Our minds must sacrifice greatly, so they crystallize. And here comes the dream…to de-crystallize


Can I talk some more about dreams? Then, sure, I`ll go back to my OBEs, but dreams is something I have given a LOT of thought to.

They intrigue me, and make me wonder about their nature, their language, their message, their divinity. It’s such an incredible form of communication and such a valuable guidance system. Every morning gratitude for this great gift springs out of my heart.

Dreaming is universal. It occurs in all persons of any age, sex, religion, country or nationality, and in a language that is specifically and uniquely pertinent to that very person and that person only. So yes, I firmly believe the best interpreter of a dream is the very dreamer himself/herself.

Dreams have this peculiarity of seeming to be aware of our inner thoughts, our most intimate details, and our oldest memories. They know all about us and despite the fact that they are on `our ` side (meaning trying to help us), they will give us a very objective perspective of our situation.

 Trust the dreams to tell you what you don`t want to know !!  (But what you actually need to know!!!)

We know from scientific experiments that dreams are a necessity to our wellbeing and balance of mind, but – and this never ceases to amaze me- it seems to be a necessity not attached to the prerequisite of being understood or even remembered by us. I mean, we may not be aware of our dreams, we may not even remember them, nor have a clue at what they mean. But in spite of all this, we need to dream . If deprived of dreaming humans seem to be bound to become very neurotic, disturbed persons.

Humans cannot live without sleep as Soul cannot live without dreaming. Dreaming is when our Soul wishes to roam about free again, and it leaves our body. Soul, being Spirit and thence freedom, longs for that very freedom and chooses to take relief in the multi-dimensions of dreams. Sleep and dreams are the needed valves of release from pent-up energies that have been accumulated in years and years, and maybe , lives and lives.

It is the fastest, easiest way known to any human being, even to the least enlightened one, to connect into Source, to connect with his True Inner Self. It is a gift bestowed upon all. What a gift !

Our Soul needs rest from our body and bodily restrictions. It needs an `escape out` for just a little while. In dreams it`s as if the Portals open up inside us. There are so many and so different types of Portals, as there are so many different dimensions. This shifting from one dimension to the other is so simple and boundary-less during dreams, that we all should be really, really astonished at its awesomeness and simplicity at the same time. It happens without the least effort, without us asking for it, and it happens to everybody !

DREAMS ARE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCES. It does feel like there are dimensions and sub-dimensions in the dreaming journey we take every night. At least, so it seems to me ,and it fascinates me.

And besides, as I mentioned above, it is also an extremely efficient way for Communication.  The one that connects us to the World of the Soul. A direct unconscious line to the Source.  Thanks to this connection, the dream dimension is indeed  the great inspirational source of the Human Soul,  oftentimes wrongly attributed to great insights of the Mind.

Great music, breakthroughs, innovative thinking , miracles and so on, are mostly born out of these sleep-dream dimensions and the abundance of inspirations that we can harvest there. So next time that we are about to say `Oh, no big deal, it was just a dream…`, let`s remember this : the dreaming time is absolutely necessary for our Soul. 🙂


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6 comments on “Our minds must sacrifice greatly, so they crystallize. And here comes the dream…to de-crystallize

  1. We have 4-7 REM episodes per night. If they are disrupted for 4 days/nights in a row, we can (temporarily) become schizophrenic. Being deprived of sleep long enough can actually kill a person.

  2. Well done, FOAL. I was in college when I first learned that many people dreamed in black and white. I could not even imagine it. I began to wonder if it was an artifact of growing up with black and white television, but I remember dreams from before I was five years old that were in vivid color.

    During an assignment in the military I went with just snatches of sleep for 72 hours. Toward the end I really and truly began to hallucinate.

    • Right, Marco !! me too! It came as such a huge surprise when i first heard that many people dream in black and white.
      I had assumed it was the same for everybody, that is, that everybody could see the beautiful colors that i see in dreams.
      And some dreams or OBEs in particular displayed such vividness and aliveness of colors that I was left speechless.
      Always wondered …how do colors get that beautiful in dreams ? 😉 !

  3. I thought I had read all of your posts, but here is a new one for me. I find something to love every time I visit your blog, and this is certainly no exception. So much insight and wisdom packed into so few words!

    I, too, am an avid dreamer; taking time each morning to seek out the meaning of those dreams I remember. Sometimes a cigar is just a smoke (Freud?), but sometimes there is great meaning hidden within the dreams. As you say, it is our soul’s way of communicating with us, letting us vent our worries and perhaps offering solutions. The best of them show me life as I wish it could be.

    It always jars me to be awakened in the middle of a dream; it actually makes me angry, as if something precious has been stolen from me. It has been more than a decade now, but there was a short period in which my son would knock on my bedroom window in the middle of the night, awakening me from my sleep and dreams with that frightful sound. I will never forget the terror that brought into my life; I am forever changed by it. He is forgiven, but Spirit never forgets.

    Thank you again for such thought provoking words. Rose

    • Oh Rose, I love avid dreamers !!! and I love to talk to them !! It feels like we speak the same language ❤
      And you say "It always jars me to be awakened in the middle of a dream; it actually makes me angry, as if something precious has been stolen from me" haha I could have written this myself ,or haven`t I ?? 😉
      I do relate , especially the something precious being taken away !
      But nowadays it is our doggie Mikie who more often than not jumps on the bed to lick my face and wake me up. And despite the shock of coming so abruptly back to another world (this world lol), I can only kiss him (funny, but I would have probably not been so nice with my daughters 😉 ) . Nonetheless, I do try to take paper and pen to jut down those few tiny dream snippets that still flirt around in my mind.

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