How Many Me-s in the Astral ?

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I would like to call attention to the fact that both in dreams and OBEs, at least for me, there seems to be almost always a watching me and an acting me. Well, actually and to be precise, there are many more MEs than I could reckon. Let me explain.

In a dream, the easier count would be: the sleeping me, the dreaming me, the watching me and the acting me. But why do I have this feeling that there are many more?
For instance, I was dreaming once that I fell asleep in a car and had a dream (in the car), in fact a precognitive dream that told me what the end of the dream would be. So should I also count the sleeping me and the dreaming me inside the dream…??
That is a crowd, you say, (for sure), but somehow, and incredibly so, it does totally corroborate my experiences in the astral.

Apart from the fact that it can be a little confusing, it is, on the other hand, also great food for thought. We are definitely not what we think we are, and definitely not just what we see with our physical eyes. We are truly multi-dimensional beings !

Now, if we want to talk more specifically of the various me-s during an OBE, I must first draw your attention to the fact that in a way, it feels like there is some sort of `aware` distance between them … like, despite being different bodies, they are kind of aware of each other.
What I noted is that there is at least a me SLEEPING, a me ACTING, a me OBSERVING and also a me KNOWING IT IS ASLEEP (…at least one of us is certainly asleep, but which me it is, I am afraid I am not sure anymore…).

As I mentioned in other posts, when I find myself out-of-body, I tend to act as this fierce and focused being that I call Big/She/Crazy/Me, because from the `observing-tiny-me` view-point, she truly acts in baffling ways and does things I would not care to do. She mystifies me and at times scares me with her boldness.
She seems to have this knack for behaving in an utterly perplexing, crazy, daring and un-sensible manner most of the times. And she freaks me out. She does. She does, because she seems to be on this mission of looking around for ghostly-negative-energies in the astral, challenging them out and thrashing them, if they don’t accept to go to the Light.
So can you see now how for one like me, who had never believed in ghosts, this kind of behavior is totally horrifying? (although later on, I must admit it `saved` me many times, but this is another story for another time)

Invariably, the more `normal` and commonsensical observing-tiny-me, who – in spite of itself – has to witness all of her `big` antics, grows perturbed and wants to wake up before, you know, things start to turn reeeaally bad … like really, really bad ! 🙂

Many times I found myself squirming/observing and worrying myself to death, yelling at her in my mind : “What are you doing? don’t mess with them ! let them be! are you out of your mind??…are you out of your mind??? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND ???”

Yes, hilarious as it may sound, I find myself yelling at her `ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?` while I am actually `OUT OF MY BODY`…………………………..
( lol, what is left of me ??… 🙂 )

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10 comments on “How Many Me-s in the Astral ?

  1. Well said! I have never been able to articulate this aspect of OBEs very well… but I experience it all the time. For example, during my OBE where I met my daughter when I was in the first trimester, I was aware that I was “out of body” but also playing the role of Eden’s mother in the setting to go along with the scene. I wasn’t aware of many more “Me’s” than that but I can’t articulate this very well when I am writing about it. It is frustrating! There are so many layers of awareness manifesting during these experiences. And we are used to only being aware of one! (And occasionally tuning into the witness of the one).

  2. Thank you for this right-to-the-point comment ! I started to become aware of this especially during dreams. Then I noticed that something similar occurred during the out-of-body-experiences too, but in a slightly different way.
    As you justly point out, maybe it is not only `different me-s`, but also the so very many layers of awareness manifesting.

  3. Thank you, Foal. You have described the At-Onceness I experienced in my first few Sympathetic Death Experiences, wherein I accompanied someone who was in fact dying. And, look deeply into Buddhist mysticism and you will find the Big Me and the Little Me well described. In these experiences you are reaching Buddhahood. Embrace them in your everyday life. Marco

  4. Thank you Marco, for this incredibly profound comment. I am touched and intrigued by what you say regarding Buddhahood. I had no idea that in Buddhist mysticism the Big Me and Little Me issues were addressed. Must check it out !! any particular book you may like to recommend ?

  5. FOAL, Several of the books by Alan Watts address the Big and little Me. Also, the book, Awakening the Buddha Within. Of course, my all time favorite is: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

  6. here is what I have learned over many years, and different sources that the observer is you (as soul) the other selves is our outer coverings that are required to be in these physical universes. as the dense vibrations in the physical realms is harsh for souls, so it needs these coverings to be here. that is what i have learned so far

  7. Michael, thanks ! yes, it does make sense and i think this is also what i sort of gathered from my little experience too. So good to have kindred souls to share all this with !!! Thank you always for your inputs !!

  8. there is only one of you. you as “soul” are an individualized, specialized, unique, atom/child of God. As we living in these gross/material bodies needs clothing to protect us from harsh weather conditions. so too does “soul” cover itself with coverings to protect it from the dense vibrations of these physical universes. you would not walk about in a bathing suit in the Arctic with the temperatures at minus 0 degrees, you would freeze solid. and the harsh vibrations here would harm (not kill) soul in living within these vibrations, so we take on the necessary coverings to correspond with the vibrations. we as soul can observe ourselves within these coverings (making it appear to be more than one of us), but in actuality it is only “soul” looking upon the situations. there are more reasons than this for all the coverings, but this too you must learn and understand before moving on down the road to the “kingdom”/heavens of God where we take up our inheritance and become co-workers with our “father’ in his kingdom

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