“Go inside……


The Angel of NOW ( from “FOAL and The ANGELS”)

“Foal, this is the Angel of Now.
I am a feminine energy, because I talk of Home.
To be in the Now is to be HOME.
Do you not see… when your thoughts wander, when you are distracted, when your worries take you to a future that still does not exist in your life, there is nobody HOME.
When your guilt or regrets or nostalgias take you to a past that has ceased to exist in your life, there is nobody HOME.
Your body feels like a shell – nobody HOME.

BE HOME. Be in there, be in that moment, be in your body.
Inhabit your Soul-place, inhabit your Soul-body. Be there in each Now.
That is the meaning of Now.
To be HOME is the moment of Now.
Be present in your body, fully inhabit your vessel. Inhabit your cells.
When I knock on your door, I expect you to be HOME.
Welcome guests arrive when you’re HOME. Waiting on them is your greatest pleasure. They come from afar; they wish to find you HOME.
You are “Who-you-Are” when you are HOME.
HOME is your center.
HOME is the center of the Universe, center of you that is God.
Foal, will you be home for me?”




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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding

10 comments on ““Go inside……

  1. The wisdom across time and cultures: Know thyself, inscribed on the Temple of Delphi; Seek within, Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha; and, The Kingdom of Heaven is within, Jesus.

  2. This one I absolutely love!!! To live in the moment, to “be home” has always been difficult for me. Memories and daydreams (especially daydreams) are so much easier than dealing with the here and now.
    I know me; faults, weaknesses and all. I don’t always like me so much, but I’m working on it.

  3. Rose, it is so difficult for everybody, i guess ! yet, the symbolism of being home (rather than an abstract `now`) did help me understand/feel the concept better. and i like this part too in a very special way. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! It always feels good to know when somebody else shares your feelings 🙂

  4. I am sure you can, Kumio san ! ❤
    And thank you for the beautiful words you always use regarding FOAL !! It is the greatest encouragement for a writer to receive comments as yours.
    I am actually currently writing FOAL 2, but it is still a long way off… and comments as yours give me energy and inspiration to keep going. Thank you again !

    • You are writing FOAL2?
      I am looking forward to reading it. But before that. I need to read FOAL(1?).
      So, I’ve just finished downloading FOAL(1?) to my Kindle.
      Thank you for your gift to me at an appropriate price.
      What a beautiful book this is!
      The girl of the cover looks like you, doesn’t it?

      • Really ? Thank you , Kumio san ! I really hope you`ll like it !
        and as i always tell my friends, please dont browse 😉 but read from the beginning ! It is certainly not a thriller, lol, but there is an important thread there in regard to the evolution of FOAL ! 🙂
        as for the book cover, i love it too ! it shows the hand crossing the Veil of different dimensions, and how your eyes are open when you are there and you receive the gift of … a pretty flower ! 🙂
        as for the face…NO WAY !!!!!! its not me (i just turned 60, Kumio san !! LOL 🙂 ) and i dont know who she is. the cover was one of six that the publisher sent me to choose from.
        THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL !!! ❤

  5. we all actually live at this very moment, nope this one, nope this… the past is already gone, the future not here, so we live right now, in the place you are, in the life you lead. and one other thing, we really (as souls) love to look at pictures, sometimes called mental image pictures (mips) as this is how we communicate to each other as souls. we will look at pictures to our very distraction, even to borrowing others so we can look at new ones (look at the t.v. with all the shows or movies as an example), just what i have learned in my personal quest to find “personal truth” (as i call it)

    • ” we will look at pictures to our very distraction”, i like the way you put it. Just as the TV metaphor. Thanks for sharing your personal experience !

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