Whales` and Dolphins` synchronized water-dance Lucid Dream

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In my life I have had the joy of experiencing vividly beautiful dreams, uncanny out of body experiences, and truly insightful hypnagogic visions, but the lucid dream experience had always eluded me … that is, until now. The other night I was blessed with a taste of such incredible human experience, and although it lasted for only a few minutes, I am still so happy and mystified that it happened at all.

This infinitesimal moment of lucidity proved to become the catalyst for one of the most astounding spectacles I have ever witnessed and it bestowed such  gift I shall be forever grateful for.

So, here is my wonderful one-moment-lucidity dream story or actually dream vision from my Dream Journal!!

OCTOBER 23, 2013

 I was having a normal dream, which was getting more and more boring (don’t even remember it well). For some reason, the me inside the dream got really, really fed up and at one point shouted out loud:

“C’mon!! Show me something beautiful !!”

Just as I said this, the image changed completely.

 I am now looking at the blue ocean from somewhere above. And in front of my eyes there is an incredible seascape. On the left I see the shoreline with a beautiful sandy beach, and on the right is the blue ocean.

Now on the left area of the ocean I see a beeline of whales basically `standing` with their bodies half out of water and spraying water up in the air from their mouths. There must have been 30, 40 of them, more maybe. They were all standing in this position half body out, and spraying water upward at the same time.

More on the right, I see another row of whales (but of another type, these were humpback whales), and the first whale is jumping out of the sea on the right side, thumping the ocean surface with a massive  splash . I can see the surf surging upwards. Then next whale, this time doing the same thing but on the left , and next whale to the right, and the next one to the left, and this goes on and on, right, left, right , left for some 20, 30 whales if not more…

 A kind of synchronized swimming in order to make this exquisite dance of water sprays.

So from up in the sky where I am, I see on the left side of the ocean this row of standing whales spraying water upwards, and on the right this row of whales jumping one after the other out of the water alternately on the right and left.  It is an out-of-the -world view to behold ! all this beautiful water show of sprays !  and all these beautiful creatures ! Then as I zoom up on the `standing` row of whales on the left, I can see their faces from closer and realize that the first 20 or so were whales indeed, but the second half were dolphins, although they were almost as big as the whales .

Can you imagine this picture ??

This magnificent extravaganza of whales swimming, jumping, splashing, all the time making huge sprays of water, either from up their mouths or by jumping/falling onto the water, and on two different rows and going on for miles !!! a sort of synchronized water-dance show displayed for my benefit, and it seems at my request !!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. To say that my dream-jaw dropped is an understatement!!!  I came back to normal consciousness too soon  indeed, but woke up in pure euphoria and gratitude for this incredible spectacle and performance they put up for me. After all, I had requested `something beautiful `, right??!!! And they gave me more than I could have imagined or ever hoped for!!!

Too bad that it lasted only for a few moments and that even after this inspiring experience  I can`t yet say I have had a full-scale lucid dream – at least to this day.

Nonetheless, we get what we get, and let`s be happy and grateful for what we receive, and graceful about it 🙂 !

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God gives us talents to use them

10013495_10151996738991623_224756098_nPHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH. http://www.rachelburchphotography.com/

It must have been just a few seconds. More than a dream, this was a hypnogogic vision, short and blunt, but so instructive ( at that time didn’t even know the word `hypnogogic ` yet!).  It was the sort of rebuke that if somebody had told me, I wouldn’t even have cared to notice.  Yet, when shown to me in such way, I could not but stand corrected!

This is how dreams always talk to us and make us aware of what we need to work on.  Through beautiful and inspiring symbology, they gently or nightmarishly (according to the urgency of the matter in question) point out  what we  need to know most in that very moment of our life.

In my little personal experience, this happens all the time, from tiny insignificant matters to really big ones. It is actually one of the things I am most grateful for  in my life. I truly love this sort of beautiful `inter-dimensional` communication , although yes, I know, it is probably more like the Higher part of me talking to the smaller part of me 🙂

And to me this is absolutely fascinating.

From my Dream Journal:

March 4, 2010

In groggy-before-sleeping state I see a table with a vinyl sheet on it. The scene and colors are so clear. There are many beautiful cut-flowers on it. I approach the table, but instead of putting them in beautiful vases to decorate and brighten the room, I fold them up in this big vinyl sheet, wrap them up, and drag the sheet from above the table down onto the floor . I start walking around the room dragging it behind me, as if it was heavy baggage.

I walk around dragging on the floor behind me this sheet full of beautiful flowers . It looks so strange, unnatural.

And before I know, I am back to totally `awake` state.


Really got me pondering… Yet it was all very clear to me: I am being told that I am not using my talents.  I am not honoring them. At least, not nearly enough.

Rather than seeing all the beautiful things I could do with them, it looks like I feel they are just heavy baggage … Why am I dragging  beautiful talents and gifts from God  all wrapped up and on the floor… ?without using them… what a shame… such waste. Wonder if it is telling me about sharing the messages of the dreams …



Must not forget about this.

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Foal and the Angels

Foal and the Angels: Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding