotography.com/

 AS THERE ARE DEFINING MOMENTS IN OUR LIVES, THERE ARE DEFINING MOMENTS IN OUR DREAMS. This was a very particular dream, very vivid in details, and with a story that I could not forget. And this dream marked a massive `defining` moment for me, the moment when something clicked inside that made me able to change perception so effortlessly, thus bringing about a huge change of heart.  My whole perspective changed in the span of a second, and by this experience only, I know that my soul made a step further in its evolutionary growth.

This `transforming our fear` concept/insight ..…well, had I read this in a book or had I heard it said and explained in a workshop, the `aha` moment would have been so much more unconvincing. Possibly just one of the many intellectual concepts that I could agree on. Just that.  It would not have made a big impact on my life, mainly because it would have probably stayed on the surface of my intellectual mind without going any deeper.

But in a dream, when the teaching is embodied in an actual experience which is lived from the inside out , well, that is a totally different story . And its message reaches such depths intellectual concepts have no hope to ever attain . Dreams are indeed the ultimate state-of-the-art Teachers, at least for me!


February 24, 2010     6-7 am.

The three crocodiles

I find myself in a desolate, bleak, deserted place.

For some reason, I am a man.

I see in the distance three colossal DINOSAUR-CROCODILES chasing people. They are really huge and people are terrified. Everybody is running around trying to escape. I get scared too, and as I see them come closer, I fear for my life and run.

I run away and hide in this little wooden hut with a few wooden steps outside. In front of the door there is a small sort of patio-veranda.

I get inside but feel terrified, so I rush to go lock the door.

But as I do so, I hear noises outside and realize that one of the crocodiles is already right in front of my door. I stiffen in panic. There is nowhere I can run. My mind is totally overwhelmed with fear.

Then, all of a sudden, a change of heart simply `happens` inside me …

I see the futility of it all, and open the door.

The crocodile has turned into a big mean-looking man.

 I invite him in and he sits on a wooden chair in front of this little wooden table inside my hut. In a corner of my mind, I still wonder whether it will end OK ( like in me not being `eaten up` 🙂 ), but the feeling is definitely not scary anymore; I feel strangely detached and somehow in control.

I ask him if I can offer him anything to eat or drink.

Most incredibly, he very humbly says that Yes, he is thirsty and hungry and that he truly appreciates my offering. He actually thanks me !!!

The me in the dream seems to take this very nonchalantly, but the observing me is dumbfounded.

I HAD TRANFORMED MY FEAR ! and it had been so easy…why didn’t I see it before? And how did that moment of clarity `happen` ? what brought it forth so suddenly?

 … How could the change of heart happen in one tiny second without any rational thoughts to set it off ?

WOW! Talk of transformation !

 I woke up in an exhilarant mood and started going over and over again all the details in the dream.


 I know what the dream is telling me, that I have to learn to face and confront my fears. If I keep running away, my fears will keep chasing me .

In a way, this dream shows me how by a simple change of perception, my whole world changes … well actually, how I experience the world changes.

Wow… in this sense I am indeed the creator of my experience, the creator of my world. So dumbfounding.

It is about action rather than reaction. The important thing is to be consciously acting in life rather than unconsciously re-acting to stimulations.

I guess that whenever I feel fear inside, I need to take a step back and observe the scene more objectively, I need to feel more detached and let Compassion take over.

This dream also shows me how useless it is to worry, given that it won’t change my predicament.  On the other hand, I must honestly admit that even if in this moment I seem to `get` it, come another scary experience and I will probably feel the Fear again.

Nevertheless, I also know that a little `shift` has occurred inside of me for sure.  I know that I am not who I was before this dream. So step by step, I will try to keep this in mind and exercise myself in the practice of `transforming my fear`.

 And even if I cannot suppose to be the perfect student, I UNDERSTAND THEIR TEACHINGS AND I VALUE THEIR WISDOM.

Yes, I get it, without fear I would have a totally different perception of the world.

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

`The white crane who doesn`t know it can fly`, a parable-dream

Lory Flies W CranePAINTING BY ANDY BOERGER    website: http://andysart-andyboerger.blogspot.com/

MAYBE WE ALL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL CRANE INSIDE THAT DOESN`T KNOW IT CAN FLY …… this dream showed me how more often than not we are unaware of our hidden powers, the power to see through the illusion, the power to soar high in our spiritual growth, the power to rise way beyond limitations and restrictions of any sort, or maybe the power to travel through other dimensions in a conscious dream or out-of-body.

There are so many hidden gifts inside us that we are not aware of . Maybe this dream is just about this, teaching us/me how to trust our intrinsic powers, our innate capabilities, how to believe we can actually do very easily what we think we can`t, simply because WE CAN in the first place….. WE JUST DON`T REMEMBER !
I really hope this dream means something to you too, because the message in there is certainly meant not for me only !!


December 18, 2012 (my Mother`s passing`s sixth anniversary)

I`m looking at a beach with weeds and small bushes here and there, and some small, but predatory, animals hidden in there.
There is a white crane standing.
A few meters away, a man holding by the hand a small child is looking at it….
He is worried of possible dangers hidden in the weeds. He wants it to fly to safety, but doesn’t want to scare it himself, so he just stands there worrying.
The crane doesn’t know it can fly.
I decide to take action and help.
I approach her, make eye-connection to catch her attention and then run ahead of her flapping my arms wildly.
I flap and flap and flap, and next thing I know, I am flying horizontally about one meter or so above the ground. I actually took off!! I am slightly surprised. I look back at the crane.
She seems to get the message and starts flying my way.
As she gets close, she says to me “ARIGATOU” (which in Japanese means `Thank you`) and flies away.
I woke up happy. But my arms were sore !!! for too much flapping !  incredible! Had I been thrashing in my bed ?? or was it my etheric body feeling so physical ??
(PS I looked much younger in the dream, like a teenager.  And the crane felt it was a She)

At first I thought I was helping a bird to fly, but maybe not.
Maybe the crane is me, one part of me. She is supposed to fly, she has the power to fly, but it looks as if she doesn’t get it, and it`s standing still on the ground.

The man with a child, just standing and looking. He could be another part of me. The `family person` part of me. I can easily identify, actually. Worry worry worry about everybody`s wellbeing, but that doesn`t take me anywhere (the man was just standing still and worrying).

The young me in the dream could be another aspect of me. A younger me, more spontaneous, free-thinking, and acting on intuition or more connected to a Higher Consciousness (Inner Child??). This young part of me doesn’t waste time  and does the only thing in her power to help, that is, show the bird how to do it. It doesn’t matter that she herself can`t fly. She does her best . Her best (imitating a crane`s flight) turns out to be enough.

So, to sum it up:

The Divine part of me, the White Crane, is stuck on the ground, because it doesn’t acknowledge its powers.
The adult part of me (the man with the child), engrossed in daily preoccupations, doesn’t seem to help at all.
The Inner Child in me (the teenager me, watching the scene) goes for it and inspires the Divine Crane to fly, just by imitating it.

I guess some of my friends or Family “ Up There” are sending me a message : “Time to fly!!”

And they are showing me how. Just by flapping my arms, little by little … flap your arms, flap your arms.
Do the small things, the things you can, with focus and in repetition, and you`ll get there. Keep running, go ahead, and you will lift off the ground effortlessly.

Start by imitating, start by believing you can, at least go through the motions, start by playing with the feeling of the wonderful possibility opening itself to you.



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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

If you love Me, you cannot but see Me (excerpt from `FOAL and the Angels`)

FoalFoto2PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH http://www.rachelburchphotography.com/

“Foal, take note of this.

To love Me is to see Me everywhere.

In every ray, in every speck of dust, in every smile, in every tear, in every face.

If you love Me, you cannot but see Me.

Now Foal, you have to write this and spread it to the world, for there is hunger and there is thirst . . . the world is famished for My Word.

This kind of hunger is buried deep, and it goes unnoticed until it explodes within and makes hearts crave.

Hearts pulsate again filled with longing, alive and conscious once more.”

Feeling overwhelmed and a little sullen, Foal muttered under his breath, “And You really think I can do this?”

“You will try and you will see and you will know.

The Words of God have a long way to go.”

And so God Supreme, chuckling to Himself, was gone, once again, somewhere, and Foal didn’t know how to follow.

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

“Your job is to remember, to learn to remember, just that.” (excerpt from FOAL and the Angels)

FoalFoto3 PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH http://www.rachelburchphotography.com/

When I woke up after this dream I was amazed, if not stunned, by the enormity and complexity of the knowledge passed on.
My mind was in a whirlpool, ooohhhh `ing at every bit of the dream I remembered.
And beside the great discovery of the importance of emotions, I felt particularly intrigued and bewildered by the fact that in the span of possibly a few minutes, I had “LIVED” 3 or 4 lives. Like in really `lived`.
But how can I put this experience into words? Because `experience` it was !
It is not possible to express the impossible by human standards.
But since this was one of the most profound dreams I ever had, of course I had to insert it in the story of FOAL and the Angels. Yet although I really tried to express it the best I could, I know that I was not able to give it justice. To give it justice, you`d have to multiply the intensity and profundity of my words by one thousand! 🙂
P.S. In this excerpt of course the subject would be not me, but `he`, that is FOAL, but, as for the rest, I reported the dream exactly as it was. To the tiniest iota !! 🙂


He was suspended in space, watching this peculiar scene unfolding in front of his eyes in such strange landscape the like of which he had never seen before.
There were these two planes where the action was taking place. One was the “above” plane, like a station platform for arrivals and departures, and the other, the “below” plane, like possibly the Earth plane.
There were many tiny black dots coming and going from one plane to the other in a very busy way, coming and going, coming and going.
He knew he was one of the dots and that all of them, after duly receiving instructions, were kind of diving into this `below` place down there.
Foal could not see who was giving the instructions , but he knew they were the Big Teachers.
When his turn came, they explained to him how once `down there`, his job was to remember, to learn to remember, just that.

They went on warning they will send experience after experience to help him remember, and if he didn`t, they will keep sending the same experience all over again, till he did.

The little dot that was Foal felt certain he had understood all and was quite confident he could do this. Consequently he dived in, incarnating in a life again.
Once there, the little dot did get his share of `experience` , pretty heavy stuff indeed, but felt sure he had managed to learn and remember. He was actually proud he had been able to do his job as told.

Quite happy with himself he went back `Up-there`, and after a short while was sent into another life again.
This time the little dot that was Foal felt pretty cozy and smug inside, knowing that he had overcome the learning `experience` and was looking forward to having an easier life this time around.

But lo and behold! he gets himself exactly the same experience he had thought he had already mastered.
He is so disappointed and surprised at the same time, and cannot understand why.
He had definitely remembered to remember, he felt he had learned his lesson, he had gone through all the hardships and seen through them…. WHY ??
Why did he have to go through it all again ? It was totally unfair.
So when it was his time to go back `Up there` again, he rushed to his teachers and protested :
“I did all you told me to do, why did you send me the same experience all over again ?”

And so the Teachers told him :
“But you have to say it. You have to say it out loud.”

So the poor little dot dived in there again and had to go through the same experience once more, but this time he was furiously thinking and repeating to himself as if in a craze :
“ I have to say it out loud, I have to say it out loud, must remember to say it out loud, otherwise it will happen again, I don`t want it to happen again, I don`t want it to happen again !” and then he shouted, “I learned my lesson well !!”

The watching Foal could not help but laugh.
“It is so totally hilarious watching myself from above “he thought. He considered how the little dot was himself all right, but also how from this vantage point he felt some sort of distance , of space that gave him clarity.
Yet the little dot that was Foal, well, wasn`t he serious about it !!

As his time came and he had to go back “Up there” again, he ran to the Teachers and blurted out in one big breath
“ I learned, I learned my lesson well !
I learned how it is the power of experience and pain that helps us remember, no, no, rather the Power of Emotions most of all.
YES, this is what we have to learn…the Power that strong emotions generate brings us to final understanding and remembering.

And still quite breathless, Foal woke up.
Wow …this Angels` School was getting tough.
His head was in a whirlpool once again, as he was trying to make order of all the various insights flushing simultaneously his mind . His head felt tightly packed with new understandings and totally nebulous at the same time.

Then for an instant the smoggy clouds in his head parted and he saw it. Since the very first, the Angels and God Supreme Himself had been constantly asking him to state his questions out loud, just as the Teachers in the dream had instructed him to do.
Got it, he thought.
For whatever reason, it seems it is of the utmost importance to do so…
Very good to know ! it would spare him quite a few trials , but still he couldn`t grasp the reason why.
“Must remember to ask about this next time I have a chance to”, mused Foal.

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding