“Your job is to remember, to learn to remember, just that.” (excerpt from FOAL and the Angels)

FoalFoto3 PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH http://www.rachelburchphotography.com/

When I woke up after this dream I was amazed, if not stunned, by the enormity and complexity of the knowledge passed on.
My mind was in a whirlpool, ooohhhh `ing at every bit of the dream I remembered.
And beside the great discovery of the importance of emotions, I felt particularly intrigued and bewildered by the fact that in the span of possibly a few minutes, I had “LIVED” 3 or 4 lives. Like in really `lived`.
But how can I put this experience into words? Because `experience` it was !
It is not possible to express the impossible by human standards.
But since this was one of the most profound dreams I ever had, of course I had to insert it in the story of FOAL and the Angels. Yet although I really tried to express it the best I could, I know that I was not able to give it justice. To give it justice, you`d have to multiply the intensity and profundity of my words by one thousand! 🙂
P.S. In this excerpt of course the subject would be not me, but `he`, that is FOAL, but, as for the rest, I reported the dream exactly as it was. To the tiniest iota !! 🙂


He was suspended in space, watching this peculiar scene unfolding in front of his eyes in such strange landscape the like of which he had never seen before.
There were these two planes where the action was taking place. One was the “above” plane, like a station platform for arrivals and departures, and the other, the “below” plane, like possibly the Earth plane.
There were many tiny black dots coming and going from one plane to the other in a very busy way, coming and going, coming and going.
He knew he was one of the dots and that all of them, after duly receiving instructions, were kind of diving into this `below` place down there.
Foal could not see who was giving the instructions , but he knew they were the Big Teachers.
When his turn came, they explained to him how once `down there`, his job was to remember, to learn to remember, just that.

They went on warning they will send experience after experience to help him remember, and if he didn`t, they will keep sending the same experience all over again, till he did.

The little dot that was Foal felt certain he had understood all and was quite confident he could do this. Consequently he dived in, incarnating in a life again.
Once there, the little dot did get his share of `experience` , pretty heavy stuff indeed, but felt sure he had managed to learn and remember. He was actually proud he had been able to do his job as told.

Quite happy with himself he went back `Up-there`, and after a short while was sent into another life again.
This time the little dot that was Foal felt pretty cozy and smug inside, knowing that he had overcome the learning `experience` and was looking forward to having an easier life this time around.

But lo and behold! he gets himself exactly the same experience he had thought he had already mastered.
He is so disappointed and surprised at the same time, and cannot understand why.
He had definitely remembered to remember, he felt he had learned his lesson, he had gone through all the hardships and seen through them…. WHY ??
Why did he have to go through it all again ? It was totally unfair.
So when it was his time to go back `Up there` again, he rushed to his teachers and protested :
“I did all you told me to do, why did you send me the same experience all over again ?”

And so the Teachers told him :
“But you have to say it. You have to say it out loud.”

So the poor little dot dived in there again and had to go through the same experience once more, but this time he was furiously thinking and repeating to himself as if in a craze :
“ I have to say it out loud, I have to say it out loud, must remember to say it out loud, otherwise it will happen again, I don`t want it to happen again, I don`t want it to happen again !” and then he shouted, “I learned my lesson well !!”

The watching Foal could not help but laugh.
“It is so totally hilarious watching myself from above “he thought. He considered how the little dot was himself all right, but also how from this vantage point he felt some sort of distance , of space that gave him clarity.
Yet the little dot that was Foal, well, wasn`t he serious about it !!

As his time came and he had to go back “Up there” again, he ran to the Teachers and blurted out in one big breath
“ I learned, I learned my lesson well !
I learned how it is the power of experience and pain that helps us remember, no, no, rather the Power of Emotions most of all.
YES, this is what we have to learn…the Power that strong emotions generate brings us to final understanding and remembering.

And still quite breathless, Foal woke up.
Wow …this Angels` School was getting tough.
His head was in a whirlpool once again, as he was trying to make order of all the various insights flushing simultaneously his mind . His head felt tightly packed with new understandings and totally nebulous at the same time.

Then for an instant the smoggy clouds in his head parted and he saw it. Since the very first, the Angels and God Supreme Himself had been constantly asking him to state his questions out loud, just as the Teachers in the dream had instructed him to do.
Got it, he thought.
For whatever reason, it seems it is of the utmost importance to do so…
Very good to know ! it would spare him quite a few trials , but still he couldn`t grasp the reason why.
“Must remember to ask about this next time I have a chance to”, mused Foal.

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

4 comments on ““Your job is to remember, to learn to remember, just that.” (excerpt from FOAL and the Angels)

  1. I can relate strongly to this experience. I strive to remember and recall but it is often given to me or retrieved by me in flashes or pics rather than streaming video. At about age 6 I recall standing in my front yard one Summer morning and looking up to the Sun. I “knew” what it was like (in general) before I was born, to live one’s dreams and desires in “heaven”. I knew that I/we have the experiences that our heart desires, we write the script, we choose the lessons, etc. Yes, we also have guidance and more from angels. When it was time to “come down” into another incarnation, I know I entered into some agreement or arrangement, a life plan. This memory was the “issue” I had that day when looking up at the Sun, in that I was not so happy with the life situation in which I was placed. My thought were, “I did NOT sign up for THIS!” -I had loving parents and a brother and sister that were also loving, and friends, so it wasn’t that. It was about accomplishing my life purpose that was lacking. I could not accept that THIS was IT, and my question was, “When and how will I be able to get going on ‘the plan’ that was so carefully laid out for this life?!” I was pissed off at God or the angels or whoever screwed up and put me in Billings Montana in the 1950’s to languish. -I think it was soon after this that I had a dream 2-3 times of my guides showing my a long line of my past lives, which scared the heck out of me at that age! -Since then I have remembered a lot but I have a lot yet to remember. I DO get a lot from recall of my lucid dreams or astral experiences. I think it comes as we can appreciate and use it. I often have a dream again and during it I recognize it and say to myself, “OK, remember it this time, there is a lesson or information you need from this.” -Remember to remember!!!

    • I too had loving parents and a good house, but never felt like i belonged in Italy either, just had to get out. But i know that that part of my life built the very foundations of who I am now, although so much has changed…mainly myself ! 🙂 !

      So i dare assume your Montana period must have had some important meaning for you too. (just guessing !)
      By the way Dale, was wondering, when did it start for you the unfolding of the greater contract ?

      Now, as for me and this incredible dream i had , the remembering part felt more not about the details of many various lives, but rather as the moment when we realize internally that we can self-realize (pun intended !).Tthat we have the power of sel-realization inside, which is the ultimate `Remember`.

      And what you just wrote `Remember to remember` is exactly how i felt in the dream and how i feel now. Thank you so much for always taking the time for my posts !
      P.S. By the way, there was a time in my life , some 18 years ago, when i too got really angry at God…! so happy He/She doesn`t hold grudges !! 🙂 )

  2. In his book, The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot explains how each “thing”, no matter how small, is a holograph therefore containing everything at once. So, in keeping with quantum mechanics, time – and therefore “past lives” – is an illusion. This is now becoming accepted in physics as “quantum entanglement”. In his book on St. Francis of Assisi Nikos Kazantzakis has Francis tell this story: “A man lived a church approved pious life, died, and went before the Gates of Heaven where he knocked to be let in. A voice asked, ‘Who is there?” He answered, ‘It is I, Lord” and he was immediately hurled back into another earthly life. He was even more churchly pious in this life, and died, going before the Gates again but sure this time he would get in. The Voice asked, and he confidently answered ‘It is I, Lord’ and was hurled back again. On his third life he lived in meditation and kindness to all forms of life, and died. This time before the Gates, the Voice asked and he answered, “It is Thou, Lord’ and the Gates immediately opened.
    Perhaps “remembering” is really “realization” – the “awakening” of the Buddha within. Marco

  3. I so agree with you Marco ! and what a wonderful little piece of wisdom that story you shared !
    It sums it all !! and in a way it does get the feel of this dream so well.
    Which is …Until we learn our lesson, we are not allowed back home and have to come again and again into our `illusion` !

    Can`t thank you enough for this gem of a story ( I am definitely going to `use` it 😉 ) and another good book to read. Thanks !
    And by the way, looking forward to your next post ! and will share it on Google and Facebook, hoping it helps!!

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