“You shall deserve…..

Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels

“The meaning of deserving is human made; the meaning of reward is earth-bound.
When you get there, you will have transcended the concept of reward; you will be beyond the concept of merit.
You will feel the perfection and the ease and the peace.
Love is the ultimate perfection of you.
Lacking nothing, exceeding nothing … perfect in its Being. ” (Archangel Michael)

4 comments on ““You shall deserve…..

    • Thank you Marco ! your words have a power to always move me deeply, although I dont know if i really `deserve` them 🙂 .
      Talking of `deserving`, you know, this quote of FOAL and the Angels came actually with a message saying how `deserving` is a human concept only, and `earth-bound` (actually i should have posted the rest of the message too ! mmm, thinking about it…maybe I`ll add/edit a few lines 😉 )
      And as for the typhoon, i think we should be OK, it is not as strong as it was before, thank you for your concern and always for your comments !

  1. Knowing you, even though it is just through these pages, has added much joy to my life. I wish for you the happiness you have made available for those of us who have come to care for you, and call you friend. Rose

  2. Rose, your feeling is so appreciated and so reciprocated too !! ❤
    Actually, it was a JOY that Marco made possible and spread around himself so generously that we all came to know each other !! Forever grateful !
    I care for you and I call you friend ! 🙂 Thank YOU !

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